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does anyone know what you can be allergic to in blue inhalers?

during my last three weeks in hospital my consultant has tried every make of blue inhaler (reliever) on the market and every single one i either had allergic reaction to, very nasty side effects or it not given me any relief. The consultant and myself and the pharmacists are mystified, i am going to be going home as neb as my reliever not ideal but there aint a lot of choice as i need a reliever.

does anyone else have problems with reliver inhalers? it would be great to hearfrom other people who have or have had simliar problems to me.


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Blue inhalers make me feel really nauseaus (sp?) waqs told it could be the propellant.

That help?


Hello, It could be the propellant and also the excipients (other bits added to make the drug stable in the inhaler)

I can only take Ventolin inhalers etc made by Glaxo /Allen & Hanbury as many of the other generic ones eg Salamol, have Oleic Acid in which makes me cough.There may be other stuff in there too.

The new propellants are Ozone friendly but the odd person has found that they are sensitive to it.



Is it the chemicals in the inhaler causeing an allergic reaction or is something to do with the mechanics of inhalers. There is a blood test they can do right after a ""reaction"" that shows if it was an allergic reaction, it has to be done within so many hours but as you are in or in quite alot it would not be hard to have one done and trying to narrow which chemical is the problem so you can avoid it in the future. If it is reaction to the mechicism (like the stuff hitting your throat) then it is simply a case of finding a plumie friendly spacer to come between you and the delivery mechanism.

Good Luck.



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