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hi all

hi everyone, its been a while again since ive been on. not been good at all and had a number of emerg admissions recently. been out of hospital 8days and still not 100% as im still fighting the rems of awful lung infections and still having asthma attacks at the same time. trying to be good and not do anything that will land me back in hosp but i have to admit as the days go on and im not needing to sleep 20 odd hours a day, im getting quite bored and starting to see things around the house that id like to do - but as i say im trying to be good lol. hope everyone on here has been well and keeping out of hospital xxx

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Welcome back Jay,

Going in hosp is like entering the twilight zone.

You forget what day it is if youre in too long.

As for the jobs which need doing, stuff em, the last thing you want is to overdo things. You need to rest now youve escaped.

Hope you manage to fight off your lung infection

Get well soon & rest up!!

Howie :)


hi jay39.Aww ! Sorry you got captured and having a tough time also.Glad didnt need the AUK JCB ! Make sure you rest up and hope you pick up soon.Not sleeping to good at the mo. Take care love glynis xxx


Hi Jay. Sorry you're having a bad time at the moment. Don''t worry about the things you can see that need doing round the house - one thing I found out years ago is that you can pretty much guarantee that if you leave housework, ironing mending or repair jobs alone NOBODY is going to come along and take them away from you - they'll still be there when you feel better, no matter how long it takes!


I don't like to overdo it if i am unwell so I write a to do list, then when I am better I like ticking the jobs off one by one. Rather than looking at the unfinished work that needs to be done.

Hope you get stronger soon .



I vote for going with the lists, if I want to feel better I always put on some things I have done already or that I can easily do so i get to tick things off straight away. But then I wouldn't like to accuse everyone of being as sad as me!!!

Take it easy and get well x


Thought I hadnt seen you on here for a while jay39. I think I've told you before not to worry about housework!! I get fedup of housework like most people I suppose, you beaver away and then it needs doing again a few days later! Hope u feel a bit better soon. xx


awww cheers all- you know it is very much like the twilight zone in hospital, i never know what day it is and when a clock isnt visible i cant keep track of the time of day either-mind being surrounded by confused old women makes it worse lol. im still not great, tried to have a bit of a walk yesterday(which is painful at the best of times because of arthritis)and it totally shattered me, didnt expect to be so weak. wheezing like a train and coughing like a smoker but with a new bed provided by the hospital im sleeping like a baby lol-always an up side ....have been trying to catch up on messages but havent really had the enerergy or concentration but i am still here if anyone wants a chat xxx


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