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Was merrily minding my own business shopping in Tesco the other day and one of the assistants in there asked me ""When's it due?"". My initial response in my head was *Where do I know you from and what on earth are you talking about*. Then it clicked. I said ""I'm not pregnant if that's what you are referring to"". Then I just walked away.

It made me so cross. People have no right to comment on things like that if they don't know you. I am a size 12-14 so hardly huge, but I do have a slightly round tummy from all the steroids I have to take. It just made me so cross that a stranger dared to ask something so personal in public having no idea what could have caused my round stomach.

Just wondered if anyone else had any similar experiences as I am rather perturbed by this and it has put me right off shopping there again.

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I get that also And I'm a bloke. So it's usually meant as an insult. Just turn round tell them it's a beer belly. If u want to be rude tell them all u gotta do is diet. They gotta spend a fortune on a good plastic surgeon!!!!! And walk awAy laffing.


Daughter's friend is 4 foot 10 inches and at 24, she and her partner were expecting their first child. Going out shopping with her mum, they were subject to all sorts of loud comments about teenage pregnancies. Her mum was SO angry but what can you do? Really all you can do is ignore it.

On the other hand, Tesco's shop assistant - Perhaps she knows someone who is expecting and sees every rounded tum as a possible happy event. If though, the question was posed in a cheeky way, then complain in writing to Tesco HQ.

Thus speaks Grannymo (still looking pregnant 30 years after birth of last child). xx

PS Gussypoo's comment though raising a smile on reading, isn't really one to copy. Sorry Gus.


ive had a similar thing, kind of anyway, at my local co-op i was buying baby food, nappies, formula and bibs for my niece when some woman with several kids hanging off her came up to me and said that i should be ashames and i was like 'what?' and she just said it sickened her that i would selfishly bring a child into the world and not breastfeed them, i just looked at her and walked away (although thought of some brilliant comebacks later) later on the same trip two mums critisised me for buying the wrong aged baby food and i just said how would they know how old the kid i was buying for is and they looked at my stomach and said well they wont be that old from your leftover bump!!! im not even fat, the only reason i EVER look in any way fat is coz im UNDERWEIGHT when ive just eaten of just before my period i get a big tummy coz there isnt enough fat on me to hide it-but seriously, teenage girls dont need to hear they look fat, fortunately im comfortable with how i look, but i have mates who would panic over stuff like that! people shouldnt judge when they dont know! sorry for the huge rant but i always get dirty looks when im looking after my niece, to give my sis who works hard loads a break! grrrr


I got asked a number of times whens it due... yes I am overweight mainly due to steriods and asthma control being rubbish that exercise is out of the question.... anyway I saw my GP about it manly for advice and to try and get some asthma control and all the said was deal with it.... after some pushing I got put on diet pills!


Yes I've had this before. I thought it was so rude! Because really I think weight is no one else's business. I work as a social worker, and one day I'm standing in the ER (I live in the States), and my client's grandmother says to me....""Did you cut your hair? No Ms. Brown. Well did you get new glasses? No Ms. Brown. Well there's just something...different....are you sure you didn't change anything?""

It made me so uncomfortable. I had been told to go off of inhalers, and my face was back to its ""normal"" size after going off steroids.

Then I had another client a year later who kept insisting that I'd gained weight. Which honestly why would you do that? I had been on pred. for a few months.

Then go figure, it turns out I have a bit of heart failure (I have a heart defect too), and then it turns out that much of this was fluid I was retaining. People kept commenting on my weight....and it really made me mad because I was uncomfortable losing that much weight overnight practically, because it just showed me how judgemental people are about this.

Also I think it is a scary comment on our society that people would want heart failure, so that they can ""take a pill"" and ""magically"" loss weight.


Thanks for letting me vent. Don't let them get you down! You are a beautiful person who happens to take medication for a lung condition (which no one can see).



That is not good,

Friends, well, you can sometimes get away with comments in the right situation but strangers!

I can be quite flippant with my comments.

eg 'I have bubonic plague' to someone in Sainsbury's when I was on crutches (It went right over their head!)

Someone did once ask when it was due many years ago, I said 'chance would be a fine thing!'

It does anoy me how people notice your body, disability first and don't look at the 'person' first.

I just hide my anger behind flippancy.


Granny mo. Must confess I'm not normally cheeky but what gives others the right to judge. That's what gets me annoyed. Maybe nxt time will ask them if they want to see my stretch marks.....


I've had a few dealings with people in the past, the best one was a doctor who shouted at me when my Son was ill and told me ""if you didn't smoke your child wouldn't have asthma"" I said do we smell of smoke? and for the record I have never tried smoking so stick your attitude where the sun don't shine, stop wasting time and lets get back to what your paid to do and treat my child.

Another one that annoys me is when I tell people I'm deaf, they always say Pardon and laugh, ha de bloody ha, I have got a sense of humour but I've heard that one 1000 times, I'm waiting for someone witty to make me laugh.

At work a male client said to me something about being pregnant in a really smutty way, I'm a size 10-12, so I told to him ""I'm calling the parish council to tell them panic over, I found their missing village idiot"" Job done, haven't seen him since


I'm with you there rattles. Noone would dream of making fun of a blind person so why is it ok to mock those who are deaf? I am quite deaf and it's very upsetting when people are stupid and insensitive. Grrrrr, ""angry"" doesn't cover it!


Rattles.......village idiot comeback!!!! Classic - I HAVE to remember that one!

*edit - reworded for clarity of meaning


Hello, I totally understand your feeling about the comment. Being a man also, and to refer to "HIDDENS" response, I disagree. Only because the person was an employee.

I'm sure that the comment was to "break the ice" and try to direct you to product for a possible sale. Other than that, the comment would be a total insult, yea a total stupid insult. If I'm miss the point you were making, please, let me know Eddie G.


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