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Closed Respiratory ward

I discovered yesterday that my respiratory ward has been closed. My local hospital has joined the respiratory and coronary care wards together as they no longer can afford to have them separate.

There were never enough beds on the separate wards in winter now it will be even worst!

The spending cuts are really starting to take affect.


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thats really rubbish! but would you in some way be a priority case? or is it really strict nothing better than first come first served? hope you get on ok despite this major inconvenience...


Respiratory and Heart wards have been together at my local since it was first built, first come first served basis, and quite used to spending my admissions on EAU. Afraid with the growing financial crisis and many NHS Trusts having to tighten belts we can expect to see more of this occurring. Even when on EAU I still have a respiratory team care for me so it doesn't concern me that I might not be on a respiratory ward.


same as Katina, our resp/heart ward is joint.

I just spent the last 3 days in MAU (Medical Admisions Units) as the entire hosp was full, but still saw the chest consultant the whole time so dont think it really matters much these days.



Can't get near our respiratory wards .... We have 3 wards between 2 sites.... When at general medicine ward u don't get seen by resp unless they are the recieving team..


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