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Light headed and tingling in fingers

Sometimes I'm getting light headed and a tingling in my fingers. I can breath ok (in the sense that air is going in and out of my lungs), but feel breathless. Using inhaler seems to help, but not immediately or dramatically. I only get these sensations when asthma is giving me trouble and I have to be conscious of keeping an inhaler with me.

Is this a side-effect of asthma or more likely to be something else?

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It sounds to me that you maybe hyperventilating(over breathing ) a bit as that causes those symptoms - are you able to try and slow your breathing down a bit?


I was about to say that I wasn't hyperventilating, then remembered that I'm getting these symptoms when I'm trying to hold a conversation and getting breathless. So maybe I am hyperventilating. I'll try to slow down the breathing. My enthralled listeners will just have to be patient.


If you are hyperventilating I'm wondering what you would do about that in this day and age? They used to say to breath in and out of a paper bag for a while but I can't remember the last time I saw a paper bag!

And that comment is absolutely no help I know!! Sorry:~/


Hyperventilating and paper bags

Please do not use a paper bag to treat 'hyperventilation' - paperbags have been scrapped now from all First aid methods and training (St John Amb, Red Cross, St Andrew's Amb and HSE training) as you can't say for definate that the patient has an excess of oxygen and there may be an underlying problem where lowering O2 and increasing CO2 would be dangerous (eg asthma!) Also may cause a more serious condition.

So, basically sit patient down and try to calm them down. Be firm but kind. Move somewhere quiet or move bystanders /Gawkers / rubberneckers!

Hope this helps



try a learning few breathing techniques to calm your breathing this could help!!


Definitely not hyperventilating.

I'm not short of breath, unless I talk too much or run up stairs.

Chest feels a bit tight. Throat ditto.

Pulse is thumping loudly.

Head is constantly dizzy. Yesterday I stood up fast, head went BANG BANG like my pulse was going to make it explode and the room span round.

I'm cold and my fingers are pale, fingernails are pale, some of them white and stay that way after being pressed. Usually I have pink fingers.



inhalers can give you side effects but also could be a trapped nerve in neck so best see GP for more Glynis xxx


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