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hey everyone, im new here, actually just visititng to get an idea of where online can I find the best information sources for learning more about asthma. I had visited the asthma shop which has a pile of articles and books for children but does anyone know anywhere online that is useful for teaching my young children about asthma? I have tried to teach them myself but they dont respond well to my drone lol, i was wondering if there was some sort of interactive platform somewhere online that would teach them about asthma in a fun sort of way. someone mentioned a sesame street interactive tool somewhere online in a post on the asthma shops facebook page, anyone heard of or used this?

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You mean 'A is for asthma'. I love it, though I'm supposed to be an adult... I'm not allergic to monsters either (well it didn't come up in my allergy tests...)!

I want a Sesame Street Asthma Plan!


Need to know how old your kids are to start with?

P.S. added to say Sesame Street Asthma tool sounds good


In the cartoons Arthur his friend Buster the rabbit had asthma and they dedicated 1 episode to it. You might like to try this, i saw the episode when it was on tv a few years back and it was very well done and in simple language for kids to understand. But not insulting for any age.they explained it wasnt catching and they took you inside the lungs to show you what happens when you have an attack, and explain about meds etc.The episode was called something like 'Busters asthma' You can probably get it on amazon. The sesame st one sounds good- i love that prog



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