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Hello all,

I have recently had my DLA benefit stopped after having received this allowance for past 3 years at the higher rate for both components after a form for continuation of claim was sent to me.

I have since notified them that I wish to appeal their decision and also written to my MP.

I would be most grateful if anyone can offer me advice hints or tips on this process and it would be good to know of any other cases like mine.

Please help if you can, Many thanks

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Hi I had been recieving the lower rate of the care component since around the age of 6 in 2005 after I had to give up work I decided I would reclaim as i felt I was entiltled to more help, there decision was to stop it altogether! I appealed this decision and spoke to my consultant who sent a letter on my behalf, whitin a few months they changed there decision and I was awarded the higher rate of the mobility component. If you can get your consultant to write on your behalf I think this would help. I'm so glad I did appeal it did take a while.

When i reclaimed they sent out a doctor to visit me at home who I found to be very intimidating, and when questioning me kinda put what she believed on the form as I was having quite a good day. I reclaimed in the september of 2005 and after appealing I didnt get a decision untill june of 2006, the good thing was the money was backdated and I received a nice sum of money! It's due to be reviewed in sept next year im dreading this!



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