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Edit: Ok this post has already been taken wrong! All i asking is what are homecare and what do they do? I just want to know what i have been referred to, so i can decide if i actually want it or if i want something else? (ie pay for my own cleaner)

I feel this is a stupid question but i have had hospital discharge, long term condition and rapid response help me in the past but now i am being changed on to main stream home care what is the difference?

I have asked for help with cleaning, getting out and about, help with laundry and general house maintance. Is this what main stream home care do?

I already get supporting people and they help me with bills, paper work and call centres.

The other people i had in the past only help with personal care and meals (dont really want these two as i manage myself) but i really need the other stuff a lot more as i cannot do my own cleaning, laundry, general house maintaince or get to town without someone with me to help with wheelchair or mobility scooter. (i already have both)

Any replies would be fantastic.


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You will almost certainly get an OT review and there might be some questions asked as you have requested help with pretty much everything. I don't know what they do about wheelchairs or scooters in your area but I had 2 OT's one physio and neurology report that said the way I am is the same everyday and that I can not walk more than ""transfers"" inside or outside without support of 2 people, they do an assesment to make sure you will be safe with a powered wheelchair and they assess if you need one . I am guessing you do not drive given the level of help you need and things you have said before so they will probably suggest you use your DLA mobility componant to get a scooter.

They will look at ways they can adapt things so you can do them yourself, for example extra perching stools so you can do some of your own cooking, things to help you load and unload your dishwasher. Aids so you can do some of your own cleaning, I am quite handy with a brush and duster. I can sit on my bed and change the bed covers, it takes time but the OT's showed me how to do it. I suspect there will be some of your list that they can help you do on your own if shown clever little hints and tips.

Forgot to add you will come under the complex care team, which involves, Dr's, community matrons, OT's and physios all working together to help you.

Good luck



Well home care or home help as I always knew it in the old days is help with cleaning, shopping, ironing etc. I know the local company here, somersetcare will for the elderly do all those things as well as put the rubbish out. Most of the care provided by councils is now contracted out to private companies you get allocated a set amount of money and if you want the care company to do extra over the allowance you pay.

If the social or who ever has agreed to pay will only do a certain amount then look for local people who will do a few hours usually considerably cheaper than the care firms. I'm thinking of an elderly neighbour who had the care firm do certain things but then she hired an older lady who did cleaning for the house cleaning on a weekly basis.


Confusion over!

Hey folks

I am on a new scheme called ""Putting people first"" once it up and running correctly it will be fantastic as it means you say what help you need and they give you a personal budget to spend on getting the exact help you need. For example you need help getting out to a specialist shop for allergy food you are able to spend some of your budget on a person helping you do this.

As with all new schemes it has teething problems and my social worker is correctly stuck but i am happy i understand why he is not managing his job it is because it is new.



Hi all.

just testing the water here and looking for feed back. I have set up a steam cleaning service called Mr. Steam it. The business has been operating mainly in care homes as the benefit of no chemicals is of huge help to the elderly with breathing problems and skin irritation's. I have been asked wheather i would clean an asthma patients home on a regular basis. This would be new ground for me but would love to be able to help those who would benefit from the service. I would like to add this is for feed back only and not an advert. Depending on the feed back you may be able to book us in the near future and i will then advertise in the appropriate manner.

Thanks in advance.




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