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Attack with headache

Had a couple of attacks in last couple of days. Although the breathlessness was not severe enough to go to A & E they are worrying in the fact that they have brought on really bad headaches. The attacks have come on in the morning when i got out of bed and started moving around. Started coughing feeling out of breathe becoming dizzy and then the headache comes on. The headache usually subsides after about 15 mins after taking some co-dydramol but it takes a few hours for the fuzziness to recede. Rang my doc yesterday and he prescribed preds without seeing me but nothing else.

Has anyone else had similar symptoms? Is it due to a lack of oxygen to the brain? Does anyone have equipment at home to measure blood oxygen levels? Should i go back to see doc and try to get to the bottom of the headaches.

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Hi Grumpy, I get very bad headaches too and take Paracetamol. I wonder if it's because of dehydration? By all means check back with the GP - it might not be anything to do with your asthma. By the way, I'm surprised he prescribed preds without wanting to see you. Our surgery always insists on me or my son seeing them before they prescribe anything.

Re. SATs monitor - somebody else on the forum recently asked about having one at home and I think the concensus of opinion was 'no'. I asked my GP what he thought about me buying my own stethoscope because I was fed up of going backwards and forwards, and he said definitely 'no'. If in any doubt, check with the GP.


Hi Angievere

Thanks for the message. I had a severe asthma attack about 18 months ago and was kept in hospital for 12 days.Although i seemed to recover after about 6 days they kept me in because of poor blood oxygen levels of about 88. taking oxygen improved the situation but after taking oxygen away again the levels went back down. The levels slowly recovered over the next 6 days. I didn't get any headaches at this time but i was on loads of medication which maybe prevented them. This is why i would like to monitor my own sats during the 'bad' times.

Again many thanks


I have also noticed that I often seem to get a headache with worsening asthma. I often get headaches so it is difficult to be sure, but I seem to get a headache that goes on for two or three days and does not respond to pain killers followed by a decrease in my peak flow. I did consider keeping a record of these headaches, but I keep so many records of my peak flow etc I didn't want to get bogged down by recording yet another symptom!!


Low oxygen levels can cause headaches, but it's not the only possible cause. Some of my asthma triggers also trigger migraines, the most notable being cold weather -if I'm not careful on a cold day I end up with both acting up. I've also found that asthma meds can trigger my migraines too. Some people can even get headaches from the strain of coughing. Whatever the cause of the headaches they're clearly causing you to worry and having a significant effect on you, so yes have a chat with your doctor about them.


I have had a similar feeling when I have had a coughing attack - headache and when it got really bad fuzziness. Can't help with what the cause is though, sorry.


Hi grumpy

I sometimes get really bad headache after an attack.

My doc said its probably due to all the coughing. I dont get headache every time though.

I tend to suffer more pain in sides & rib area.

I use pred 8 a day for 7 days, then 4 a day for 7 days as per my action plan.

Waiting to see cons for a tune up cos doc referred me back after latest attack

Hope youre ok now



Asthma sometimes gives me terrible headaches, dizziness and my bp is high, resp, pulse etc and and don't know its relation. Once asthma attack stabilizes the headache goes.



Same here, headaches, high blood pressure, dizzy, shakes (probably more due to the drugs) and increased heart rate.

Once on the mend all the above sort themselves out



Hi yes I get thumping headaches too for the same reasons that Mark as quoted.



I get headaches too but connected to the meds I think....also dreadful shakes. I also feel really down when I have an ""episode"" and it usually takes me a few days to pick up again in myself even if it was a relatively short episode.


I have just been away to a health spa to relax as i am currently awaiting to have major knee surgery. Last week i had 2 migraines within a couple of days, didn't think much of it until i read this post. When i got back home on monday night, i woke up at 2.30am and had an asthma attack, very scary but settled down in 20 minutes. I should of got my husband to call for an ambulance but I just don't know when you should call for one! Especially when my husband says are you ok? Should he of immediately of called one. I felt crap afterwards. Really sleepy and drowsy. The next day, i woke up and had another attack which left with an awful headache. I rang to see to my GP and he prescribed steroids - 8 for 10 days then reduce each day for 7 days. I have to call my GP to make an appointment to see him again next week. I haven't had an attack since but i feel like shit! No energy what so ever, wheezy and still have a headache! I am under a consultant at the hospital and he has classed me as an acute asthmatic.


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