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No milk = no asthma?

i don't want to speak to soon but so far this year i haven't had my usual seasonal asthma. every summer for the last few years, i've been getting pretty bad asthma (which then ends in about sept). but it hasn't started yet this year and i get the feeling it's not going to.

what's changed? well, i've stopped drinking milk (i drink soya milk instead). could my asthma be linked to milk? i don't know for sure but the signs are looking good. i would ancourage anyone to try it. after all, the only downside is having to drink soya milk which isn't that bad.

as far as the upside goes, well i'm sure i don't need to tell you.

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nope - i was wrong. my asthma's back. it just started later in the year than i thought it would. avoiding milk would have just been too easy wouldn't it?


I have been feeling that I was fit for nothing but the knackers yard for years until I started researching allergies and intolerances. This last year has been particularly bad in that I have been on daily antihistamines just to get make the itching bearable (without them I wanted to rip my skin off).

About a month ago I had food allergy tests carried out - I have to avoid cows milk, mushrooms and egg white and rotate almonds and soya. Since cutting out the dairy products | have not had to use my ventolin once (I do still take the steroid inhaler twice daily). The first few days I felt rough (withdrawal symptoms I suppose) but from there on in I felt a lot better. My chest used to feel permanently tight and I could only breathe shallowly; now I feel as though I can breathe properly and I dont have to keep stopping for breathe when I am out walking.

I wouldn't expect giving up milk to help everybody but certainly I would recommend people to undergo food intolerance testing it certainly is making a difference to my life. I no longer have the perpetual itching, have had no more gut wrenching stomach cramps or heartburn. I am hoping my joint pains will ease off next but perhaps I'm expecting too much after all you cant stop the aging process totally can you.


until last autumn mine improved after changing to skimmed milk - so did my weight!


i have to say that, while my asthma hasn't completely gone away, it does seem to be less severe since i gave up milk. so, i'm going to carry on drinking the soya cappucinos.


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