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New medical practice

I have just joined a new medical practice and it is amazing.It is a single handed practice and the doc is a real sweetie. The practice nurse is highly trained in asthma treatment and is also a sweetie. My old practice wouldn't even agknowledge I had asthma and gave me the lowest dose clenil inhaler available 50 mcgs which did absolutely no good at all. When I was walking I had to stop every second step to get my breath back and the same half way up the stairs in the house not to mention the pain I went through in my legs due to lack of oxygen.

I saw my new doc today and he gave me a prescription for a 20mcg inhhaler. I'm very pleased I changed practices.

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new medical practice

Iam so pleased I joined a new medical practice as my new doc gave me a higher dose clenil inhaler which my old practice refused to do.


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