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Inhaler cases

Hi everyone. Hope you all well. I have been so busy over this past week. I got fed-up of the way school was storing my son's inhaler so I made his inhaler as I looked on-line and couldn't find anything that was machine washable. I posted on the facebook AUK page about the cases and got some great replies. So I thought I would post a link here for you all to see the cases I have made so far. I have informed people on facebook that I have made a spacer bag and that is in the tester process. I have given it to my son to get him to use it and test it and if it withstands the beatings it is going to get with him using it then it is going to be worth it. I am also building a website but at the moment that isn't going so well. So if anyone here is interested, here is the click to take a look at the designs I have so far. Please feel free to comment or even criticize them as any feedback will be greatly appreciated good or bad.


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I saw that a few days ago - inhalercases.co.uk

The pics look good, nice idea and hope it does well.


Thank you Woody-sam. Just set up a facebook page for the website. Will hopefully have the pictures up-loaded on the website by this time next week. The company who I got the web-space from has informed me they are having technical difficulties at the moment with everyone up-loading pcitures. Will sort out getting the description up there ASAP and then add the pictures as soon as the technical difficulty has been fixed


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