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walking for AUK

Hi to yuo all out there,

Hope you are all doing ok.

I have been thinking for a bit now of doing a walk for AUK and to find out if any of you have done something like that. I have Brittle Asthma and thinking of going throw Walse or Scotland. I was hoping to get my oldest girl to do it with me but she will not get the time of. As i have only moved back to the uk in Aug last year and have not done anything like this before. So i have a Q to you out there have any of you done a 2 week walk before by your self or with a frend.

How did you get on ,if you got any tips or things to look out for.

Any info would be good.

Thank you

L. Kaz

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Sounds like a great idea. Asthma UK's fundraising team will be able to help you; you can order a fundraising pack (it's free!) which contains lots of useful stuff - see here:

Asthma UK recommend that if you're looking for a location for a sponsored walk, your first port-of-call should be the Ramblers' Association -

And finally, don't forget to set up a page at so that we can all sponsor you too!

Good luck,



Morning Steve,

I have odet a pack.

I will have to check with with my Con if he is happy for me to go a head with it.

My Hubby has done part of the track that i would like to do. It is 177mils long and takes about 2 weeks. Well that woud be for someone with no Asthma.

I was hoping that my oldest child would do it with me as she knows what my asthma can be like. I would do it by my self but i think that would be pushing th boot a bit and huppy would not be happy. But i'm working on calling all my frends wich is a little hard as they are all over the place.

I will keep ypou posted on how i get on .

L. Kaz


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