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question x

yet again im wheezy and heavy chested. not had an attack as such today but totally fed up. been to a house today that has a long haired cat and although i was bit off before hand i feel so off now. tired, grumpy but dont want to sleep yet as i wont sleep all night if i go now. anyway that was just a moan cos i feel in a moanie mood, but i did want to ask if anyone knows what a blood sugar level of 5.8 and 8.5 mean? good, bad or something else x

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'normal' is considered 4 - 8 a little bit over or under occasionally is fine.



Any reading above 7 is classed as elevated or high. Stress can increase the blood sugars, so can prednisolone which makes the body porducr more sugar. you should discuss this with ur gp for further tests or further explanation of reason for this.


cheers for the replies.your prob right as ive just been told that it could be raised because of the steroids ive taken. x


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