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back to work

well after having an asthma attack on tuesday and given steriod tablets and new inhaler i'm having to go back to work, but my peak flow is still low for me and i thought it would of improved by now, the worst thing i don't know what triggered this attack i'm not ill with cold. Doctor was trying to blame my cats but had them years and no problems. Have a good day everyone


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Oh hope you feel better soon Katie, good luck back at work.

Similar thing happening to me and consultant has ordered allergy testing cos he reckons it's my cats - have had cats all my life!

I've also been referred to Occ Health now too........not very encouraged having heard other peoples experiences with Occ Health.


I was the same. I was dreading going to see occupational health, especially after reading about some people's dreadful experiences on here. But actually it turned out to be a really good experience. I came armed with a calendar showing the time I'd had off sick and when I'd started taking all the different medications, and he was really sympathetic. In fact, he's referred me to the Royal Brompton. Work are being really accommodating because he pointed out that I have a disability.

Occupational health is intended to be of benefit to both employers and employees, and not just a way to manage people out. I hope your experience turns out to be a positive one.


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