Breathing problems

My asthma is being really bad at the moment as i am struggling to breath most days, i get out of breath when walking and doing stairs, my medications just don't seem to be taking effect and i am not responding to them.

i was on the highest dose of symbicort and seretide and they didn't work. I have been on montelukast for over a year and no improvement, i am also on atrovent, flixotode.

what else can i try to get it under control and to ease the problems with breathing

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  • My asthma is the same at the min. My advise is to see your gp they should be able to help you out

    Hope you start to pick up soon



  • i see my GP every week and seen my asthma nurse a few time, and had meds changed but still having no effect, will ask if any point going on pred, I have even asked for a refferal as my PF is 200 and should be 450

  • i know how you feel just my gp isnt very proactive with me. Im struggling on right now as i am seeing the asthma nurse for the 2nd time but its someone different to the last time

    All i can say is keep trying


  • How many puffs of flixotide do you take Sinead? and are you still on the flixotide too?

  • Yes i am still on the flixotide 200mg, and i am taking 2 puff twice a day, also on atrovent, ventolin, montelukast 10mg

  • Ok pleanty of scope to increase flixotide as you are on a lowish dose. Have the tried long acting beta agonists such as servent and oxis? Good luck with the nurse at the doctors she'll be able to tell if you are short of breath and help you out appropriatly. Hope it all goes well.

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