In need of cheering up!

Hi everyone

I know I don't really post on here that much but i'm feeling really under the weather with a heavy cold, chest pain, asthma playing up, and I had tiring day at work, I don't mean to complain, just in need of some light hearted relief! and if anyone has some tips for getting sneezes out it would be much appreciated!! (mine keep getting stuck up my nose!)

Lejaya x

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  • sneezing

    Have you tried sniffing pepper ? lol

  • Looking at the sun always makes me sneeze. My friend pinches her nostril if she wants to sneeze, but I've never been able to do that. Hope you are feeling better sooooooooon! XX


  • thanks for the relpies! and i've tried a couple of things to get them out but it takes ages! they just seem to want to stay up my nose for some reason and it really tickles!!!! lol

  • no answers i'm afriad just sending huge get well soon pink fluffy hugs instead.

  • gosh, i really hate when that happens. Sounds odd, but try sticking a grass straw up your nose, it works for me... maybe because im allergic to grass? but ive seen it work for others too.

  • I always find looking towards bright light makes me sneeze if I've got one stuck hehe, it is horrible especially if you have a cold and your nose is already sore!

  • you will probably think im completley nuts but when i was a kid one of the other kids at school told me to think of raw meat, so i though of a big juicy steak on a chopping board and HEY PRESTO!! i sneezed. Stil works for me!

    Sorry to all you vegetarians out there but if it works!!


  • kymii- yes, sounds a bit craaazy, but I can't wait to try it lol

  • I'm feeling much better now and the sneezes came out eventually! thanks for the tips guys, and I hope you are all ok x

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