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im just wondering if you can get an inhaler in an emergency off the chemist.

i went to my local chemist and asked could i borrow a blue inhaler over the weekend unitl i could get to the dr on the monday. i was suffering really with my asthma and i was refused it. i has to borrow some of my grandson, surely they could have borrowed me one.

has anyone had this problem

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I believe it depends on your chemist and your asthma history. The chemist near my home has a close relationship with my GP and as they have done my relief inhaler prescriptions in the past they can now give me a relief inhaler on request without having to wait for the GP to process a prescription request. However other chemists I have used do not provide this service.

If you use a chemist that is close to your GP you may find they are able to provide this service for you in the future.

Hope this helps.


nearby emergency medical clinics. Or even NHS Direct


have a look if there is an emergency walk in clinic i recently had the same problem i use accuhalers which only have 60 doses and i realised i had 3 doses left and went to my local emergenvcy clinic and picked up a prescription for it.


I was in London once (300 miles from where I am usually) and managed to get an emergency inhaler but had to pay the cost of it. It's worth speaking to someone and if you have a repeat prescription stub that helps too!


I use the pharmist that is linked to my doctors surgery through the new electronic persription scheme and I can get emergency inhalers from them. I have been using the pharmist for years though and got very friendly with the staff. I also go in once a month and inform them that I have just put in a repeat for my daughters soya formula and they order it in so I can collect it the next day. They do how ever take the inhaler off my prescription and only give me what is left on the prescription but this always helps.

If the pharmist is closed when I need and emergency inhaler I also have a friend just up the road from me who is asthmatic and she always has 2 un-used sealed inhalers in her house as both herself and her daughter are asthmatic so if need be I just get an inhaler from her and replace it once I have reserved my repaet.


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