Trip to costa with a difference ! :-)

My daft hubby decided that with the out of date epi-pens id carefully put on one side, that I had put back in their tubes and into the boxs for safe disposal that he would be ""green"" and recycle the outer parts, so he set too on taking them apart and yes youve guessed it he then injected himself by mistake... talk about panic, so rushed to a&e and luckily he was ok, he injected his thumb and its still white and numb now, bless him...

Must be the heat lol!, but at least this time it wasnt me being the patient!!


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  • Did make me laugh! Hope hes ok. X

  • Prize plonker!

  • Oh Snowy, that's priceless. Does he know he's given us all something to smile about? Hope he's over it now - perhaps needs a glass of wine to complete his recovery.

  • Oh yes, he knows! he has been the centre of all jokes today bless him! and wont live that one down for a while...

  • O.K. That's really funny, and a perfect post for Earth Day! It sounds like you have a keeper.

  • very funny, thanks for sharing a wonderfully lighthearted story with us...!!

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