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my asthma is 100% better

were do i start well last month i got a call from a company telling me i had won a prize draw i thought yeah right iv never one anything any way cut to the point this guy came round to clean my carpet free (my prize ) but what he was doing was selling a machine suprise suprise but he was nice we got chatting and any way im glade i did any way i ended up buying it and well my asthma is 100% better i was using my inhailer 2/3 times a day but since i got the machine i have used it 3/4 times in a month the guy left me his number to pass on to my friends that i told him had asthma but he said if i knew any one that would have a use i could pass on his details and share my joy of feeling better

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Hmm glad it worked for you, it didn't help my asthma at all. In fact if anything it exacerbated it as my dosey other half was fooled into thinking he had won a draw, yeah right! It gets worse though when the chap came to clean the carpet and try to sell him the cleaner he persuaded my husband to give him names and tel numbers of ten friends. When the chap failed to persuade my husband to buy the cleaner his line manager rang our home phone and went for the hard sell. This company then kept ringing us but even worse rang the friends that my other half had given details of and pestered them saying that we had bought the cleaner and said that they would buy it too.

So far from helping my asthma it increased my stress levels and in turn made me wheezy! My husband was very naive and thought it would help my asthma - it did the opposite, the company told him that they never cold call and that's why they needed our friends details! Which unfortunately my husband believed, the carpet initially looked cleaner but then the marks came back through. So beware if someone says you've won a draw and you can have your carpet cleaned its just a way of getting a foot or a cleaner in the door and they are hard to get rid off! Hope no one else gets caught out by this, Lois

Don't fall for 'you have won a competition' if you can't remember having entered in the first place.

Long ago, salesman tried to con my mum into buying something expensive by saying our neighbour, Mrs Shad, had ordered that very day. My mum knew our neighbour had been on holiday for a fortnight and not due back for another week. Guessed the salesman had looked at nameplate on the door.


Vacuum cleaner salesman told us, our neighbours had been so impressed they'd bought on sight. Mega expensive cleaner with attachments costing well over £800? To people who have just bought a new house with all the expense that entails?

The chap vacuumed a small square of carpet and showed us the filter on his machine - black with dirt. Then he vacuumed again - no dirt left to show on his filter. No other vacuum cleaner, he claimed could do as good a job. Allergies, asthma etc were of course mentioned big style.

Undaunted, my husband asked if he could take our Henry vacuum cleaner over a square of carpet. Ok, said the salesman confidently. Husband vacuumed a different square of carpet. Then the salesman took his vacuum over that square and went to show us the filter paper. It was clean. Total shock on the part of the salesman. He left, shaking his head.

Unfortunately he then went straight to our older neighbour down the road, who believed every word ie that we had bought one of his vacuum cleaners. She came along to see us after signing and on hearing we were certainly NOT buying, went straight on the phone and cancelled her order.

Will it cure my asthma if I have laminate floors?

Bex, Probably not, and may make you worse, the laminate is laid onto a MDF baseboard, and recent research by the Building Research centre has indicated that central heating causes the glues used in these man made boards to be released into the atmosphere, and in a sealed house that's not good as there is a known link (not 100% proven though) that they do cause health problems.

Many years ago, my Dad let one of these into the house, he was there over an hour.

Dad was impressed until it came to the price! No thanks!

A good vacuum cleaner, be it a little Henry or a Dyson, well maintained and filters cleaned will do the job just as well with regular vacuuming!

New Vacuum cleaners often seem to help because of the novelty of them, Dad loved doing the vacuuming very thoroughly .... for about 6 months then the novelty wore off.

These are expensive gimmicks! I would never trust a salesperson in the home, you can't walk away that easily unlike in a shop.

Woody, I had special sealent and an extra layer of stuff used in order it would not agrivate my chest at the time and in the furture.


but my doctor said this was great

the guy that sold me the kirby was nice as pie he told me i had 14 days to cancel i spoke to my doctor and he told me that by law he cant recomend a kirby but as i have brought one he said i have brought the best on the market as it is the only system that can remove dust mites and and filter them down the system sells for £2395 but i knew that you can all ways get a better deal and after chatting about price i got the price down to what i think was great £1575.00 for some thing that will last 40 years takeing in to account my dyson that cost me £289.00 and i have had 4 in the last 11 years even if it did not help my asthma mich it does i would still save thousands of pounds if your asthma is triggerd by household dustmites this is the thing for you

Ummm, many severe asthmatics here are unable to work, on very low incomes and would never be able to afford such an item! Also some severe asthmatics aren't allergic to dust mites so no real benefit.

Dysons are guaranteed for 5 years, and are repairable after that whatever the state and many go on for ages.

I am glad you have the money to buy the Kirby and glad it has made a difference to your asthma.

Hmm, i'm surprised that a GP would say that its 'the best on the market', i could go with him/her saying that its the most expensive. I think the old adage if its too good to be true....I would urge anyone to think very carefully before spending that kind of money on a product such as this. If it was recommended by AUK or hospital then fair enough but personally i can't see that this product would be of significant benefit to asthma sufferers.

Sorry to be negative but i would not want anyone to have false hope and spend money on something that at the end of the day may have little or no impact on their asthma. It would be nice if it were a magic wand product but its been around a while and in my opinion it is very definately NOT a magic wand. Take care, Lois

It was a Kirby we were being given the hard sell on in 1986. Our Henry (£80) was two years old at the time. We replaced faithful old Henry at the grand old age of 22, with a new pink Hetty.

Using Henry's bottom half as a mini herb garden. His little wheels make it easy to move across the patio.

my asthma is 100% better

well maby i am one of the lucky ones i have herd from a number of people that kirby has been recomended to them by harley street clinic and that kirby has been working with asthma uk for 15 years but so far it is only recomende for people by asthma usa i love it it cleans my carpets and removes 100% of dust mites from my bed what else can do this to this standard

Matress covers, duvets and sheets that can be washed at 60% and decent laminate flooring. And no need to have a vacum cleaner.


hey Jemmarogers!

Just wanted to say I'm really pleased that your machiene has helped your asthma! I think its fab that you have found a way of helping your asthma! fingers crossed it stays better! I'd just like to say that Jemmarogers wasn't trying to tell us all that it's cured their asthma just that its improved as they have managed to avoid there trigger, dust mites, and Bex we still hover even tho i have mattress protectors and laminate flooring because dust is still there! and I'm not even allergic to dust mites!

Ayways really pleased that your asthmas better Jemmarogers!

ally x

i got a mobility scooter for half that amount, my mum has had her Hoover vacuum cleaner 21 years and she certainly didnt pay anything near that price. Yikes!

What a shockingly expensive vacuum cleaner. My maths may be wrong, but I reckon that even if you got through 4 Dysons every 11 years for the next 44 years, it would still cost you significantly less than the full Kirby system. Assuming the thing doesn't break in the meantime.

Suffice it to say, whilst a device that removes dust mites and their detritus will benefit those whose asthma is mainly triggered by such things, it's absolutely no guarantee that it will be of any help to any other individual - especially if you have other triggers. And it seems like a massive amount of money to spend just to find out if it works or not - I doubt even the 14 day ""trial"" would be sufficient for most people to be certain that the vacuum was helping their asthma as opposed to it being some other thing.

I think it's also very important to point out at this point that Asthma UK has *never* worked with, endorsed or recommended Kirby vacuum cleaners (or vacuum cleaners from any other manufacturer for that matter). There's also no such charity as ""Asthma USA""; there is a charity called ""Lung USA"", but their website offers no recommendations about any products so I can't comment further on that.

Ally18 - To be fair, when someone starts a topic called ""my asthma is 100% better"", that pretty much *is* them saying that they have been cured - and that is why people have responded in the ways that they have.


(briefly with AUK hat on for that last-but-one paragraph)

Steve, re you comment about ally saying her asthma is 100% better. Well I can say mine is 100% better, but in no way would I say cured or even totally controlled. If I used PF readings then last year at diagnosis it was 280, so 100% increase is what I've achieved and actually more,so yes it's possible, but I agree a hover isn't likely to make that sort of a difference.

I had a dyson but it broke and so were we so bought a morphy richards performair for £70 4 years ago. Still as good as when we bought it and has more suction than the dyson did.My asthma isn't triggered by dust so a fancy hoover wouldn't help much. If life was that simple. Glad it's worked for you. Would want it to dust, clean the kitchen, bathrooms and iron for that much, then my life would be 100% better.

Usual codacils regarding the use of alternative therapies - please do not stop your medications suddenly, consult your GP/asthma nurse first to make sure it is safe for you to try any alternative health remedies.

I'm a bit of an old cynic by now, I admit; but what's the difference in using an inhaler (that controls symptoms) or taking a capsule each day (to control symptoms?). Fair enough if we're looking for that extra edge; but it's interesting to note that this capsule claims to work in exactly the same fashion as a commonly-used asthma medication, montelukast (Singulair) which is a leukotrine receptor antagonist.

Anyhoo, that's me as an old cynic, signing off.



Friends tell me I'm too cynical for my own good. I'd want to know who had researched this product and the size of the analysis sample. Mum was a micro-analyst for university. Its in the genes.

And deeply cynical old me wonders why you'd pay for this treatment when montelukast is available as a prescription medication - which means you'd get it with your pre-payment card, or free (depending on your circumstances/location), and which also means it's subject to the very stringent safety standards and trials that prescription drugs have to go through before they can be provided by the NHS, but which ""alternative"" treatments don't have to be subjected to.

I think the first port-of-call for anyone struggling with their asthma should be their GP or asthma nurse.

looking at Asmanol, anyone on either of the Leukotriene meds from the doctors would be unwise to pay all that for 30 tablets, assuming 1 a day that's still over twice the price of a regular prescription.

On the other hand those with hayfever, colds or flu if the site's research is to be believed and I'd like a link to that (have emailed them) it could be worth a try if nothing else has worked.

I've had an email from Jeni @ the company in question, she's passed the request onto head office who will provide me with the research data (I wonder?)

For those who want to try an additional complimentary therapy an article I saw earlier ""Purple Periwinkles Battle Inflammatory Diseases ""

well I've had my reply from Sterling Health and

Dear Chris,

Thank you for contacting Stirling Health.

Our head office have advised that unfortunately we do not have any additional research/trial information that can be sent, only the information contained in our mailing literature.



Customer Services

WOW, should I be really surprised at that, but then what did they base the claim on in the first place?

That response (or lack of one) is very enlightening.

the natural version of monkeloust then

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