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Allergy Translation Cards


I am off to Estonia in April for a week and I have a severe allergy to Eggs.

I have looked at quite a few web sites but wondered if anyone has used them.

Also, Estonian is not usually listed and has to be specially requested, often at twice the price of more common languages.

Many thanks


PS I have tried using the on line translator, fine for Italian as I can understand some but Estonian is a completely new language to me, more scandanavian than Eastern European! Looks like Finnish!

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only online dictionary word by word, but better than nothing



not sure if thats what you were looking for, its free but you have to print it yourself, i found it from another page:

hope that helps, and i thought i might be able to understand the idea coz i speak russian but your right, its really different! (ps you have yo choose egg whites and yolks seperately!


you can get them in credit card lamintaed ones from

I got some a few years back and they also do ones that state you are having an attack and to call for help in several languages too, take a look I have found them very usefull!



Thanks folks,

Woody, it needs to be gramatically correct so on line dictionaries are not too clever for that.

Yes, just had a quote from Yellow peeps for £20 as it is a new language for them.

It is definately not a Slavic or cyrillic based language and I would get short shrift if I tried speaking Russian in Estonia.

Anyway, Thanks again.



It's an Uralic language, apparently:

Backawayslowly's link seems like an excellent starting point, though.


here you go kate, try this.

or these, but they're special order


Have you tried iTunes? I am coeliac and have a translation application on my phone, if you don't have an iPod could be copied down and laminated?

As far as translating your own I would strongly advise against this as unless you know the grammar basics behind the language your translation could be misunderstood which could result in dire consequences.

Hope you get a good translation in time!



Thanks folks,

Yellowbag looks quite good as do allergy UK.

I will still have to pay twice wherever as not a well used language.

Meegan, no I would never make my own card from an on line translator. I tried it with Italian but then got Bro in Law to check it - fluent in Italian speaker. No iPod either...

Anyway, thanks



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