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I was given a wheelchair when i came out of hospital back in November 2008. I have been told to use it whenever i am going to be walking further than the end of my street (about 6 houses width) but i do not get why an asthmatic should need to use a wheelchair? I do find that if i do too much exertion about 5 hours later or half way through the night of that day i have an asthma attack.

Why would an asthmatic need a wheelchair?

Just listened to podcast and it says asthma does not stop people having fun?!

Why would a wheelchair help an asthmatic?

Could it be that they think exercise is a trigger for me so by limiting exercise i will have less attacks?

thank you in advacne for your replies a very concerned and confused


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I have had a wheelchair to use for around 8 years now.

There are some asthmatics that use a wheelchair most of the time because their asthma is so restricting that they are unable to walk any distance.

A lot of my friends have scooters too and I have used shopmobility in the past.

I use mine on long days out because it gives me freedom! I can walk some of the way and then be pushed when my asthma kicks off - It helps me be able to go out of a full day!

A wheelchair doesn't make you disabled... it gives you freedom!

I assume the podcast is talking about mild to moderate asthma. Most asthmatics are controled and live a very active life, being professional sports people, running marathons and climbing Everest (Julie Tullis in the 1980's)

There are a few of us where asthma has a serious impact on our lives and attempting to walk any distance can endanger our health!

Walking -> breathlessness = asthma.

I hope this helps... from my perspective.

There are other w/chair users out there who will have their views and answers!



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