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Hormone changes affecting my asthma

Hi all

I have been a severe brittle asthmatic for 20years after contracting chicken pox, which gave me my first case of pluresy.

My asthma has been uncontrollable for many years dispite maximum levels of medication. I have also found over the years that my very low immune system makes me more allergic to a number of problems.

I noticed 2 years ago that I was suffering from regular monthly chest infection and for around 8 days each month my asthma completly disabled me. I visited the clinic after keeping a record of the problems and was told after tests that i was going through early menopause :( The doctor told me that my progestrogen levels drop and any slight change is obviously causing more hassle for my chest.

Has anyone else suffered from the same problems or go any advise as I was told that apart from regular prednisolone and antibiotics each month, there isn't much i can do about it as my asthma treatment is so high already.

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hi - i was getting loads of hot flushes and thought as many of my relatives have gone through the change early that maybe i was so i bought a home kit and im not thank god so it must be side effects of some meds im taking. there is loads you can do to help meno symptoms that may help either in place of or with hrt etc, there is a herbal tablet called menocool thats great, black cohosh, menopause cakes lol that can be baked at home, st johns wart etc. has your asthma nurse not come up with any suggestions as to how to prevent attacks when having hormonal problems? sorry not much use xxx


My doc said to try red clover which did nothing, i cant have hrt because of my asthma treatment i am a high risk, but i will look into the other things u mentioned thank u

I cant keep having this every month, it takes 2 weeks to start feeling better before im down hill again lol


Hello, not quite the same thing but I get asthma as part of PMS. To reduce PMS I've found drinking less alcohol and cutting out dairy, plus eating lots of fresh fruit and veg, really helps.

Sorry, no answers, but hope it helps to know you're not alone. Hope you find something that works for you.


Hi Tess.yes it can couse asthma and if you look on the info on the sight it has a bit about Glynis xxx


oww its so sad

Its so sad you still suffer with your asthma I hope it will be ok.



yes my hormones affect my asthma too! I had the coil fitted, but didn't help! I also was suffering from terrible migraines multiple a month! However i have been put on to metformin for my steroid induced diabetes, this is also used for polycsytic ovaries which i have. My migraines have greatly reduce & Metformin is the only change so i think it must have altered my hormones! Hard to tell the effect on my asthma at the moment as i have had a chest infection for 3 weeks! So will wait to see if it has helped that as well!

I too am on high dose prednisolone & top dose of all other meds! Its not good when you know there is nothing else to help is it! People do not understand, i have family & friends that keep saying they should be doing more, i can't get them to understand that there is nothing they can do!!

I really sympathise with you & send you a huge hug!!!


hi tess

I am on HRT and as part of this i take out orange inhaler for 10 days then re add it in for the other 20 days. This works really well most of the time.

You are not alone with this problem.



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