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being isolated

its great that people care and understand that asthma attacks or when my chest is so bad that i cant go out. i have people ring up or cancel plans as they know im too tired or too ill to talk for any real length of time but it is making me feel quite isolated. i keep having people say on the phone 'i wont keep you cos i can hear you are struggling'...great that they are so thoughful but i can still listen even if im wheezing :( i feel like im missing out so much at the minute

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I know the feeling - it's good to see people and try and get on with normal life even if you can't do what you used to but yes I keep getting told off for talking etc too! Don't really know the answer but just wanted to let you know you're not alone.



i am retired due to my asthma at only 44! I truly sympathise with you! I have a pet allergy & about 5 years ago stopped visiting family & ""friends"" with pets, you soon find your true friends, as they don't visit me either!!!! I get very depressed especially in the autumn winter months when i can't sit in the garden. I know people have busy lives when they work, but you would think they could spare time even for a coffee! My daughter has started colege & her day is alot longer now, when i sit on my own breathless & unable to do anytghing, some days feel never ending!

We must try to stay positive I know, but it is hard isn't it!


All I can say is when cabin fever starts to hit in. I take all

My medication, drive to the town centre and sit at a cafe and watch the world go by.I take my time and more medication if needed. I love st enochs centre Glasgow such a mix of society go. U can't help but laff at the patter....


You are not alone. I feel this too often.


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