Wheeze on breath in?

You might remember that I posted a while ago because I have been having tight chest and morning coughing and slight whistle on breathing out, which I think is linked to hayfever.

I have had a dry barking cough for a couple of hours every morning, but this morning started to get a rattling wheeze on breathing in which was rather alarming but went away after about 10mins. My question is is wheezing on a breath in a symptom of asthma, as I always thought it was on breath out? Also do others get a harsh rattling wheeze or a whistle?

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  • If you have any concerns about the wheeze ur better seeing ur gp. Unfortunately No one can say what it is unless they examine you

  • Not really concerned about it as such as it stopped so quickly and I felt ok at the time. Was just curious about others' experiences really. Obviously if it keeps happening or I get other symptoms will go to doctors.

  • It was due to my wheezing when I breathed in that I went to my doctor. After a chest x-ray, which came back clear, he put me on the asthma register. The wheeze seems to go after I take my Ventolin but I'm still getting it.

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