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Itching like crazy!

Hi all,

Wondered if I could pick your brains? Last night went to the White Rose Shopping Centre for a spot of retail therapy on a gloomy night. Within about 3 mins of walking into one of the stores, I started itching from head to foot inside my body & all over my skin. My eyes were streaming & I was coughing a lot. I used my Ventolin & left as quickly as possible. When I got home I had a big attack but fortunately managed to get it under control using my spacer & about 20 puffs of Ventolin. I didnt sleep well as I was either coughing or itching.

My lungs feel ok this morning but I am still itching all over - its driving me mad! Any ideas on how I can stop it? I've had 2 showers since leaving the shops with my usual products but it hasnt helped. My skin wont stop itching now matter how much I scratch it & my insides just feel really wierd! This happened a couple of weeks ago too but I stopped itching as soon as I got out of the shops into the fresh air. Any ideas what this is & how I can stop this itching? Its driving me mad! Thanks!

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Hi ya, it sounds to me as though you've had an allergic reaction to something. You could try taking an antihistamine and see if that helps.


Certainly sounds like an allergic reaction to something. Was it a department store with lots of perfume stalls? I find that some perfumes can have this effect on me. Try taking regular antihistamines until it settles down. You might find that an old fashioned sedating antihistamine like chlorphenamine (Piriton) is helpful for nighttime as it will help you to sleep, although if your asthma is bad you shouldn't take anything too sedating. Your pharmacist will be able to advise on what's appropriate.

Sometimes allergic reactions like this one need a short course of low dose oral steroid tablets to settle them down. Since you don't know what set it off, it might be worth visiting your GP and asking for an emergency supply of pred to keep at home, if you don't already have one, just in case it happens again.

Hope you are less itchy soon!

Em H


Hi Emily & Becky

Just wanted to say thanks to you both - had a couple of antihistamines now & am less itchy so think they are slowly working. So thanks so much for the suggestion & the help I really appreciate it - the itching was driving me bonkers! Hopefully a couple more doses & they should have completely done the trick! Will go & see dr soon though - I cant be having itch attacks every time I want to go shopping - its one of my most favourite past times!! Hope you are both doing ok & enjoy the weekend!


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