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damp weather ...yuck!

anyone else suffering with all this wet, cold weather? my chest gets aggitated so easily in this weather, the walk to pick my daughter up from school each day almost kills me! everyones telling me 'oh you have that nasty cold thats going around?' ....... well i don't im just coughing my lungs up on a permanent basis! but I'm terrified that sooner or later i'll catch it and then things will get interesting...

really fed up and winter has barely started yet!

not posted in a while by the way so hello to all you happy campers here \0/


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Hi faerie

Yes I do suffer in this weather too. As soon as I go in from the damp/cold I'm coughing and some people say ""hope I don't get your cold"". I tell them they won't catch what I've got. Like you I seem to be coughing on a permanent basis and it really tires me out. Am awaiting the results of a chest x ray cos of the cough. People are full of cold at work and I have had a really rough 12-18 months with my asthma and I really don't want any more time off work since I've had a fair bit this year so I am really hoping I don't catch what they have. Oh well.

Anyway take care of yourself.



good luck with the results of your chest xrays and i sincerely hope you stay clear of those cold germs!

take good care!


Hello,annoyingly I find that on any 2 days both equally wet and having taken the same medication both days ,I will be sick and coughing one day and perfectly fine the next-just one of the many annoying things about asthma .



Just got back on Sunday from 2 weeks in Florida where it was mid 80s everyday to this damp depressing weather. Annoying because in 2 weeks in Florida I did not need my ventolin inhaler at all. Since being back I'm needing it several times a day. Maybe we should all just emmigrate to warmer climates! Hope you feel better soon! I find a quick 3 minute sunbed from time to time makes me feel a whole lot better about winter - the warm air in them helps me a lot with my breathing - it might work for you too?


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