Tree Pollen - this early?

Hi there,

Pollen seemed to be a key trigger for my asthma last year, and my initial symptoms happened at Easter on one of the first warm spring days. Today I have been feeling really rough and my chest feels very heavy. My PF is down a tiny bit but still well within the green zone. There is a hazel tree in my garden that has lots of catkins on, and I'm wondering if it could be the pollen from that.

Any ideas? Sonja

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  • Hi Sonja,

    Yes they do start this early. I don't know which trees but, I find as soon as we have the first warmish, sunny day in February the tree pollens start.


    Edit. Just to add i use the zirtek pollen forecast site. They don't start forecasts until March but, under hayfever have a pollen calendar.

  • Sonja - Do you take an antihistamine? That should help.

  • Hi sonja,

    Pollen is one of my triggers also.

    I found that when i began using montukast aka singulair (anthistamine) it made a big difference. If youre not using any, you may also benefit from this

  • Thanks for replies, I spoke to my practice nurse and she confirmed it was possible and that she had seen quite a few asthmatics in this week with problems. I tried anti-histamines last year but they had zero effect. I do not have any of the ""classic"" hay-fever signs.

    Oh well I've had something of a quiet time since last October...


  • Hi Sonja,

    It is worth trying different antihistamines as some work better for each individual than others. I don't have hayfever symptoms, just asthma symptoms with pollen. (I use loratadine) Also. you need to take them daily to be in your system properly rather than as and when symptoms appear.


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