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Stress as a major trigger???


I have been struggling to get control of my symptoms for over a year now with no luck (on a short course (hopefully) of Prednisolone at the moment) and after talking to my mum she pointed out that my symptoms have become out of control since just after starting my current job as a social worker. I find work really stressful (work in mental health) but I have always been someone who stresses about things. I have moved office twice, so it can't be the office environment, and I'm exploring other options of triggers I might not have thought of, but, I've gone from being on 125 seretide to seretide 500 and Pred and never been able to reduce the seretide back down when I've been feeling better.

I just wondered whether anyone else had stress as a trigger and whether it could possibly cause such an exacerbation? The Pred was starting to take effect and I was feeling better, but I had a horrendous day at work yesterday (and was very tense/crying/frustrated) and later in the evening my symptoms flared up again and haven't gone away. It may not be the stress but I'm just desperately trying to find the reason at the moment!

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Sorry, me again! lol

A few years ago i was under a lot of stress with a pending court case where i was a witness. It was delayed for nearly two years in the end. My asthma was bad throughout and my asthma nurse did say to me that she didn't think i would get it under control again until my stress levels lowered. This was the case and i was then well controlled after the stress was over until my current breathing problems.



yes I think that stress can increase liklihood of asthma being harder to control - I definately find this with mine. I am not sure that I would say it was the main cause, but I do think it makes it harder to regain control in an already precarious situation.


EmC, have a look at Honey's post below on this general board ""stress as a trigger


stress is a HUGE trigger for me, but drs never ever take note of this.

I have since had alternastive therapy and counselling to combat stress and it has helped no end. my triggers now are tiredness and alcohol! definitely get some stress relief and i think you will see your symptoms improve.

good luck :)



Thank you for the replies - they've really helped and it's good to know I'm not the only one!

This week I've seen a noticeable deterioration in my breathing whilst at work continuing all night with a really tight chest. It has happened after I've had to deal with certain situations and felt very emotional and stressed - weird how obvious it is now when I didn't make the connection before.

Relaxation exercises for me I think. And maybe a stress management course!

Thanks again


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