Can anyone tell me if you dont mind why on earth my chest infection has returned with a vengance its also took my voice completely this time. Chest infection cleared up newyears eveish but now its come back. Touch wood my asthma is ok so dont think I need to go running to my gp just yet has any of you guys had this happen I know chest infections are going around a bit at the momement but I did not think you could get it back soooooooooo quick ive just finished a course of antibiotics aswell thanks guys xxxxxxxx

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  • It's possible that it never went away kerry-anne, not a new chest infection as such, just the same one coming and going a bit. If you are still struggling, perhaps you need more antibiotics? See what your GP thinks once (s)he has had a listen to your lungs...........

    (Also I often lose my voice when I have oral thrush).




  • yeh, me too, (thrush throat thing) and if I've been walking too fast in cold air. Take care and get it listened to.


  • Has anyone seen it on the news they are asking people with chest infections to stay indoors because of the wide spread of it. So take care everyone xxxxx

  • Yikes I hadn't heard that! I knew about the norovirus advice etc but didn't know there was a problem with chest infections. Which news channel was it on? I'm keeping my fingers crossed as have just started with a cold and don't want to get another infection before I go back to uni!

    Sparkly Fairy

  • ITV Northeast news

  • When I go to the GPs I try noy to breathe and inhale any airborne bugs evicted from all the other patients there who have colds and man flu and think they need anti Bs like sweeties!

    I am usually wheezing away perched on an end seat!

    People should try to keep cold viruses to themselves and not 'soldier on' at work thus infecting the entire office. Most of our outdoor colleagues are healthy where us office based workers get the bugs.

    We have had warnings about the Novorvirus thing here - happens every year.


  • I just wish that people would understand that what is a minor head cold to them, can be a major chest infection / pneumonia to people with asthma. I couldn't count how many times I have caught the cold from someone and then ended up in hospital........

    And people that cough without covering their mouths - what is THAT about?

  • I seem to be getting worse not better ive stayed in my flat since god knows when I forgot what the outside looks like. My asthma still not to bad at the moment though but coughing lots of yellow pink and green stuff up think am just going to stay in bed till its gone hope everyone else is doing ok and staying cough free oh and both my nostrils are blocked its soooooooo anoying and ive had my flu jab take care xxx

  • I agree sleepymazza! Lots of my friends think I'm mean when I avoid seeing them when they think they are 'dying' with a cold, or stand / sit well clear from them in uni. They also seem shocked when I end up on pred and anti-biotics and need to see a GP 3 times in one week as I did in the last week of term. I've taken to carrying anti bacterial hand gel in my bag and using it as often as I can especially on public tranport and in halls I'm obsessed with wiping surfaces / door handles / light switches. My first year housemates just don't get why I practically hibernate if they get a stomach bug either... I need these meds for my asthma so I'd like to not have to throw them up again after sharing germs.

    Re. the norovirus, a friend with brittle asthma recently contracted the virus from our local resp ward, she was discharged in the hope of not getting the bug but was back in very dehydrated 15hrs later!

    Now what I would love is a germ + allergen free ball like those ones of the piriton adverts... I'd be very happy in there!

    Sparkly Fairy

  • I'm also terrified of getting other people's bugs, particularly on trains and planes, as I usually end up with a chest infection after travelling. I'm going to Tenerife in a couple of weeks and thinking about wearing a very fine scarf over my mouth on the plane. I might look daft, but it might prevent some of the little nasties getting to me.


  • Hi

    I am new on here. Just wanted to say I hope you are well soon x

    I don't have asthma but my son now has been diagnosed and he has had a chesty cold virus on and off for 2 months, it doesn't seem to go completely, then flares up again.

    Hope you will soon be well.

  • Hi katybarstool, with regard to your tenerife flight a couple of years ago when my asthma was particularly troublesome I ordered a bug stopper mask designed particularly for our sort of problem. You will have to look it up on the net I cannot find mine at the moment. I did use it for one or two flights and you do feel a bit silly but hey who cares - I think I will try and get another one. if you cannot find one would you be able to get one from your GP's the sort of mask they wear when dealing with infected wounds etc? Good luck and have a great holiday.


  • Hi Sandi

    Thanks for that. I will have a look. I wonder if the ones you can get for doing diy work might be as good. I will look in my son's toolkit - I'm sure he has some, and maybe try one. I suppose I could hide it under a scarf, if need be.


  • hi Kerry-anne

    I hope you feel better soon. I came down with a cold a 'mild' bronchitis on boxing day, dr gave me week of strong antibiotics, started getting better and feeling better in my self and then yesterday the cough came back and i'm being to sound like i've got a 60 a day habit lol

    I tend to lose my voice now with every cold i get and i'm convinced it's the symbicort inhaler and now i'm on the max dose that won't help

    take care of yourself and make sure that chest infection knows it's not welcome!


  • Thanks christine my voice still has not come back as good as it should be I went back to my gp yesterday and she said I have an infection at the bottom of my lungs whatever that means. Im going to see my con next week see what he has to say cause all this coughing makes my chest hurt so bad at the moment. and its getting me down so fingers crossed the antibiotics off my gp should kick in by tommorrow or the day after if not see what my con says take care and again thanks xxxxxxxxxx

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