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Hello all **Newbie alert**

Hi all.

I was diagnosed with asthma just a few months ago. It was after much nagging from my husbamd about my persistent cough that I went to the GP.

I've been prescribed a Symbicort Turbohaler and a Bricanyl Turbohaler. Until recently the Symbicort seemed to be helping, and then I caught a cold. That was two weeks ago and I still can't shift the cough. Has anyone got any tips or advice that could help?

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Welcome to the Forum, I am sure you will make several friends on here.

It can take time to get your medication to suit you, it might be worth discussing this issue you have with your GP or Asthma Nurse.


hi catcurt,welcome xxx

Have a meds review with your doctor or asthma nurse at the surgery if you have one.

you might need your med adjusting or could be a chest infection and needs seeing to.

love Glynis xxx


Thank you both.

I've already picked up loads of advice from the forum. It's great to know i'm not on my own.

Cat x


I am just getting over the cold that's going around. I saw my GP on Monday as I have a really chesty cough and I asked him how long the cough was likely to last - he said 3 weeks. I would suggest you give it a bit longer to settle down.


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