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Lost in cyber space

Hello, can anyone help me please?

I've replied to a few posts but they seem to go AWOL.

I'm sure I click the reply button then submit but the message disappears. One or two have magically appeared in the right place but goodness knows where the rest go. I never feel like re doing them in case they've turned up somewhere else and I duplicate them.

Any ideas?


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Hi Liz,

Sometimes if you take too long typing your reply, the website will log you out before you have finished - if this happens, then when you press 'submit' then you will be asked to log on again and your post will be lost. The way to get around this, if you want to post long replies and take your time over it, is to type your reply and then select it, right click on it, and copy it to your clipboard. Then when you have logged back in again, you can paste it into the empty reply box and click 'submit'. Alternatively, you can compose your reply in Word and then log in and copy and paste it into the box - I often do this anyway so that I can spell-check properly, since my spelling is atrocious!

If this is not the issue, then I'm sorry, I just don't know what the problem might be, but I am sure someone with more technical expertise than I will be along shortly.

Incidentally, don't worry too much about duplicating posts - we will not jump down your throat for accidentally posting twice, and one of the mods will always just delete the duplicate for you, it's not a problem. It's intentional duplicates and mass 'spamming' that we have an issue with!

Em H


Thanks Em - I think you are right - it sounds logical as it usually happens when I send a long reply. I'll try copy and paste next time.



Hello Emily

It worked!!


Great, Liz, glad to hear that that has sussed it!



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