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Teenage Asthma

Hey, I'm Megan I'm 15. I first found out I have asthma 13 years ago when my brother was born, when the midwife came round to our house to check up on him she heard my incontrolable coughing and refered us to the asthma clinic at the local doctors office.

I take my inhaler every day and as I've had it for so long I can't imagine life without it, in fact - I think i would miss it if i were to be cured! I just can't understand it when people pity me and baby me when they figure it out! My very best friends are the only ones who really do understand, most people either go overdramatic, panic or try to stay calm but you can see the fear in their eyes!

I'm in a really good patch at the moment as its not bothering me at all but quite recently i had a really bad encounter with it. I couldn't stop coughing every time I moved it got really irritating. Other problems I've had is peoples reactions (I often hide under my blazer when i take my inhaler after P.E.) and other people with asthma.

I'm the worst asthmatic in my P.E group, I'm fairly certain, but there are two other girls who milk theirs for all its worth. Neither of them ever bother bringing their inhalers in and are always asking to borrow mine. I've just said no recently - why should I let them use up a dosage that could save my life someday?! I especially find it a bit cheeky seeing as seconds after ""Oh my god please my chest is really tight"" (in a completely nonstrained voice) they are running around playing basketball as they obviously didnt need it! It still doesnt stop their mates giving me death stares and telling me I'm selfish though.

Does anyone else have problems like this or others at school or when their trying to be a normal teen?!

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Hi, I'm Vicky and I'm 16. I've had asthma since I was 14.

I think most of us have some problems at school with asthma at some stage. I caused trouble in Biology yesterday during a heart-rate test we did. It involved 10 mins vigorous excercise. I scared the life out of my Year head who I have for Bio. I think the fact that last time she kicked me out of class for coughing, I set fire to her roll book. There is as far as I know, only one other person in my class with asthma, and she happens to be my best mate. So she knows when I'm bad.

As regards to PE, have a word with your teacher. Those girls should have thier inhaler on them at all times. Its a neccesary evil unfortunately. None of us like taking inhalers, especially in front of others. Normally I will take my inhaler in class if I need to, because the toilets are too much of a hike and I have problems getting excused from class for several teachers, but in PE, I just leg it*ahem* into the bathroom.

Hope this helps, and btw, pop over to KA. and pop into camping on the message boards!

Vicky xx


to be honest the p.e teachers don't care - its the same old story to them!


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