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Pulling my out with the stress of getting everything sorted for asthma day at my sons school

So months I go I asked if anyone else was doing anything for world asthma day. And I know asking once again for some help and advice. I have been asked by the headteacher to do 9 lesson plans for the event so that we can give the children some education as well as having fun all while rasising awareness of asthma and following the national curriculum all at the same time. So I looked at the lesson plans for Science and PHSE here and they are amazing so printed them to use next week I have also done a lesson plan for PE and almost completed one for Literacy but I have a mental block know. I do they do maths but I can not think of any of lessons that they do. I have also thought about doing a lesson based on food but not sure if that is going to be advicable. The head wants these lessons palns done and finshed for the teachers to each pick 1 for their class and then the remaining 2 the head is going ot get the 2 school mentors to present. They are going ot mix the school up so the lesson plans have to be easy to adapt to cover the wide age group of 4-11 years. Then in the afternoon we are having a family assembly and the groups are going ot do a talk and what they have found out today and do a presentation of what they have done. I just don't know what else to do. I need to find a way of adding maths into the event and the only way I can think about doing this is with work-sheets with pictures of inhalers and stuff and getting the children to either add, subtract, divid or multiply to get a new answer. I never thought planning a days worth of school owrk was this hard. Please any advice will be greatly appreciated I have 2 more days to get the other 5 plans sorted so the teachers can ask questions about them on Thursday night. I am so glad I don't have to do this every week it is so much easier in the line of child care I used ot work in and one day will return too.

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Numeracy Activities

I don't know the ages of the children concerned - but my suggestions are:

measures/data handling: peak flow readings and recording in frequency tables/tallies, then representing in graphs - what is the average reading per class etc. Or posing a problem such as do shorter people have higher peak flows? These activities could be extended/simplified across Y2 - Y6....

Younger children - could sort inhaler pictures by colour, size etc....

- could actually have a go at peak flow tests and record their reading - or mark it on a picture of a peakflow meter. And compare the readings similarly to the older children on the mat.

Good luck!



hope these may be of use to you:

*art - make posters etc about asthma and treatments

*english/litracy - write a story/poem/newpaper article about asthma - you collect things from newspapers, this site, asthma nurse to get them started

*maths - make graphs etc of the girls with and without ashtma and the same for the boys in either the groups they are put in or the whole school. get a selction of asthma products - inhalers, peakflows etc and they have to count how many of each there are (ideal for 4/5yr olds). agree with other post about graphs of peak flows****** (see below)

*****make a post on here, asking for sex, age and ""normal"" peak flow. print this off and give them the info to make charts or grpahs with. your not asking for peoples names and therefore i cant see it being a problem. *****

other ideas -

* how to recognise if a friend is having trouble breathing

* getting help for someone having trouble breathing

* touch and ""play"" with inhalers/spacers etc (dummy or dead inhalers), so that they are not frightened if a friend has to use 1. there was a couple of kids in my sons class that were really scared when they saw the teacher giving my son his inhaler through a spacer (they are 4 and 5) and 1 even asked if they all had to have it and started to cry.

* make a game like snakes and ladders involveing different asthma stuff (not sure exactly how you would do this).

* can you a quiz for end of day relating to the figures of asthma - how many ppl have it, how many inhalers/inhaler colours etc?

* things that can trigger attacks - make posters or such. again i'm sure if you made a post ppl would be willing to list what triggers their asthma. this could also work to make grpahs and such.

if i think of anything else i will let you know.


When we did the change the world thing with brownies for kick asthma, we looked at famous people with it that got the girls really interestd, Any chance of getting the older kids into the games and stuff on some of the asthma sites? we also did a demo type thing by stuffing a tube with cotton wool to represent airway getting tighter and gunked up and put elastic bands round it an stuff to make it smaller....not sure if any of these would help your situation but they made good talking points


you thought about doing peak flows with them all and then putting results on a graph?


Sorry about the lenght of this post

Thank you all for the lovely advice. I have managed to put together 12 packs in total and the dead-line for the packs being in school was brought forward as well to today the lastest. I have also made a small display already at school that is displayed in the main reception area which I am going to take a picture of tomorrow. I can't wait until next week and I really hope one other class teachers picks a pack that I am really excited about doing. It is a water version of a peak flow and I'm am also going to take my peak-flow in with anti-bacterial wipes for the mouth piece and we are going to record and see the difference in the water messurement and the peak-flow. I managed to put together 2 maths, 2 literacy, 1 art, 1 PHSE, 3 PE and 3 science packs. I am also going to find out about doing a lunch-time club for the asthmatic children only where we make a pouch for our inhalers that are in school as the way they store the inhalers is wrong. My son's inhaler and spacer is inside a plastic wallet which is then put inside a big zip-up bag with another 2 children's inhalers which are stored the same way. I am goin got make a pouch for my son's spacer and have the puch we make together stiched onto the spacer pouch. I am goin got line the louches with a re-sealable sandwich bag so that it can be washed and wiped out when they need doing. One fo his inhalers was covered in dust today when I did my monthly check on the inhalers and spacer it is stupid. And they ownder why Ryan's asthma is so up in the air. Well 8 days to go and the big day is here. I can't wait and some of the children keep asking me if it is this week and get really disappointed when I say no it's next Thursday.

Oh and also for the assembly one of the dep heads is going ot help me if I need help and I will be using the presentation assembly thing fro here to start with, then we are going ot ask if anyone knows ho wmany people in the school have asthma followed by the asthmatic children and staff standing and coming ot the front so we can count them and then find out which class has the most asthmatic children and the least in them followed by a slide show of all the famous people that have asthma. I am goin got end the assembly by saying ""So even though some of us have asthma it doesn't mean we can't be what ever we want to be. We can be a footballer, a runner, a singer or even an actor. Don't let your asthma take control of you, you control your asthma by remembering to take your inhalers as your doctor has told you."" Oh and I will be showin gand passing around blue, brown, orange, green and purple inhalers with out the canistors in and 2 different style spacers and the peak-flow so they can have a look and play with them over the day


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