Seretide advice please


My son who is 6yrs old is on seretide 125 he has one puff in the morning and he has one puff at night, after an emergency admission this week this has been increased to two puffs at night. I just wandered if anyone else has followed a similar pattern and what the next step in medication might be?

His asthma doesn't appear to be under control at the moment as he has had 4 hospital admissions between September and this week!

We have tried singulair and that didn't help!

Thank you, Clare

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  • Hi Clair,

    Im sorry to see your son is having so many attacks.

    It must be awfull for you.

    Many asthmatics respond well to singulair, its very unfortunate your son


    Does your son take his inhaler using a spacer chamber?

    If not, it may help if you can get one for him. Your gp or asthma nurse will prescribe one.

    Unfortunately, people may respond well to meds, whilst they may not help others.

    I feel it may be better if you post your question on the medical forum.

    Sorry i couldnt provide you with the response you need.

  • Hi

    Thanks for replying, I will repost it. Yes he does have a spacer and he is under a consultant and he sees an asthma nurse. I have reposted but I can't work out how to delete it from general forum!

    Clare X

  • Hi clarebear, dont worry too much about deleting this post.

    Hope you find the answer on medical forum.

    If you really want to delete or alter any posts,

    Log in, choose the post

    Click edit

    Then you can delete the post



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