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After 5 hospital admissions in 4 weeks and being on 60mg of prednislone there has been no real improvment. My last admission the team swapped me over of symocort and gave me saline nebs to try. At the same time my poor GP managed to get hold of my consultants team in Birmingham to get there advice!

After being dicharged (not very supportive or understanding consultant) that said cant see why my asthma is out of control as on max meds and that there was nothing he could do and I panic (people that see my having an attck its the think they mention is the lack of panic.... its my personaility not to panic!)

Anyway now I am still struggling nebbing lots not even bothering reducing steriods and camping out on the sofa all the time! Birmingham are getting me in for asthma stablisation. The plan is look at meds and emove the pointless ones and change ones that need, start reducing steriods, check make sure steriods havent done any damage, intensive physio and maybe get me on sub-cut bricynl (if they have a pump!). So monday I will be heading for Birmingham for what could be a long slog to fitness and in a strange way I cant wait to get started so I can get back home to work an hopefullly get my life back.

So anyone around the midlands and are bored fed up or lonely come visit! My family will only be able to come and visit at the weekends due to work so most of the time will be me an my computer!


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