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Respiratory Physiotherapy

Hello all!

When I was in hospital a few months ago the doc told me that I would benefit from some physio to try and get my symptoms under control. I was slightly confused by this as I've never heard of physio being used to treat asthma - I may of course be wrong. I was simply wondering if anyone here had ever had resp physio before and could tell me maybe what benefits it could have and what I might do when I get there!

Thank you very much!

R xx.

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Physio is fantastic for asthma, i have had loads and found it very useful. It can range from back massage, to chest percussion (dont know really name but it like them playing drums on you to clear gunk) and deep breathing exercises.

I also do hydro therapy, the humidity really helps my chest adn the exercises strengthen your lungs.


Thanks Plumie!

Fingers crossed it helps, my appointment's on Wednesday!

R xx.


I've had daily physio for 30 years!

Really helps with mucus clearing, learning to control any panic, fully use your lungs and how to cough effectively can prevent a lot of pulled muscles!

There are lots and lots of different breathing techniques so take any physio offered but get them to write the advice down so you can use it when you need to as when wheezy it tends to go out your head.


Thanks Marmite, will remember to take pen and paper..or could put Dad in charge of writing, keep him busy!

I was just wondering, I was told that during the physio you tend to cough a lot as they clear all the gunk that's been clogging up your lungs, is this true?

R xx.



Indeed what else are Dads for? my Dad always comes with me to my cons app's armed with pen and paper!

I have physio for my asthma and it is fab! Its really had a good effect on my lungs!

Yer i tend to cough up a fair bit of phlem after physio, nasty, but its defo for the best :)

Hope you first app goes well! - report back!

Ally x



Thanks for starting this off, I had just logged in to start a topic on this, because I went to my first physio appointment for my asthma the other day.....The docs had concerns that I was hyperventilating when having an asthma a ttack but the physio says not.....She said she will start me on some proper breathing exercises etc at the next appt because I was just getting over this horrid type of flu bug adn she wanted to see me again when I was fitter than I was the other day...She told me that my diaphragm had gone to sleep basically, she said its supposed to do about 90% of teh work and mine only does about 2% at the most, that don't sound good...

Anyway hope you have a good appt and a good physio...Good luck


sam, I'm somewhat concerned by the physio saying your breathing was all wrong. There are basically two ways we breath, and there is no correct way, some of us breath using the chest (thoracic) breathing, as taught in pilates, and this is what you do by the sounds of it, as do I, (especially as I do pilates to advanced level)

The other using the diaphragm, is taught in yoga, and this is how others breath.

There is a product on the market that claims to reduce blood pressure, and the instruction manual recognises both methods, as the setup instructions for the product as you find which one you do before starting using the device.

I wouldn't worry about the way you breath too much, but it has been suggested, and I know some who have helped there asthma by doing yoga, but not sure if it down to the breathing, the poses, or the relaxation.



Had my physio appointment today! She didn't really do much actual physio. She talked to me about my symptoms a lot and checked how I was breathing. She said I breathed using my diaphram which meant that I didn't need any breathing excercises. She also told me that I was showing all the symptoms of having allergic asthma, will check out medication options with cons when I go and see him again. She also gave me some tips on what to do in an asthma attack such as leaning forward etc.

So all in all it was a success!!

Rachel xx.


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