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long term use of inhalers? is it safe?

Being fairly new to the asthma diagnosis, despite a very very long history of lung problems (going back 32 years in fact) i'm just wondering what the effects of long term inhaler use if any may be.

I'm currently on beclomethasone, serevent and salbutamol due to asthma triggered by highly allergic reaction to house dust mites and pet allergy. Is there anyone out there that has been using them for a long time, and if so, is there any repurcussions on other areas of your health?

The reason I'm asking is that at my last monthly meeting with my GP regarding my asthma, he had no answers about whether I could be symptomatic long term and need meds or if I would improve to the point where I no longer need Meds.

I'm not trying to be pessimistic about the outlook, just realistic and wondering what if any factors I may need to take into consideration for my health if I need to utilise inhalers over a lengthy period of time.

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