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Totally fed up

I have been really struggling with my asthma since Easter I have had 8 visits to A&E and/or out of hours doctors'. I am on all my maximum dosage meds as well as preds and antibiotics.

Although I realise that I am not as bad as some people on here, I have now had 10 nights with hardly any sleep if I do get some sleep then it is only 1 or 2 hours, I am so exhausted from it all I am only just managing to get through the working day then when the weekend comes along my asthma then causes me even more problems.

I really am begining to wonder if my asthma will ever improve.

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i can totally sympathise!!!

with all the attacks getting at the mo having no chance to recover in between = no rest :( grrr...

feel free to message me and rant and rave as much as you want :)

i know how u feel, asthma can really make you feel down, especially when u feel like 'is it ever gonna improve?

chin up :)

big hugs x x x


Gotta say, im lucky re asthma as im mild compared to the rest of you.

I do struggle sleep wise though, so can totally identify with that part. Hope your asthma gives you a break soon Asthmagirl.

You too Snowy :)


i know how your feeling. I share a room with my sister (not got asthma but wont understand) i will have only just got to sleep and she wakes up and sprays perfume, deouderant and dry shampoo. It wakes me and and can hardly breathe meaning i cant rest in my own room. Im have 4 or less hours of sleep a night


Like Howie I'm lucky enough to have asthma that is (mostly) fairly well under control, but when it breaks out and throws a hissy fit sleep goes right out of the picture. Being awake at night when everyone else is asleep is such a lonley experience and your own four walls soon become very claustrophobic. And to make things worse, everyone at work takes great pleasure in telling you exactly how to get to sleep - as if they had any idea how the asthma and the meds conspire to keep you awake!

The best thing for me was to find this forum and discover that I wasn't the only person in the world trying to exist on 2 hours sleep a night - it didn't help me sleep but I felt a lot less lonley. Hugs to everyone dealing this this at the moment.

AJTinker - how old is your sister? I'm assuming she's aware that you have asthma and knows that deoderant and perfume act as triggers for you - is it just that she can't be bothered to go and use them in the bathroom or is she trying to finish you off? Remembering how difficult it used to be to talk to my own sister (she used to smoke at me all the time) without it deteriorating into a row, perhaps a calm and logical letter asking her to stop doing it would help. Good luck with that.


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