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im new to this so not very sure what i am doing lol

im 18 and at university in Scotland i was wondering about prescription charges as i have heard that i can get some form wich means that i dont have to pay as i am in full time education? does anyone know about this as if not i am going to pay a massive amount im on loads of meds :(

Thanks Becca

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  • becca was gonna send you a pm but cant. can you activate it.

    i pay £34 a year for my prescriptions as a yearly prescriptions thing which i think it very good compared to the english ones.

    pm me as I ahve some info for you. im a student nurse to so was wonderign where your at?


  • HC1 forms...your doctors should have them, most students qualify for free prescriptions!

  • When I was a student I had to pay full price for my prescriptions. I had been under the impression that after 18 you had to pay here (im in Scotland)


    Full-time education means you must be receiving full-time instruction from a recognised educational establishment such as a school, college or university. To be a recognised establishment the place where you are studying must be registered with the Scottish Government Education Directorates, Information and Analytical Services Division, ScotXed Unit. If it is not registered with them you still may be able to get help with health costs under the NHS Low Income Scheme - read here.

    You get free:

    * NHS prescriptions;

    * NHS dental treatment for any course of treatment that starts before your 19th birthday;

    * NHS wigs and fabric supports.

    You also get:

    * vouchers towards the cost of glasses or contact lenses:

    If you have lost or damaged your glasses or contact lenses - read here;

    If you need help with travel costs to and from hospital for NHS treatment - read here.

    text from here

  • I was under the impression that university wasn't classed as full time education...

  • Thanks :)

    Thanks guys that was a great help :)

    Hope you are all well

    Becca xx

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