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Am i taking to much ventolin ?

I am suffering with my asthma quite bad right now.

the docors in a&e said take as much ventlolinas you need.

my sthma nurse said, it can't harm you. but your limit is 10 puffs every 4 hours.

but just walkin up and down the stairs sets me off, and i need a puff,

i'm really bad with handling it,

i'm taking so much it's making me really weak, and i'm collapsing

it's making me bed-ridden,

but i'm taking so much,

but if i don't it brings on a severe attack, am i taking too much, help please.

thanks :)

megan xx

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Megg, I think you would be advised to seek help from a doctor or nurse as it sounds as if you are struggling with your condition. Why not call one of the asthma nurses at Asthma UK. Take care.


if the 10 puffs isnt lasting the 4 hours you needing to see someone urgently megg


okay, thanks for the help :)

will book doctors appointment asap and let you know how it went after.

megan x


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