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is it just me !!!

is it just me or sods law that i had an asthma attack yesterday (not massive but my inhalers were hammered during the evening and during the night). this morning i woke up feeling good which is quite rare for me and i went for an appointment with asthma consultant- no wheeze, no chest pain, nothing-then tonight i feel bit off again! sods law or what... i didnt particularly want to have an attack today but at least the doc would have seen my symptoms for himself....anyway i did find out by reading my blood forms that im classed as brittle asthma, which im lead to believe just means unstable, is that right? hope everyone is ok xxx

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Ha ha ha I know what you mean.I still worry that the doc/nurse thinks I'm making it up as my PF is well above predicted, my spirometry is normal and I've never been seen with symptoms. I am seeing the asthma nurse tomorrow night so I'm sure I will feel rubbish all morning and achieve my personal best PF when at the nurse (of course I'll have used my vent in the morn,making my PF better). I don't want to have symptoms but I'd like to be seen with symptoms!!!


my speromatry was ok and my con alterd my meds but found out after discharged me because have a asthma nurse to see to me and was ok the day I saw him.

Been in hosp for stays and AnE on nebs ,pred and amoxillin and on nebs seeing my asthma nurse because had asthma attack there and also at walkin centre had a ttack and on nebs there also.

Carnt believe my con said my lungs didnt weeze ,I told him I dont weeze until things get to bad.

At least will have it in my docs notes now.

hope you go on ok and get the meds you need xxxxx


No it is not just you!! The number of times I have arrived breathless and wheezy at surgery, had to wait (sometimes up to an hour) to be seen, and then to be told by GP I had a 'clear' chest - unbelievable....

An asthmatic friend was telling me exactly the same the other day - says her wheeze subsides whilst she's waiting (quietly) in surgery. She's been really poorly, lots of phlegm, horrible cough, but GP said her chest was clear. We just don't understand it.

Edit. Re. brittle asthma. Yes, it means it's unstable.


Well, I saw asthma nurse for the first time yesterday, told her how things had evened out over the weekend. She was happy to let me go only needing review in 12 months. Last night, peak flow was down. I was up in the night feeling wheezy, and this morning it's down again.

Bloody typical!

So no, guess it's not just you!


omg yes i have the EXACT same problems!! nobody has ever seen me with symptoms as they are mostly at night and in the morning when i am alone. then i will take my ventolin through the night and in the mroning and then visit my doctors where i will be told i have a clear chest- so embarassing!!

in fact my first diagnosis was done on a completely clear chest, and was only because of my spirometry test that she decided it was asthma. no one has ever heard me wheeze- i dont very often to be fair- but I HAVE done so- just not when anyone has been around!!

sods law deff. :D



bloomin typical, i've never been seen symptomatic, went to asthma nurse yest had a tight chest, thought great she'll see me with a reduced pf at least and see its real. Only this time she said i won't check pf you'll be sick of doing them! Couldn't very well plead with her to make me do it just so i could prove i have asthma! Lol


Haha I thought that only happened to me!! It took me months to get diagnosed with asthma as I'd make an appointment with my GP, he'd listen to my chest and say I sounded fine, and I'd be sat there thinking well I wasn't fine last night! It's very frustrating, I know what you mean when you say that you didn't want to have an asthma attack, but sometimes it would be nice for them to see your symptoms!

I have the diagnosis of brittle too, yeah it means difficult/severe/unstable. It's not much fun :(

Take care x


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