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Whatever happened ??

Just thought I would ask....

Whatever happened to the lovely supportive/informative place this used to be?

Now all it seems is people trying to seek medical advice, and when they are given advice and not ( ie: told not to seek advice on a forum where it is impossible to diagnose judge symptoms etc in-line with t&c) they get attacked, and I also have to say there are a certain few people trying to out do each other on who is the worst?? wtf !!!!!!!!!!

I dont understand, and to be honest this is not the place it was last year when I last needed it so much, come one people you are all in this together, get back to being what the forum was intended for !!


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Hey Alex...

100% agreed this forum was amazing when i needed the support and advice last year...that all seems to be fading slightly which is dissapointing.

I always thought of it as what better way to get the the advice and support from the people who have suffered first hand. Its not always that easy doing to gp etc as some of the have never experienced what we go through.

Anywho....cheer up people. .. Bring back the fun loving spirit we miss it!!

Btw hows snowy and your troop doing recently?!



Well said Alex is about time someone spoke up I normally just read posts and do the odd coment because it al seems to be who has got it worst and it shouldnt be like that we are all supposed to be a family there for each other through good and bad time I was to chicken to say anything but this forum isnt what it used to be I even think the Mods have given up you never see them around anymore and in the past they were more than happy to lend an ear or give support were it needed but hey ho what can you do apart from 3rs what you and charlie wharlie has said take care hun xxxxxx


Couldn't agree more Kerry and thanks Alex for bringing this up. I tend to read more than post because I got fed up with the rows and this is going back to when Bex was with us and it would kick off regularly. Some people's characters are a bit more antagonistic than others, have given up on other forums especially ones without mods as they are too abusive. Hope your family are Ok Alex and this Year is going to be a much better one. Take care


Hi Alex,

I agree with you - there are some who supported me a lot in the past who no longer take an active part. Also, when some get competative, others may be put off posting. I also don't like to see people feeling they have to say that they are ""not as bad as a lot of people"" when they post. I think this place should support all - from those on the mildest end of the spectrum all the way to those at the most severe end.

How are you all doing?


Hi Alex,hope you all are ok.Closed Fb down just to family.Kept 3 on who not on here alot.Hope stay friends and pm on


I've been on here for 2 years now and little spats are nothing new. Users also come and go and the forum evolves accordingly. Agree that the tone can be a bit sharp sometimes which makes me wince!


I agree with you angievere, the forum is constantly evolving and the vibe can vary from month to month. I have found people on here have really helped me with my current (21 month) flare up and hearing there are other weird asthma (to use Philomela's phrase) people like me has stopped me feeling isolated like I have over the last 20+ years!!

I too wince at the harshness/verbal aggressiveness of some and it would be nice if moderators could step in quickly.

But there are some lovely people on here and they are the majority!!


PS I haven't noticed competitiveness recently Alex, I see it as someone describing their day.


Just sticking my nose it owing to another comment about mods not being around. I'll say it again - we check in here every day. I know I don't post here much, but my role has evolved - through forum member (when I needed help and support myself, which I got), through to member and moderator, and now simply as moderator, and no longer as ""active forum member"". I'm afraid I have more calls on my time now than ever before, so I tend to limit myself to just checking posts, and not writing.

Angieviere is right, the forum will go through phases - it seems to run in cycles! I can certainly recall this kind of discussion in the past, and I'm sure it will happen again in the future.



:) x


it would be nice to to see some old names come back and to be able to see the odd mod say hello were here not just read and go yes a lot of people have jobs but still make time to come and say hello x


Agree with the comment about things evolving. Things do seem to flare up sometimes and I have noticed competitiveness sometimes - but not recently; as Jac says I thought it was just people describing things but the same post can come across in different ways to different people so I can see it might sometimes look competitive.

I'd definitely say this place has been a massive support, and like Jac it's been really helpful to know I am not the only one who's 'weird'! In fact I think this board helped me get a diagnosis - not directly but because after I'd been on here a bit I noticed there were an awful lot of people who'd been diagnosed with asthma who had very similar symptoms and triggers to me - that really gave me the courage to keep going back to drs and insist there was something going on! The usual sites only tend to list the 'classic' symptoms, so I think if I'd not had this I'd have accepted the 'hyperventilation' diagnosis and kept struggling.

I've also learned an awful lot from here about asthma in general, besides not going round the bend and making some new friends. So I hope people keep coming here and getting support, and we can nip any rows in the bud!


People come and people go...sometimes they only make one or two posts, sometimes they stick around for a few years, but eventually they may simply stop needing the board. I know a few old names still do post on here, some others simply read; however a message board like this is an evolving community, with new people arriving every day and others leaving.

I also feel it makes moderation far more effective when we're not immediately involved in a discussion - wouldn't want any accusations about pulling rank or throwing my toys out of the pram ;-)


hi all, i have been a forum user in many places and seen people come and go, themes and phases happen.

i am new to this forum, mainly because although i've been an asthmatic for 15 years (possibly more) i am still learning and my friend aka Islandmedic introduced me about three weeks ago when my asthma worsened (long story).

she feels it would be a good place for me to learn and to be able to understand the symptoms better. she's right. whilst i havent posted much yet, and have had very little response to the posts that i have replied against, i have learnt lots. you are all friendly. i wish there were other forums similar to this one for other conditions (especially with the UK bais)!

i'll be hovering about for the forseeable future. thank you to everyone who shares opinions, information, emotions and all. <><


I think personally this is and has been a great place for support and information. I know for myself it has been useful e.g. consultants, specialist clinics, medication. However, there has been some posts/people with oft negative tones. Complaints of competitiveness etc can in themselves be offputting.

Alex, just checking I understand correctly what you are saying is a lot of people are asking for medical advice and getting attacked about it unfairly as may not be against t&c?

I agree with others that have said this is for people (and others looking for help and support) with all levels of asthma. The forum changes as people including the mods come and go for various reasons and circumstances change.


""Always look on the bright side of life (whistling)"" ;)


I would just like to add I have found this site to be fantastic support and very imformative since my son was diagnosed, in fact I have met a wonderful friend through the site and even though we live 300 miles apart we have managed to meet up for the weekend and we text each other everyday! The support we are able to give each other is invaluable and I am sure I have found a friend for life!

Clare :-)


It seems different to the old forum I remember....a little less active.

I float back now and again...the whiteness makes it hard for me to read with having Irlens.


Thanks for the heads up. Just what we were all thinking but couldn't put into the right words. Will try to come back more often. I'm told tales of my general silliness (eg digestive biscuit and soup) are most welcome.


Yey, thanks Grannymo, great stories indeed :)


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