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A Poem

I have writen Poetry since childhood.

I wrote this about 6 month ago and came across it whilst doing a clear out... Was going to Put away but I was nagged into posting it I wanted to amend it/improve it but husband would not let me.

What do you think....


B.A.t 1

I have this companion

The one I love to hate

She follows my every move

With me wherever I go

Will not let me be

This “mate”

I love to hate

She is all over my face

Following my every step

Keeping me indoors

Keeping me oppressed

Always keeps me company

Running “My” life around her needs

Ruling my home, my nest, my days

She keeps my friends and the world

At bay and far from me

I call her B.A.T 1

Sometimes I escape her hold on me

For an hour, or even once for a day

I managed to forget about her during that one glorious day

But then she always somehow finds me

And the hate begins again

BAT1 has taken over my days and

When a friend calls by unexpectedly

Or when I am trying to sleep

She arrives in oh so many ways and

Triggered by oh so many things

When she arrives like a slap in the face

Like a kick in the guts

Like crushing lungs... pressing down hard on me

She takes my breath away

She makes me wheeze, cough and gasp

And those that love and care for me

Run to start the “NEB” once again

And as the vapours hiss and spit

Desperately trying to keep “her” under controlled and at bay

I think how much I hate her and how glorious

It would be to be free

Free of meds

Free of “her”

Free to and play

Free to be... Free and healthy again

I have a “friend” who lives with me

I call her ... B.A.T 1

I hate how she rules and runs my days and nights

And I hate the fact that

I can almost hear her mockingly say....

“I’ll be with you for the rest of your days

You cannot escape me nor get away


I’ll be with you till you draw your last breath”

And this is what I say to her

""That maybe so, my hurtful mate !...

But I still WILL fight you...

Because I am not on my own, no more

One day you and your type will be gone""

Leaving not just me but all those like me well ALONE.

© Susy

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Wow, Susy, that says it all"" Well done you for being able to write so elequently about yoor unwelcome friend.



I agree,

good job :) I really like it! Very well said!


Thank you

Thank you to all that have sent me Messages regarding ""BAT1"" Just really sorry that there are so many of us with such a demanding unwelcome ""Guest"" in our lives.

To those that have mentioned ""Publishing"" either in ""National Press"" or ""Publications"" (not quite sure what you mean) and I really would not know how to go about it nor very sure if that is something that would be suitable for the General Public as it were, not even mentioning the fact that ""it"" probably needs a lot of tweaking!!!.

So all of you that have your own pest ""Brittle asthma type 1 or 2"" Keep up the good fight and lets hope We and Asthma UK can find a way to conquer this annoying pest.

Be good and take care of your lungs.

Thanks again for the messages and DO keep in touch


Hi Susy,

Excelent poem and Description of BAT1! I seem to have 2 BATS! But I keep a firm thumb on them where possible.

You could send it into Asthma UK for publication in the Asthma News magazine with a brief description of Brittle asthma.

I have written poetry in the past - but need to be in the right mood!



That was a great poem,


re poem

has expressed all i have ever wanted to say about living with asthma for 25 years, and not being able to do so., wishing everyone a very happy xmas and all the best of health for 2008.



Does this make you BATGIRL, Susy??


Good Question !!! ....I can just see myself with the mask and cape...I wonder ...does BatGirl have any special powers/abilities ? and if not ....what would you pick/choose as her ""Special Powers""? ???


Thanks for the message Neil


Oh what emotions friends can bring

They love you, they hate you, they do such strange things

I am so lucky. I have a friend.

One friend is orange. One friend is blue.

I’m fonder of mine than it seems are you.

I am so lucky. I have a friend.

A laugh makes me wheezy, a cry makes it worse

But my little blue friend is there like a nurse

I am so lucky. I have a friend.

One friend’s a writer, she writes on a site

For people who breathe with all of their might

I am so lucky. I have a friend.

She offers me turkey when shop one is lost

If I don’t mind the Orkneys – such a far post

I am so lucky. I have a friend.

Merry Christmas, friend



Christmas dinner

Thank you AlanJ .

Glad your Turkey is home!

But remember not to gorge

Raise a glass and think

Of your friend

Here...up north.

I will raise my goblet

To where you would have sat

And I will toast your Health, your grace

And your fine word command

I send you a Christmas wish this night

May your Blue and Orange nurses

Always keep you safe and sound

When tears and even laughter

Make you wheeze, cough or splat !

And more importantly my friend

Have a lovely, lovely one!!!!

© Susy

Have a great Christmas Alan

With love and hugs from Orkney

Your friend



Water pouring over me, not having my finest hour

A cheeky little number – she joined me in the shower

I was red. She was blue. I squeezed her very tight.

She made a hiss. The gentlest kiss. She hit the spot all right.

Again I begged. Give me some more. I really was quite rough.

She hissed. She kissed. This time I had enough.

So short of breath, no words were said. She laid there by my side

I dressed in peace with the calm my blue nurse did provide

Onwards then came Christmas Day. The challenge of the day

Make a feast for everyone – don’t force them all away

With ovens filled and turkey stuffed as far as we could dare.

A little late, upon our plate, we laid our finest fare

The turkey was fine. The parsnips done. The sprouts were really dandy

The Christmas pudding was set on fire. The sauce was lashed with Brandy.

With finest wines, our glasses raised and pointed far away

We gave our thoughts to new found friends on this special day.



A poem for 2008/ I am charging warrior

I am charging warrior

A Knight on his white horse

The Atrovent , Zafirlukast and Seretide

Plus all my other meds

My shinny armour , good and true they are

Ventolin the shield around my arm and command

Prednisolone is the spear and the sword

With which

I go to fight the fire breathing dragon

The devil and the troll

I carry Antibiotics and a Nebuliser

To sustain me on the road

Whist I go hunting

Dragons the demons and trolls

The battle is continuous

Perilous in its force

The enemy sometimes grabs me

And for ransom I am held

It’s then my shining armour

And the weapons in my hands

Cripple, wound or hurt the dragon

Breaking through his grasp

My lung may be pierced

My ribs about to crack

But I go fighting dragons

Until my quest is done

I battle for my freedom

I fight for my life

I Sabotage the dragon’s plans

Running circles around his camp

Always building “resistance” forces

We go on with the good fight

There are many in our army

Who are fighting just as hard!

Like the Knights of the Round Table

We each have a quest

Our own holy grail to find

I am a fighting warrior

I am fighting for my life

The dragon sometimes beats me

But I know we’ll win this fight

The dragon fights dirty

Does not follow rules nor commands

The dragon seems invincible at times

Even and specially at night

As he fights us with all his might

It keeps us from sleeping

It tries to wear us out

But our knights in shining armour

Keep going on and on with the good fight

The dragon will not beat us

Although we may be tire or even sometimes lose our lives

We go on fighting for all those yet to come

We are fighting warriors

We fight with and for our Lungs

We fight for quality of life

Each and every one of us has promised

To go on fighting until

This battle and war is won!

We are fighting warriors

Hear our battle cry

“We are hunting fire breathing dragons we are fighting the good fight”

© Susy


just wanted to say how wonderful your poetry is, and although i do not have brittle asthma, i can relate to them.

hope you're okay



My Dream For Friends

With special thanks to Susy for her encouragement and inspiration, I also offer the following:-

My Dream For Friends In 2008

Oh warriors strong, the fight, the war

Is sent to give much fear

Though never in its reckoning

Did it count on the New Year.

The dragon breathing is a myth

Its fire is but a dream

It cannot burn. It cannot steal

The oxygen of life.

A spirit, a will, a positive embrace

Of future there to behold

Has struck the legend down from heights

Its venom all now splat.

Those very lungs whose air is short

Now shout with so much pride

A battle plan to celebrate

The enemy expired.

For friends far North, far East, far West

Far South and further still

This dream I bring for all

A hope, a life, a cure.



“When AUK is feeling down”

This one's inspired by CathBear.

My dream world today has no clouds and the sky has been airbrushed the purest of blue.

My dream world today has no roads and under my feet is a never-ending sandpit of sparkling bright white.

My dream world today is so warm. The air is warm. The sea is warm. There is peace in the waves.

My dream world today does not shout. It does not moan. It does not groan.

My dream world today is a duvet for my brain, a pillow for my ears, a blanket for my heart.

My dream world today has no phones, no wires, no plugs and no webs.

My dream world today looks after my friends, we talk and we hear.

My dream world today shares time for each other.

My dream world today has no doors – please come in.



Oh my, I have a poem! Second only to just seeing John Barrowman live, you've just made my day! Thanks, Alan. I *LOVE* the line ""duvet for my brain"". That just sounds exactly what I need at times.


The Enemy at my side

He lays’ with me

Under my very skin

The air that I breathe

The very thing I need to live

My love and life

My soul and death

With each one of his kisses

He takes my breath away

When laying over me

Overwhelming my every sense

Again he takes my breath away

And with it the air that I need

I carry him inside me

And he lingers on my skin

For all the world to see

He kisses me

Whist robbing me of the air that I breathe

With the hunger, passion and

Lust of each deadly kiss

He lingers and presses on my lungs

Until I cannot breathe

He loves me and I fight him

Whist always awaiting his next embrace and kiss

He craves and longs to have

The very thing I need to live

And I patiently prepare to be

Lost forever in his desperate Hug and kiss

My mate and companion

The one that lives with me

His grasp and hold on me

Will never, ever let me be

The one that keeps me

The one that robs me

Of the very air I need to live

He beats, hurts and bruises me

Loves to kick me when I am down

He is the bully

The enemy at my side

The bully in my life and bed

With each lingering kiss

Keeps me on my knees

Until I lose my senses

Until I cannot breathe

My day to day companion

The one that steals from me

Wraps himself around me

And keeps me from my sleep

He laughs at my discomfort

And then he stops to give

Another tender loving kiss

Knowing I’ll never escape him

Knowing I will never again be free

I braise myself

And patiently await his next

Final, lingering and fatal kiss

© Susy

(as you can tell I was going through another battle with BA when I wrote this... and although fighting ""him"" still... in a better mood now, thanks to my new friends - you know who you are !!)


groovy chicks

hi its groovy chick here really love your poems i do poetry you want here it

here we go

we are so cool

and we are so great

that not many people appriciate

that having asthma is no joke as we sit and stand there as we begin to choke like a really old bloke

and nobody just sit and stair that you all need to realy care

some folks just do not see that asthma maybe in you and definately in me.

by groovy chick who is asthmatic herself she is 29. i did this poem as i have had real problems with people in the past taking the mickey and they still do i hate bullying and its not nice i didn`t or we choose to be asthmatic.


Thank you groovy chick

Really loved your poem. Hope you are keeping well.

Would love to read more if you have them... the more POETS the better I say.

Love, hugs and wheezy kisses from a very cold and whitish Orkney isles



Ode to my NEBS

You must name your Nebs

An AUK friend call KateMoss did say

So I huffed and puffed

And I scratched my head

Whilst looking at my Nebs

What should I call both of you?

I asked you out loud this day...

But my hissing mates did not comply

No suggestion came back from them

So much time is spent with you...

Depending on your gentle touch

You are a soul mates, now

Woven into the tapestry

That is my curious life

So who do I fancy...?

To give so much of my time

Suddenly and unexpectedly

Two names leapt and danced in my mind

So I call one “Robert Redford”

My very first childhood LOVE

And now he keeps company

And gives me life...specially and even more so

When I watch the movies in which he acts


The other one’s name is a secret....

Held tight in my heart

And with every whispering hiss

I now close my eyes and

I wickedly remember and smile !

© Susy



feeling tired from this pain

i cannot name it oh whats it again

its a thing they call asthma not no fun and such delight

as were are breathing to try and keep up the fight.

but having understanding friends on asthma uk to say the least is a sight of relief as we keep on dreaming to oh what to shuch belief.

the blue brown red and green can be really gross

to the things that we depend we live on the most

from groovy chick




Everyone who has a smoke

it makes us cough and wheeze

oh i wish they would stop smoking oh please oh please oh please.

out comes the inhaler

with every single puff

no one stopped and cared

i wish theyd stop smoking i dont care if they went off in a huff

then we would be able to breathe without a cough and or a wheeze.

Here we sit and here we stand waiting for this some what healthy land

of what is left of it

people treat it as a dumping pit.

from groovy chick



inhalers come in different types one called dry powder

you dont want it anything even in a dish called chowder

it helps us breathe through a wheeze it even stops you from a cough.

when we drink from a broth.

from groovy chick


inhalers no 2

inhalers come in spray form in a sort of mist

dont get in the way it will come out hiss.

we breathe it in when we need

we feel great

we begin to love it even wed thought wed hate

its better feeling this


we will often say

no wheeze today no time for delay

i want to have some fantastic fun and go out for a longer one.

before the magic ends

for my fantastic wonderful inhaler type friend.

from groovy chick

anyone else gonna have a go id like to see if your as good as me.


feeling tight

i wish this tight feeling of 10 people on my chest

would go and play out one day to give us a rest.

fom this big old heavy pest

it feels so bad you cannot breathe

all you cough and then you wheeze

and then we sometime sneeze

Out comes the inhaler oh what fun with glee is this the wonderful magic thing

that they made for me. its blue and cool and good for you and we can breathe again oh what a sight oh what relief.

from groovy chick



catching bugs is a yucky thing

why do people have to bring.

we all stayed away but seemed to

get that dreaded thing.

we are feeling so ruff

but we are really tough

even though we sound a little bad

we be rid of it

and then we will be realy glad.

even though the asthmas high

we will live and not die

and for the people that are unkind we will put up in a rocket

and they all come down and fall into a plug socket.

from groovy chick im not sure what this is like what do u lot think id like to know does it sound right anybody.


re poems

did anyone think about getting poems published and raising funds for asthma research etc just a thought!!




Hi Christina... Some of us have been talking about that, I would love to hear about any other would be POETS the more of us , with very different prose styles but with ONE big thing in mind, may help make those that cannot express NOR understand what Asthma does to a person's life the better. So please if anyone can contribute and or HELP us set this up out there in WWW land. Please post here or get in touch

I have received several messages regarding this very topic and there seems to be a real interest in actually DOING Something ....Advice welcome from one and all.

Love, and wheezy kisses from the Orkney Isles



Once there was a young girl

she ran about the house

never any fear from getting tired out

Now this girl feels old now asthma I here you shout

no more running round the house

always worrying about getting tired out

Today there is an young woman with her best friend blue

he goes with her everywere

to help when shes tired out

I tried first attempt ever at a poem xx


Well done Kerry anne

Keep it up...It does get easier with time.

Love and wheezy kisses and hugs



Hospital Neb

I visited the hospital

The doctors and nurses

Smiled and shrugged

As they ran and rolled their eyes

Get the syringe, Ventalin and Atrovent

A chamber filled with fluid, tubing and a green mask

We need to take a go on

Blow, blow hard

Your Peak flow is not so good

You’ll have to stay the night

We’ll increase the rate of O

And keep a check on you all night

Here is the Predniselone carrying needle

The pain, discomfort will pass

I visited the hospital

Went in their own white and flashing bus

The men in bright green overalls

Nodded and held my hand

I am sorry I kept saying

Please don’t make a fuss

I always sound like this...

I always hiss, cough, wheeze and splat

I had to go to hospital

But again I made out

No need to call the men

That always dress in black

I made it out of hospital

Glad to say...

""I am back""

© Susy


peak flow


using a peakflow meter

just to check the wheeze

moving the dial around before we sit right down making ourselves at eaze

add more verses to this one the more the merrier for that poetry book and cd to raise money for asthma uk and kick asthma too.

from groovy chick


feeling wheezy

feeling ruff and wheezy

i went to the doctors one day not feeling myself

the doctor said come sit right here i take a look myself.

he listened to my chest he says there is a wheeeze oh dont panic just sit there and wait a moment please

he wrote a note on some paper just for an inaler just take those for a minute because your looking paler

you will look brighter still just take that inhaler.

we went back to the docs

because im feeling brighter

i took the inhalers still because im a fighter

even though the taste is grim

id rather be able to breathe

without a cough or a tight chested wheeze.

inhalers are cool and great they are my best mate.

and would`nt want to live without.

with a laugh and with a scream

i am wondering yes just wondering

is it all just a dream.

no its no laugh and joke as we sit and begin to choke

we cough and wheeze

use blue inhaler with great eaze

from that terrible tight chest it gives us a well earned rest.

from groovy chick


feeling wheezy

feeling ruff and wheezy

i went to the doctors one day not feeling myself

the doctor said come sit right here i take a look myself.

he listened to my chest he says there is a wheeeze oh dont panic just sit there and wait a moment please

he wrote a note on some paper just for an inaler just take those for a minute because your looking paler

you will look brighter still just take that inhaler.

take it away susy see what other verses u and alanj can come up with from groovy chick


the man

i sit there waiting here we go again

its time to see that man again

the one who knows my fate

I look around at everybody

are they thinking the same

all with our letters or cards

with appointment times

I hear peoples names being called

joe bloggs to clinic 5

I know it wont be long now

till I see that man again

the man who knows my fate

I hear my name being called

I sit there silent and still

I stare at that man

the man who knows my fate

I sit there slightly shocked

when the man says to me

today your lungs are healthy

healthier than they ever been

I think of what I have done

trying to be more healthy

staying clear from all bad fumes

that could irratate me

if I keep this up i know

what the outcome will be

I can finally say

its me that holds my fate




i hate coughing it horrid to me

my chest all ratterly

as it gets all crackerly

what awful thing

to be.

you keep coughing till the yucky phlem comes

then you take your little blue one and to a sigh of relief

i can breathe a better one

name of faith

or my mum

i go drinking glass of rum.

then go playing on a drum.

by groovy chick


There is something deep inside side me

Something I wish to hide

It never used to be there

But now it’s always by my side

I don’t want to admit it

Or say its name out loud

I always feel ashamed

Can never be proud

It makes me feel so lonely

Sometimes it’s just me and it

It keeps me on the side lines

Not able to wear my kit

Ducking under table

In fear to be seen

Taking my dose of magic

Hoping it will stop it been mean

Sometimes I just carry on

In a dream that it’s not there

Pretending to be my old good self

But then it decides to scare

But I am determined

To give it a good fight

No it’s not that easy

But together we’ll find the light

There is something deep inside side me

Something I wish to hide

It never used to be there

But now it’s always by my side

My first ever atemp at writing a ""propperpoem"" i no its nnot great will try 2 improve it in the furture =)





i feel so ashamed i know not how

its with me everytime even when i bow.

when people look at me every time i take a puff. oh why oh why they do it or go of in a huff.

i feeling so mad

i know its not my fault

people make asumpsions that puts me on a holt.

here i stand with my blue friend asking reasons why i am thinking to myself am i going to cry.

no i am going to be happy

believing its true asking others just like me or maybe even you.

i dont feel ashamed no not anymore as i have loads more friends more than i ever did before.

by groovy chick


Duckie...That was fine, more than fine in-fact. Well done you !!

Do keep it will find Poetry and rhyme a very rewarding way of expressing all kinds of feelings, loves and hates alike.





I have got these three carers

this it was they say to me

when your feeling asthmary

there are three things id like to be.

a cake decorater a miricle maker and last thing just me.

When i have thee puff of my magic friend

They who care will just be right round the bend .

because they are

my new found friends.

i am so happy that they believe in me we can do anything just u wait and see.

They really understand and care i am so happy now that they are just their when im feeling upset now they give me a cheer.

They say you can do it

just don`t stand and stare.

And now when im with them i laugh with glee as they really care and understand me.

When im feeling so wheezy this is what they say to me

take your inhaler a minute and then wait and see.

The magic thing has worked so well

i can laugh jump speak and spell

i am so happy now can`t you even tell

Now when i go out

i can scream and i can shout

Whats this asthma all about

it `s this thing that makes you wheeze dont make fun of us please.

We are like you honist we are

we can do all these things even drive a car.

from groovy chick is it good


There is one thing in this life,

I wish I didn’t know.

It is with me every hour of everyday.

It sits on my shoulder,

looking over me,

telling me what I can and can’t do.

It lives in my pocket,

That L-shaped Bulge.

That small large problem.

Even though there is ways to beat it,

sometimes I want to give up.

But then it has beaten me

and I won’t let that happen.

First poem. Does it work?

© Vicky



I had a balloon when I was little

It made it seem ok

This asthma thing was just a game

Not something here to stay.

They gave a balloon when I was little

To make my breathing strong

And I was proud of my red balloon

Thought my asthma would soon be gone.

I remember standing at the back

And I'm taking my blue spray

And counting up to ten

Knowing my cough'll go away

But now I'm sixteen it's still here,

And I cough a lot more too

Sometimes I feel so lonely

And I don't know what to do.

It's tiring with my lodger

Always sitting in my chest

And those people in PE

Don't know I try my best.

I had a balloon when I was little

It made it seem ok

This asthma thing was just a game

But now it won't go away.


wow Becca, That is amazing. Brought a tear to my eye.

keep it up!





An Angel came down from heaven sent

Just to here me wheeze

and just magic around another inhaler please.

It popped in my pocket i had just to see if it was not a rocket their as id thought it might be.

Out it popped just to say hello i had 2 puffs of blue i feel better now not clogged up like glue.

Inhalers are good like that just u wait and see there is nothing better than that just than having three.

I am hansome i am great now i can aprechiate having asthma is really cule

and we don`t have a rule.

Im not bothered what people say

who wants to be like them anyway!

They can stomp scream and shout as they dont see what its all about.

Asthma in you and i

some folks live and some folks die.

it is so sad it dont have to get that bad

If you dont play the right rules it will totally really affect you

so take your inhalers with care as you always should.

never forget to take them you will soon love that bit of magic puff just feel the eaze

i feel so glad now not to here me wheeze.

from groovy chick

im not sure bout this one please susy or alanj are you out their need your help


Becca1 - Amaxing , lovely, sad and honest.

Please keep it up

Love, hugs and huge cuddles and kisses all the way from the Orkney Isles



Excellent Becca that was lovely xx


Thank you

I really like all the poems that have been posted, they're all really good :)



these poems are all brill. Yes Elephant it does work. The poems are all so deeply touching and even though I am not as severely affected as some they really touch a nerve. How asthma is always there, separate but a part of us we can only do what we want with its permission and by complying with its strict drug regime. Over the years I have come to only tolerate really comfy shoes - to the horror of one of my friends (non asthmatic) who calls them 'man shoes'. The reason is that when my chest is good and lets me rush around as i love to do I refuse to be hampered by heels and thin soled shoes. However, sometimes when i think my chest is going downhill I will put on slightly high shoes to prevent me from rushing around and trying to do too much!

Sorry - this is not a poem - may get brave and try one.

I love all the descriptions and it is just how I feel at times, the being held back and not being able to be how i think i really am because of it.

Sandi x


embarressed poem 2008

embarressed and shy

I am so really shy

wonder with glee

dreaming to myself

oh what i want to be.

Then all of a sudden i cough and cough and cough till the blue things out the people look about

then i often come right out.

getting red cheeks

really quite bright

i wish i was in bed all snugged up warm tonight

i feeing so very bad i want not to be very shy

at people staring down at me.

Or towards the sky

Just cant help it as you know you do

i would like to be happy as and where or who.

Going to take inhaler in front of friends it dont matter where it all ends

as we know we do

we find them as special just like me or you.

i dont have red cheeks oh not anymore as i have come wise to it more than i ever did before.

Im feeling quite proud of myself

not shy anymore

Im not bothered about people gazing at the door

If they don`t know what asthma is i do not care

as i have other friends and they know and share.

I know who to ask now when im feelin low

to come on the internet and to have a go

I am so happy when i have a chat

when my lungs are stroppy and that is just that

And I can sleep at night

knowing im gonna be alright as I have been chatting on this message board every hour of the day

I am feeling calmer and everythings ok

Everyone on this message board is so nice to me as everybody is in the same boat and understands so easily.

We are the same as everyone

We are number one

Although We have asthma we can still have fun

Now You people out their

Yes i mean you

Thoes wierdo geeks who

laugh and joke then turn away.

your not nice people

Just you wait and see

That this could happen to you one day

and where will you be

by the one and only groovy chick.


Steroids tablets


Taking thoes pink tablets always seem to stink

Which is why i take them so what do you think

Had a bad attack you know as you do had to take them to see the whole day through

My peakflow getting higher from one hundred to four if i blow much harder ill be turining blue so have to have inhaler before i beat you

Taking thoes tablets isnt that bad you say

Keep on taking them before i melt away

Eventhough they taste yucky youll be on the mend you be often wise and things that you can depend.

Im feeling great today

Thoes steriod tablets worked.

The pain has gone away im so glad in every way are the best magic tablets i ever had


really sleepy and worn out

I am really sleepy after the night before

i told them to stop being silly.

and i said no more.

the excitement got too much it drove me insaine

Had to take magic stuff it never worked the same

Then all of a sudden i had such reilef the magic began to work.

and it got calm again as i was all worn out

feeling really sleepy now

yawning all the day

I wished i had it done my own way

i am not noisy i am just quiet half asleep

just trying very hard just not to go to sleep

Trying to stay awake

it is very hard

i just feel so very limp

it feels funny it feels strange this same wiered thing has just come on again.

by groovy chick

hope this on sounds ok i had a bad night last night which is why i did this poem


mean demons

I hate thoes mean demons

that came out the night before leaving me all battered and bruized

and feeling really quite sore.

Had to have moments piece of not saying more

wanted it to be like as it was before.

Then the magic faries came with some magic stuff.

Whispered to me go on and have a puff.

Then the demons went off in a puff of smoke.

They will be back again before we have a choke.

Next time when the demons come to play the faries magic will blow all the demons away.

by groovy chick


my poem

(ive not written poetry since school but thought id have a go!!)

I have a disease it makes me wheeze and sometimes sneeze

the doctors they listen and say that's not good it needs to be relieved

I know i say its getting rather hard to breath

I pant and puff with all my mite sometimes it's a fright

the drugs they help relieve my lungs

the nebulisers the tablets and the inhalers

sometimes i wish this disease would give me a reprieve

to go away and never come back

oh how i wish i had such luck

instead everyday it lets me know its there

I shout and swear give me some air

but oh how it dosnt listen

so i silence it into submission

with the nebulisers the tablets and the inhalers

these give me some relief

but oh how i have a belief that someday

there will be a cure

so I wont have to suffer from this disease asthma no more


Hang on to that belief, Clare, and keep expressing it.



My Friend

It shouldn’t be. What has she done to me?

I laugh - She’s there.

I cry - She’s there.

She gets deep inside me.

She is the air I breathe.

She is my saviour.

She is my friend, my life, my nurse.

She rests with me.

She sees me play.

She watches everything I do.

She guards me in my sleep.

She is my friend, my life, my nurse.

What did I do? What has she done to me?

She hides in my pocket.

She hides in my bag.

She lies beside me in my bed.

She is with me when I shower.

She shares my very space.

She is my friend, my life, my nurse.

I gasp for air

She sees my pain

She beckons me to her

She shares her very soul

She is my friend, my life, my nurse.

Damn her? What has she done to me?

My body shakes

Where is she?

I need to breathe

I need to feel her at my lips

To squeeze her

She is my friend, my life, my nurse.

My love

My lungs

She is all to me

She makes me feel good

She is my friend, my life, my nurse.

Damn it! What has she done to me?

I need her now

I need her at my lips

I need to squeeze her gently

Not once, but twice and more

I need to feel her reaching deep inside

She is my friend, my life, my nurse.

My friend is blue. I need her.



sleep weery sleep

I think about it

yet can not do it

sleep weery sleep

my eyes are dropping

my body is so weak

all because of

sleep weery sleep

I look at my cieling

Ive tried counting sheep

but nothing will help

sleep weery sleep

Why do we do this

other nights so quick

we fall into our beds

and fall deep into sleep

Its not even that friend of mine

keeping me awake blues under my pillow

fast fast asleep

but for me

its sleep weery sleep

going to have another go

and fall back to bed

please god 5 mins will do

I need some sleep.




She is always there

I reach out to touch her. She is there.

I’m feeling bad. She’s there.

I reach out……. But, where is she?

I look here. I look there. I look in all the places.

I cannot find her. She has gone. Where is she?

Oh, I need her. I need her in me.

I’m getting frantic now. Where is she?

My breathe is short.

She’s is not by my side. She is missing. Oh, where can she be?


I miss her. I need her…... I..

I look again.

Oh, what’s this? You’re there. I have found you.

Oh, how I have missed you.

Everyone – I have found her. She has found me.

She was there all the time

Just a bit blue.

That’s better.

I know you’re blue, but please don’t hide again

I need you.


i am not an alien

I am not an alien with a tropical diease

I don`t have 3 bobbly eyes and a big wide mouth to sneeze.

We are humans after all havent you forgot

The magic blue contraption helps us alot

it is not infectious what we have got so we are not an alien or perhaps you forgot.

So we want to be included in everything we do with everyone now we know we are just like you.

by groovy chick


thank you

just to say thank u for this thread as writing a poem as really help me and given me something new 2 do.

my nosey teacher found my poem 2day and was taker a back by it lol and is now getting me 2 enter it into the schools eistedfod potery competion, this year theme is isperation, which i would never of entered b4

also is there any news with whats going on with book? it would b realy kwel if it does acutally go ahead.

thanks again



coughing alone in the night

I wrote this poem some time ago, and it's not originally in English - in the original language, words ""cough"" and ""alone"" form a nice pair. I guess the translation will still convey the feeling.

Here I'm coughing

alone in the night

covered by silence

surrounded by darkness..

...ticking of the clock

measures running of the time...

My head is heavy, my eyes even more

my chest is tight and the lungs are sore

The sweetest dreams

are calling me to follow...

but here I'm coughing


in the night



Eistedfodd, eh? That is terrific news. Hey, nosey teachers must be a lot better than they used to be. I'm so pleased for you and so pleased that you are encouraged by this.

The response seems to be growing and growing. Like yourself, there are a number giving poetry their first try (or first since school). I think we have to let that happen more before we actually start compiling the book. It seems that we will have lots to include.

What do you think, Susy?

We now have to give time for translations into english too. Interesting idea I've had, Niccia - If it works well in the original language, maybe we should see both. Like listening to foreign language opera - retains all of the original passion, whether love, hate, anger, sorrow - all are in the sound. Like ""Nessun Dorma"" - ""None shall sleep tonight"" just does not come across with the same soul.



Hospital Food

I wrote this poem while costified and fed up with them not being able to cater for my allergies. The nurses gave it to the catering manager and since then things have improved. ( Slightly?!)

Wouldn't it be nice to have a plate of rice?

This is what i wish oh for a piece of fish

A chicken leg i beg, please i dont mean to nag

Green beans and peas, im down on bended knees

Something on a plate or you'll hear my stomach grate

I've got lots of allergies, hospital food makes me wheeze

Cough and swell up, i think the drs are busy enough

Anaphylaxsis isn't fun and a major pain in the bum

All i want is food that is dairy free, has no nuts, eggs or celery

I dont want to make a fuss, but my stomach's empty and needs filling up

Baked potato and tuna's very nice, but i wish you would follow dietary advice

Providing it for every meal means im lacking on the nutrition deal

Please take heed and hear my cries

All i wish is for a piece of fish, peas and a bowl of rice


Yes totally...AlanJ, I am sure there are far more Poets that have not had a chance to contribute or have not found their muse or inspiration as of yet.

So I would ask those reading this to pass the word to your AUK buddies to put their pen to paper or even keyboard tabs to ""Memory"" and so perhaps this time next year we'll be published and on very high demand, raising money for AUK and making others understand that Asthma is no joke... but asthmatics can be fun !!!



I agree, Susy - others do need to understand that Asthma is not a joke... but asthmatics definitely can be lots of fun and have lots of fun!!! This site is a very good example of that.

I think Susy may have just set us a target. Let's have some more. Bring it on you poets!



The one that gives me life

I had to go away

Leaving my friend behind

Panicked and frantic

Because I could not reach him

Nor feel his gentle touch

I could not hold him in my hands

The doctors and the nurses

A substitute tried to find

But all I needed to feel better

Was the calming burning fire

Of the Neb that shares my nights

So unhappily I resigned

To spend a distant lonely night

From the one that shares my dreams

My needs, hopes and loves

They ignored my mournful pleas

As I begged and kept on saying

I do not need to be in here

I do not like nor want these ones!!

And you are all just making

So much unnecessary fuss !

I have a Neb at home

That keeps me safe and sound

I know his moods and needs

As he knows all of mine

We together work in tandem

Filling lungs with life giving love

All I need to keep me going...

Is his gentle touch and promise

To be for me there always

To be my medicine and doctor

My companion through this life

And I will always be to him

The nurse and surreptitious friend

That keeps him safe and sound

Like a contract and assurance

That distance, time nor others

Could ever force apart

We keep each other healthy

As we both wheeze, hiss and gasp

© Susy


I don't like you.

I don't like you.

24 hours...

24 hours, that's what was said,

As i lay on my (non electric) bed,

I don't like you you know?

Inhalers nebs and a random tab,

'I'm sure she wants another stab'

'Send those bloods off to the lab'

I really don't like you you know?

ABG...She wants 3

Don't forget the hcg,

AND get her onto 16B

I really really don'tlike you you know?

BP at 6, Breakfast at 7, Be dressed by 8

GOD don't be late

In they stroll at half past 10

I hear him sigh not her again.

My lungs sound bad but hey whats new?

My o2 sats are ninety two,

I guess i'm not going home today...

I think im in for A long stay

24 hours...24 hours they said...

I don't like you... I HATE YOU.

There's my little addition :-s .

Emma x


Snow and ice

one day there was snow and ice on the ground that made the cruching fluffy sound.

Then i made a snowman much to my surprise he came alive and danced upon the snow and ice.

All of a sudden i lost my magic blue friend that i needed a puff of it and he found it again

Snowie had a puff of it which he was round the bend because he had od on my magic blue friend.

I wasn`t so happy i was not laughing with glee then all of a sudden their were folks sitting with me.

I got up i was feeling great then all of a sudden snowie began to brake i got runnning after snowie and laughed till i shake a little bit more then i slipped over and looked at my bum and it was red roar from being on the floor.

Dreaming of being young again of the things we used to do not much has changed now if you belive its true.

by groovy chick


the original version

Here's the original version of the poem, AlanJ and others interested :) It isn't exactly the same as the translation I gave in English. (Language note for those interested: yskin = I-cough, yksin= alone, yössä = in-night) Anyone knows what language this is? ;)

Täällä vain yskin

yksin yössä

hiljaisuus ylläni

pimeyden sylissä…

…kellon tikitys

aikaa mittaa…

Pääni on raskas, silmiä painaa

keuhkoja sattuu, rintaa puristaa,

kurkkua kuristaa…

…korvissa kutsun

unosen kuulen…

vaan täälläpä





Is it russian?


Niccia : Sounds more like Polish to me ... Am I right ?


Good guesses, but the language isn't russia or polish. I'll give you couple of tips to help you in making a sivilized guess:

1. the language is mostly written as it is spoken (unlike English ;))

2. It has some 15 cases!

More guesses, anyone? :)


It's not Finnish is it?


Becca1 WON!

Good, Becca1, it IS Finnish :) Congratulations!

What made you guess? The tips, the mere look of the text or what?

-just being curious :)


hehe, yay!

The 15 cases thing made me think Finnish, because it came up in a trivia thing we did in language day at school ages ago.



To whom it may concern

Why do you look at me like that

I dont have two heads

thats not whisterling

to whom it may concern

Why do you think im standing here

its not for the good of my health

this holding onto a fence

to whom it may concern

I would love to get home

no I said its not whisterling

its just my stupid chest

I wish I was sat with blue

my bestest friend in the world

sat on my cossy settee

to whom it may concern

Instead im stud by this fence

bearly able to breathe

why you all staring

its just my friend blue I need

to whom it may concern

someone do the 9s

I have to go in now

back to ward no 9

To whom it may concern

soon I will be back on the mend

so noone will stare for a while

until im back holding a fence




I did not ask for this

so why are you here

I did nothing wrong

so again why are you here

you treat me like scum

but ive done nothing wrong

you follow me all over

i cannot escape from you

you hold me to tight

you make turn blue

you make me scream and shout

what the hell av i done to you

why do you treat me like im muck

ive done nothing to you

yet you still want to hurt me

i just dont understand

please leave me alone

just for a while

let me hangout with my friends

without you by my side

what have i done to you

to make you so angry

please for 24hrs

please just let me breathe



Here are my offerings. I came up with them last night while I was having a horrible time with the asthma that meant I had no sleep last night and very nearly called the little green men. Anyway, thinking about coming up with limmericks on the subject of asthma took my mind off the worst bits of it. I've posted them on my blog and thought some here might enjoy them too. Here goes:

A Prayer

Lord, I ask for a gentle reminder.

A poke in the ribs would be kinder

When my lungs are in doubt

How to breathe in and out,

Than stuffing me whole through a grinder.


I think that I've mastered the art.

I've learnt the rhythm by heart -

Breathe out and breathe in ...

And repeat it again ...

Oh damn! I've forgotten the start!




The magic blue friend came out today i was feeling fine.

Then a few moments later i was shaking from top to toe wishing this feeling would just up and go. And then we wont feel low.

Im feeling very well

The shakes has gone now can you tell because im feeling strong like a giant now there is no more feeling vilant as now the shakes have gone silent and faded away till another day.

We can only tell the way how we feel no one else can say that when we need a puff today then we can shout hooray.

by groovy chick


BeckyG ... Oh my god !

What a wonderful poem, well done you.

Love, hugs and kisses from this far away piece of land



One Day and a Night

She is my breath

She reached for my heart

She found my soul

In an island

Lost and wandering

Unable to breathe

Who is this?

What does she do?

She is my breath.

I gasped deep inside

She touched my lips.

I gasped.

She gave

I breathed her air.

She stopped not there

She reached for my heart.

I savour her air

She is my wind

My heart is on fire

My life returned

I need her now

She found my soul.

She is my breath

She reached for my heart

She found my soul

My blue nurse. One day and a night.




AlanJ - Oh my goodness ...what a sense of prose and style !!

Love your poem and your passion it's trully a pleasure full of delights !



Becky G love your poem - I've often wondered just how do we suddenly forget hoew to breathe (or spell apparently!) and have to think about it when usually we just do it. Bit jumbled I know but just - great poem concise but brilliant.



Forgive me

I know who I am

do you

I dont know were you came from

do you

In my wildest dreams

I never thought we would fight

Please forgive

leave me alone tonight

You sometimes stay so silent

I dont even know that your there

but then I get a reminder

I hear a whistle in the air

Please forgive me I hate your guts

but your still here

no matter what

sometimes you are good to me

but I cant forget the past

you have left me gasping

why I have to ask

I know im not perfect

but hey who is please forgive me

I dont need you as a friend

I wish to let go of you

your not here no more

please please forgive me

and let me close the door

I know your always going to be near

never far away

but please forive me

id rather you stay away

Theres only my friend blue

who really understands

he takes a hold of me

he says let me take your hand

He helps me through a battle sometimes

really bad

we both end up in costa a feel really bad

So please forgive me

If you were a friend you would know

dont shut off my airways I really need them so

Im asking nice and friendly please leave me alone

And please forgive me

your not a friend nomore



Kerry-Anne ...That is a really good one ! Straight from the heart or is it lungs !




I hate being ignored i know not why

having asthma is sucks im sure to cry. Going to be happy all the day through wishing i had lots of friends and even you

Feeling very lonely no one to speak to. just hearing my blue friend hiss the same old thing again helping me through the stressfull patch and hoping not a striking match.

i am so lonley wish i just matched with everyone on message board just like a chord.

the only friend i seem to know is just my magic mate blue has anyone got a clue as to why we are being ignored.

Ignored is not nice or sliding upon the ice i dont like it. having asthma is cool but being ignored is a nasty rule so don`t just ignore us we are here and we are great and we do not retaliate.

by rainbow fairy anybody out their to reply to it to see what you think to it



hey you yeah you

dont look at me that way

just cause im different

so you say anyway

Do I look different

I didnt know I had two heads

or three eyes

walk like a crab up the stairs

Sometimes I find it hard to talk

or maybe hard to breath

even hard to walk

dont ask me to run

3ks or even 3 steps sometimes

Who says were any different

were just the same you and I

if only you could walk in my shoes

if only for just 1 day

I am no different to you

just because sometimes i can not breath

I do not need people feeling sorry for me

But then again I would not wish anyone

in my shoes why would I

who would want to live

there life breathing and sometimes living and breathing

through a straw



Da.da Wee


Da.da Wee

Da.da Weee


Da.Da Weee












































A nice cheery one



Blue Friend

My friend is hurting

My friend is not well

Head throbbing, ribs and lungs hurt

My friend is hurting

My friend is not well

Taking all the meds...

Still not managing to get well

The one that gives me purpose

The one I am here to help

Is hurting and not keeping at all well

So I ask my dear friend

To breathe me in gently

To take me in, to take me in all the way

That I will make “it” go away

My duty and life’s pleasure

Is to make my friend feel well

Sharing all I have to give

To keep my friend from being unwell

So very frustrated when the best I have

Does not make my friend feel well

So I keep on trying

Giving all I can and have to give

To make my friend breathe easy

To make my friend feel well

So I will keep on trying

Until my friends lung, ribs and head

No longer hurt

And so that we can share

Every single second

And every night and day

..... XX ......

(Susy's meds) aka ...

© Susy


I new this girl once

this girl I used to trust

I trusted her with everything

until this girl grew up

sometimes I find it hard

sometimes I wonder why

WERE still the same person

but not the same inside

The girl I used to trust took pride

always wnted the best

she didnt know what was inside

As this girl grew up she new in her heart

I and she was different

The girl I used to rely on

was gone and in the distance

Now the woman I am today

sometimes wonders why

alothough I fell the same

my health I cannot hide

I wish I could trust that girl again

but she has gone to hide

and left me with these feeling

I know I cannot abide

But in my heart I know

me and this girl is just me

but al always have this feeling

she was a different part of me

for now im a bit older

and health is a little bit bad

I will always long for those feeling

when I was a little lass


My goodness Kery-Anne ... What words would do justice to that poem ?! Except ... Oh My God and Wow !

All my love and hugs, from these distant Islands, your friend....



Why me

Why me I scream

why not you says my heart

but why always me

My heart replies my dear look around you

the world is full of hurt

But why do I suffer and cannot breathe

why not you

my heart replies

Why do I live my life in fear

always wondering if a ambulance will apear

why not you

my heart replies

when I sit and think

why me

my heart always has a good answer

why not me

so someone else dont suffer



No words needed to say how heart felt your poem is !




Everyone well almost everyone says why me but inlight why not me there is people who suffer everday and dont understand why i suppose where here for a reason and when we go meet him in the sky then we can ask why me but i bet the answer is still why not you xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


A burnt offering in response to a worthy thread!

Pushing the boat out

I can’t go to bed tonight because DAMM

Something wicked this way comes. Trust my thumbs.

Sliding doors, broken bones. Yes I forgot

Too late. Oblivion is better. Numb.

Loved one cares. Tired. “Don’t worry I’m here”

(She’s late in bed tonight because of fright)

He’s here. Earth won’t darken. Earth is life.

All’s quiet on the western front. All’s bright?

Something black swirls and lurks deep- down Lethe there.

Like under the stairs, feels cold. dark and stark.

This place? (Curled chest and shoulders) Where’s the boat?

Hope that ferryman’s afraid of the dark.

Café terrace on the place du forum

See the stars and hear the people. Tables.

all beckoning all comforting. I’m there.

Parallel universe Full of fables.

Night painting without black he said. River-light.

A yellow lantern casts life like sons and daughters

Starlit sky, people like I want to be

Paving stones lead on, but not to water.

Woken by the ferryman. Dreams, no thanks..

Was told you know how to push the boat out?

Not me. NOT me. You are confused. Misled

Sleep of forgetfulness!. “ I win,” she shouts

A night painting without black is needed

NOW. A single candle lit. Not enough.

Sulfur sun. Stuff of nightmares. (Soon white light)

Crystal air, skies, clear water, slight breeze. Tough

Another try. Illuminated sky.

Wind skinned pink and light as a kite on air

Earth holds everything together with grace

Rain moves in, renews life and finds a home

The ferryman wakes me. “Not you again”

Out of breath. now. Can’t talk, can’t swim, can’t win

Lend me a paddle? .No no no he laughs.

“You REALLY know how to push the boat out”

© 2008 by Mia All rights reserved.


Mia ... Oh my !!! That is truly WONDERFUL !!




Ive got this dilema

not big and not to small

I always wonder do you have this dilema

no matter how small

I often have a dilema

wondering what i should do

wont someone please tell me

do you feel this dilema to

Somtimes I try to forget my dilema

but it holds me deep inside

I know I cannot hide this

my dilema deep inside

I think all my loved ones

and my dilema still its here

still i have to question

why why my dear

I have this big dilema

to you I cannot hide

do I keep struggeling

or should I do the 9s




Someone said...

There is a cure

Someone said...

There is no cure yet

Some folks shout

Scream and curse

Others quietly

Wheeze and gasp

Some of us take all our meds

Others prefer “to play roulette”

We all have good days and some bad ones

And nights when we lay awake

Dreaming of sleepy time

Or dialling for the flashing lights

We come from all over the land

We are big ones and some small ones

Shy ones amongst us

Just read and smile or cry

Some of us are always here

Giving or receiving advice

We share secrets, hopes and dreams

We share all we can

When we message our ""Buddies""

Or “Post” a Query, a Game or a Reply

And like in every family...

There are a few bossy and pushy ones

There are others that try to

Keep us on the right track

And moderate our lines!

One thing we have in common

One word in all our mouths

The word that comes before UK

The word that brought us to this site

We all breathe in the same air

And do the best we can

We are all much more than the thing

That brought us to this helpful site

We are living with the “A” word

When we look into our children’s eyes

When we comfort a friend or relative

Or when we look at the reflecting face

Starring back at us

When we are tired or just fed up

We are here for each other

We are here to make a stand

We are all LIVING with Asthma

But more importantly than that...

WE ARE... AUK... Each and every one of us !

© Susy



Susy, I love your poem. It beautifully reflects the diversity in this community.


Hear, hear.

Susy, I love you for that.

Beautifully said.





Thanks for keeping us sane!

How are the Orkneys? Any less windy?

I found some of my old poems the other day - may get round to tapping them in sometime!!

Love & hugs




To my dearest friend AlanJ thank you for being there when I need a friend and thank you so much for saying that these quickly thought-out written words ...were good enough to post and encouraging me to do so!

Kate Moss... now you definitely will have to post one of your poems... as my curiosity has been Sparked!

Hoping to have lots more contributions from other AUK Poets... there are lots of you out there... maybe all you need is a little nudge.. so a Challenge has been issued... I promise is not hard!!!!


Nice one Susy!

Your poem seems to balance out another thread I have just read rather nicely!

..and I see myself in one or two of your lines....!!



*deep breath*

*being brave*

Please be gentle - my first effort in the poetry stakes for about fifteen-twenty years. Thank you Susy for your gentle persuasion...!

(With thanks and apologies to Cole Porter, I borrowed his first line)

In the still of the night

Someone came to my room, spent a moment

Crept into my lungs, made them tight

Sprinkled some starch, faint scatterings

All around, so that when I woke

As dawn placed its fingers over the edge of the earth

I felt a gasp, that familiar choke

A cough, a rasp

A mist like the dawn's own

Dissolving bronchospasm's starchy grasp.


Cathbear.... well done! You are too modest... will now expect a lot more Poems from you!

Hugs and thanks to all... Please keep poems coming ... They are for a good cause!!!



A Shortened Parody

Sorry, Mr Shakespeare.

To cross-trainer, or not to cross-trainer

That is the question

Whether 'tis nobler in the lungs

To suffer the wheeze and gasp

Of strenuous exercise

Or to vegetate on the couch,

Watch Torchwood

And post on Asthma UK?


Like your style Cathbear ! ... Have not changed my mind ... regarding your new Tittle, which made you... SHY ?... But I can assure you, No need to be

So a Torchwood fan are we !

Hugs from the Os



Susy - I too accept your challenge. This is probably the first poem I've written since high school, but I do a bit of lyric writing and composing so I've almost kept my hand in, so to speak!

Not being asthmatic my poem is suitably off-topic.


""They Said""

They said, “One day we’ll all drive flying cars”,

But it was not to be.

They said, “One day, we’ll take day-trips to Mars”.

To Mars? That’s not for me.

There’s plenty of places on Earth I’ve not seen,

Postcards I haven’t sent.

Of deserts of gold, and valleys of green;

Heck, I’ve not even been to Kent!

Is life now so frantic, so hectic, so rushed

That a holiday must be so stunning

It can only be talked of in tones that are hushed?

“Hurry up, dear, the meter’s running”.

Let’s drop down a gear, and open our eyes

To the gentler pursuits of our elders,

When a day out to Rhyl was the height of élan

To a family of cleaners and welders!

We surely are missing the quieter times

When there wasn’t the pressure or care.

When a telephone’s ring was an exciting noise

And not just an ad for timeshare.

What did we do before e-mail and texts?

We sat down and wrote a proper letter!

And what did we give to our children at Christmas?

An iTunes gift card? No, a sweater!

Before the Internet how did we find out

Of others whom we’d never met?

Before there was Facebook, and MySpace, and Bebo

We’d pen friends and… well, that’s about it!

Without all this progress, this research, this “tech”

Would the world hold a much better space?

You know, on reflection, I don’t think it would.

Well, I guess that’s put me in my place…!

So don’t take my dishwasher, don’t take my laptop

And don’t take my washing machine.

And leave me my headphones and mp3 player,

My Freeview and my TV screen.

For life may be frantic, but it’s clear now to me

We have much better ways to unwind.

So, forget I started complaining at all!

Back-skip. Eject. Rewind.

They said, “Bird flu will bring life to an end”.

We seem to all still be here!

They said, “50/50, or ‘phone a friend”.

No, wait, that was “Millionaire”…


Well... what can I say to that except... Amen and Well done a very Technified poem... so very, very up to date !!

Hugs and Kisses from the Orkney Isles


ps.. thanks for a job well done!


April 8th

I cannot beleive its 5 years

when we were supposed to say hello

but before we got you we lost you

life just felt so cold

April the 8th is comming

and i know that you are safe

safe in gods sweet arms

it still seems like yesterday

But i cannot cry or be sad

your up there for a reason

smiling down at auntie kez

and all the family near

I hope your being a good boy

my angle in the sky

until we meet again spencer

and my tears will finally dry

Please tell me if this has upset anyone and i will delete it but i hope its ok. xxxx


Kerry-anne, that is too beautiful to delete.

My heart is with you.




*no words*

Hugs xx


Dear Kerry Anne...adding to what Cathbear and AlanJ have said... but since words fail me....will just have to say... ""Ditto, Ditto, Ditto !""

Lots of Hugs



Thanks guys did not expect that it means alot xxxxxx


A Kate Poem!!

I have dug this one out of the computer - I have lots on paper but only two have been computerised.................................

Totally Non Asthma related!


Rain at 3:30 p.m. !

On pushing a bus out of Mount Elgon National Park in Kenya, August 1985.

It came early.

It would, wouldn’t it!

Forty minutes to be exact.

Olympics 85, race fifty-nine –

Marathon through the rain forest.

We are off.

Sliding round the creepers.

‘Splat’ – Champion falls in elephant dung,

Others stand well clear.

Back to the bus,

It’s stuck!

In thick, red mud.

Now here’s the fun.

“Push, Push” people yell.

The sixty seater wouldn’t budge.

In the ditch and out the ditch,

The bus slid.

The thick, red, mud,

Stuck to everything.

People were plastered in it!

“Everybody out” the driver cries AGAIN!

We get out.

Down the mountain,

Through the forest,

Passing villages,

Laughing children.

“Will it ever end” we think.

At last we see it,

A tarmac road.

Ten kilometres we pushed that bus!

Back to Eldoret in triumph,

An unknown luxury greets us.


But twenty minutes later,


We stand there shivering.


The thick, red mud remains.

Will it ever be conquered?

CMH 6 – 10 – 1985

(Written after a trip to Kenya, Africa.)


Kerry, that poem is so special!

Brough a tear as it is my birthday!

Cathy & Steve - great Poems!!




Love the poem Kate Moss.... Took me to the place that You so well described as only all good Poems can!

More... More... More !




The Rainbow

Wrote this when I was in school... a very long time ago !!! but none the less here it goes


You say

I am just one voice

I am a particle of sand

I am a drop in the ocean

And just like

One drop of rain cannot

Quench the thirsty man

It cannot irrigate the field

Nor change the river’s path

I cannot change the world

I am just ONE

I say... Yes … Yes I know...

What can one raindrop do on its’ own?

…but if that one drop is joined by

One thousand more

It will wet the parched dry lips

If that one drop becomes a million...

They could make the flower grow

And its then that I remember...

It only takes one raindrop

Just one single drop of rain

To be kissed by the rays of the sun

And within its’ prism

A rainbow will be made

Bringing joy to the multitudes and millions

With the colours in its arc!

All it takes is but one voice to say...

""I am here by your side,

You are not alone,

I will bare witness

I can help; I will stay by your side""

And the once lost in despair

Can be given hope and life

So I say

When I look at you

I do not see “A” raindrop

What I see is the shining prism and its arch

Imagine what a world we would make

If just half of us

Turned together to face the rays of the sun

And in unison shouted

Here we make a stand

I am aware of your plight

I will be a witness

I will lend a helping hand...

Oh what a sight it would be..

What wondrous colours

Would fill and light the sky!

And the one that oppresses us

Would have no place to hide!




Shopping Trip

The Naughty two

The terrible twos

They love to cause a mess

Huff and puff

Until they get their way

They make a scene in public

Every chance they get

The horrible twos

Are at it again!

Passersby stop and shake their heads

I do apologise is all I want to say

Not always as bad as this...

They usually behave

Words again failing me

Want to hide away!

Crowd now gathers around me

I am tired of all this in fighting

The tiresome twos

Are still fighting me

Taking my breath away

With all their silly arguing

Someone takes from me

The card that reads

“Medical Alert”

I close my eyes...

Two men in Green kneel by my side

A cylinder of “O”

Hissing, doing its stuff

Open my eyes.. I smile

My little nebuliser

Lying empty by my side

A little white clip

Pinches a digit in my hand

As the men dressed in green

Lead me to the waiting couch

My tired but now sated

Calmed pair of lungs

Are again breathing easier now

Breathing in and out

In and Out


In and Out




Until the naughty two

Decide to play up again!

© Susy


Twizzle Twaddle!

Having been coaxed with such steady subtleness by the very queen of rhyme herself, and mistress of ceremonies here, I finally lift this masterpiece (well she did give it a good mark!) from my blog and post it here. It's about my blog, my asthma - which was a great companion in my school days, and to some extent my enjoyment of idle chitter chatter and word games on AUK!

Twizzle Twazzle

Tiz Waz

Blobber Log

Twiddle Twaddle

Flim Flam


Sneazy Wheezy

Click Clack

Clugger lug

Sniffy Snotty

Niff Naff

Snuffer plug

Bizzy Lizzy

Sick Sock

Twizzle’s back!

Bibble Babble

Prittle Prattle

Dizzle Dazzle

Tittle Tattle

Dibble Dabble

Doodle Doddle

Twiddle Twazzle

Twizzle Twaddle

Marks from Miss: 4 out of 5


PS. At school I was often sufficiently drugged into a semi-state of droisiness to be unconcerned about my nickname, Twizzle. Fortunately my asthma sometimes kept me at home or at least out of PE if I was lucky so I didn’t have to hear it too much. Clearly, this had a serious impact upon my education – not least of which was my grasp of the English language!

I chose twizzle as my ID for AUK because it reminds my my school days. You can guess what the 50 bit means!


Thank you for Posting... and well done, Twizzle (or is it Mr N H !) .. See it was not painful at all !



All my life

All my life ive wondered

were we all come from

why were all here

and for how long

All my life ive wondered

whats next round the corner

is it good is it bad

i often just wonder

All my life ive wondered

were do we go from here

is there heaven is there hell

All my life ive hoped

someone somewere cares

give me a kiss and cuddle

and make me feel so cared



Well done Kerry-Anne ! up to your usual standards..So .. Well done again K A !

Hugs from the Os




Ode to The Writer(s)

Your sense of prose

Your word command

The way you make each letter dance

Each phrase and sentence

So well defined

Eloquent and thoughtful

You put the words to rhyme

As you tweak and polish

Adjust and glide

Until each single space

Mark, dot or hash

Has filled all the gaps

So the whole page dances

With your sense of rhythm

And your sense of fun

The poet, the writer

A master of their craft

To you I give my ode

A bow and a big loud hurrah

And not forgetting...

A big...Thanks !!!!

© Susy



Thats Brilliant Susy very talented love K-A XX



When the moon is full and it’s pull is strong

When illogical feelings come along

She’s there

When black memories of bad times past

Won’t go away and just last and last

As crises come and crises go

When just living makes you low

She’s there

When breathing’s hard and air is short

And blues and twos and help are sought

When the sun is out or the sky is wet

Her presence is something requiring no bet

When the wind is still or a storm is blowing

When feeling stern or face is glowing

She’s there

Squeeze her tight. Is she really kissing

Or is it her effect that you have been missing

You know well by now that the thing you both share

Is something for life – no other thoughts dare

She’s with you for ever – no matter how long

She looks after you. She makes you feel strong

She is there





I love that poem... I think ... in fact I NOW definitely know , that the ""Ode to the Writer"" I posted previous... Was meant for YOU

Wow... words fail...




Heed the fair warnings

The flashing red hooter

The dripping tap nose

Warn ‘Get on your scooter,

Before airways close!’

The far away seagulls

Sound of the wheeze

Yelp with alarm bells:

‘It's heavy -this breeze!’

Sprite specs in the air

Mites with their fine dung,

Pollen, perfume or hair

All squeeze throat and lung.

So heed the fair warnings

Let triggers fire blanks!

And when nights bleed to mornings

Prize clean air with thanks!



Twizzle... As I suspected... a Poet in the making!

Well done and ""hurrah!""



Baby steps

Baby steps I take

As in defiance I breathe again

I take the world into my lungs

As I inhale on my own

Once again

And with a smile I say

I am back to myself again

B.A.T 1 & 2 tried to beat me

They could not...

But they did try

So very hard once more

So gentle deep breaths I take

As PF hits the magic target set

Baby steps I take

Breathing easier each and every day

Still taking lots of meds

But is a price

I happily will pay

As my baby steps

Lead me back to

My home, my family and my friends

BAT 1 & 2 overwhelmed

Conquered once again

And I am so very happy just to say

Breathing on my own again

© Susy


WOW susy what can I say you always inpress with your poems




Thank you Kerry Anne, do you have another poem to add to this thread...

Waiting for more contributions.... from YOU ALL .... and ...yes.... if you are reading this... that means YOU too !!!!

Please....pretty please with bells and bows on !



Hi Susy,

Loved your poem. Hope you are feeling better

'Giant steps are what we take

When clothed in baby small steps'



to my mum

I tend to write poetry to deal with problems i have so sadly i cant post many here as they are probably to descriptive to be appropriate but this is one i felt i could share.

I wrote this poem dedicated to my birth mum the week i was reunited with her after being adopted 29 yrs before.She has a laminated copy of it by her bed.

I know its pretty basic but here goes.

There was always something I had to do,

Search the world far and wide for you.

I looked in the mirror,who did I see?

Your shadow there, a missing part of me.

The absent piece of jigsaw, so far lost,

Must be found whatever the cost.

A certain loneliness always there,

With you my ups and downs i wanted to share.

At last I have found you my life now compete.

An extended family I've yet still to meet.

When I look in the mirror i know who i see:

The shadow is gone, i see you and see me.

The questions i have about me and my past,

Like who do i look like are answered at last.

My biggest dream has at last come true,

That we be reunited,

Yes Mum



hopalongkp... beautiful poem... as it obviously stems from the heart, Lovely, honest and true...well done.

Welcomed and Thank you for the addition to A Poem Post!

Hugs from the Orkney Isles and again... Well done you!




Thank you my friend

For staying on line

When the bad wheezing

Came back

And staying with me

Until my breath came back

You heard my struggle

And would not leave my side

Until the liquid in the chamber

Had done all its stuff

Thank you my friend

For holding my hand

For making me smile

When I’m feeling so bad

For checking on me

During the days and nights

Thank you for caring for me

So very much and promising to be

Here with me

Until infinity plus one

Thank you for saving my life

In more ways than one

Thank you for being

The now and always


That looks out for me

Thank you for being...

My Dearest Friend

Thank you, Thank you

And again...Thank you

For Always being here

For me

© Susy



When the Reaper calls for me

Should the reaper call on by?

Who will the one that mourns for me?

Who will run through the lanes...

Streets and gardens of my town... ?

And knock on the doors

While allowing tears to fall

And sob... “She is... gone!”

Who will be the friend at my bed?

When the black robed man

Comes to my door

To carry me away

To the land of no return

Who will be the trusted friend that

Raises his glass to toast my name

And knowingly smiles

And celebrates my life, my secrets

My memories and my loves

I wonder who sobbingly will read.

The poems I have hid

And shaking his head smile...

At the secrets I have kept

My regrets, mistakes and joys

All my silliness and hopes

Which of all the ones I’ve loved

Will buy the flowers

That will brighten up

My earthy bed, the place where I will lay

Who will kiss a single daisy...?

Before laying it at my side

Who will be the new owner of...

My dreams, my house, my love

What a wonder it would be

To know who will sob and mourn for me

Who will settle my affairs?

Pay my bills and turn the key

On the day I leave this world

To sleep eternal peace

If only I could know

Who will feel himself die...

A little bit with me?

As the last dairy page

Gets read and turned

And then gets stored or thrown away

As I go to my final place of rest

Who will carry out my wishes?

And is there at my side

When I take my final gasp

And quietly but not meekly

Go into the night

On the day I say goodbye




Hi Susy,

Your latest poem is clearly very heartfelt and is very moving. A few people have messaged me saying that they find it very upsetting to read, so I have added a 'sensitive content' warning to the thread title, and added this post so that your poem is no longer at the top when the thread is clicked on, so that people can choose whether or not to read further.

If one of the functions of poetry is to stir up emotion, I think you have succeeded there, but I do think we all have to be a bit careful that we are not upsetting people too much.

I haven't removed the poem, but if anyone has concerns about it, please do message one of the mods so that we can review the issue. Susy, I hope you understand why I have to say this.

Em H

(Mod's hat on)


Hi EmilyH... I have removed the poem... sorry to any and all that were Upset by it.



Thank you Susy for removing it. Yet again we have one of those situations where there is a very fine line between allowing people a forum to express their feelings and emotions, and making sure that we don't upset people unduely.

I don't think there can be any hard and fast rules in this situation, I would just ask that people consider very carefully what they are posting and the impact it may have on other people.

Em H


Hi.. no problem... I actually thought the tittle would have been more than enough... well not to worry!

Lesson learned



Susy. I also think the title would have been enough and am sorry that you have removed it.

I think you are right about a lesson learned.




Guys, please don't be's a great poem (yes, I read it) but for one reason and another it has come at the wrong time for some people, and we have to act on that. Please understand our position too, and Susy, please don't stop posting your poetry as I know it provides a lot of pleasure for many users on here.



The Rainbow

You say

I am just one voice

I am a particle of sand

I am a drop in the ocean

And just like...

One drop of rain cannot

Quench the thirsty man...

It cannot irrigate the field...

Nor change the river’s path

So with your bowed head you say

I cannot change the world...

I am just ONE

I say... Yes …

What can one raindrop do on its’ own?

But I ask you to remember

That if one drop is joined by

One thousand more

It will wet the parched dry lips

If that one drop merges

With a Billion drops more

They could make the flower grow

And its then that I remember...

It only takes one raindrop

Just one single drop of rain

To be kissed by the rays of the sun

And within its’ prism

A rainbow will be made

Bringing joy to the multitudes

With the colours in its arc!

All it takes is but one voice to say...

I am here by your side,

You are not alone,

I will bare witness

I can help...

I will stay by your side

And the once lost in despair

Can be given hope and life

So I say

When I look at you

I do not see just “A” drop of rain

What I see is the shining prism and its arch

Imagine what a world we would make

If just half of us

Turned together to face the sun

And in unison shouted

Here we make a stand !...

I am aware of your plight...

I will be a witness...

I will lend a helping hand

Oh what a sight it would be and

What wondrous colours...

Would Fill and Light the Sky!

If we stood together

Side by side...

So that the one that oppresses us

Would have no place to hide!

© Susy

I originally wrote this poem in Spanish at the age of twelve when my family was in hiding from the DINA (Military secret police) ... but on reading it when translated... I thought it could apply to Asthma... so... I hope you like it and that it does not offend anyone !


Susy- That poem is so beautiful and very powerful.



AUK Friends

To say the word friends

Is to say fun and games

Is to say laughter, tears and mates

Like birds

Playing in the clouds

Like you and I my friends

To say the word friends

It feels like what it's to say

Music, lyrics, dance and rhyme

The ones who share with you

All the joys and hurts

We give and receive during our lives

To say... My Best Friend

Means painting rainbows

In your and my eyes

Wrinkling your nose when you smile

And feeling my soul dance

When you say... Hi!

When I say... My best friend

All I need to say is...

YOUR name out loud


My dearest darling Friend

© Susy

You know who YOU are !


Hi Susy,

Are you getting rain and sun today, hence the rainbows!? Where do all your poems come from? I wish I could write as many, and capture those thoughts.

I think I will give the wisdom words a rest for a while, to let some others have a go as I seem to be on it too much - because I find it easier than writing poems!

Hope you are OK

Best Wishes,



I wrote this after watching a program about the children in Iraq and Afghanistan being injured and killed.

Bad Dream

You hear a bang in the distance,

You run for shelter.

Its another race against time

Too late, it's started.

You huddle down a hole,

and cover over your ears,

That sudden clatter of gunfire

That ever present fear.

It's getting closer now,

You can see them coming.

That loud whirring noise,

As they come crashing down.

All around you people scream,

You don't know what to do.

It's stopping now.

You want to wake up,

And hope it's a bad dream.

© Vicky



Elephant2001 - Firstly ... sorry it has taken me so long to say (but I have been away from AUK for a few days)....Thank you for your beautiful Poem, if we all were able to express our emotions so clearly this world would be a better, brighter and more beautiful place !

Love and Hugs from the Orkney isles



The Letter

The letter came today

I held my breath, frighten to open but

Needing to know the results of the tests

Wishing you were here with me

I took a deep breath, another breath

Expecting to get the worse news again

I folded and tore at the line of dots

Closed my eyes, holding my breath

To the heavens, eyes raised

Wishing you were here with me

To share the news I got today

Imagined reading the words again

Sorry to say... Positive test ...

Opened the ""PINK"" letter, eyes shut tight

Wishing you were here with me, at my side

Took a breath and read...

“Please to inform you.... Negative test...”

Read twice again and took a breath in

Wishing you were at my side, here with me

Stood up and had a cup of tea instead

Wishing you were here with me

To share the news I got today

When the time came to say

Got the results in the mail today

You held your breath, then I saw the smile

Tears flowing down our eyes

Then you said as the happy salt water drops

Ran down your face... and mine

I've been so worried about you my love...

I love you we said

And the letter was filed and stored away

Happy that... I got ...

A pink letter in the post today!

© Susy


High on a Kite

(A Speed Poem by AlanJ)

Triumphant she called and set a torrent raging through the fire

As the toast grew and fondled the very essence of the jam

He stroked it under a mellow pattern

Clouds burst in little bubbles of rain

Circulating like a pump

In a train of marshes and goo

Oh magic power

Oh hateful Trojans of opacity

How deal you with the peace of a surreal but restless religion

In times of communication and umbrellas

I radio the rain

It pours over life

Sprinkling the dust in a smother of chocolate and ice

Undoing the years of neglect and a soul without vision

He lurches and stumbles.. arms entangled

In a recipe of life and function

Trusting his heart to a meal of passion and delight

He swallows the torte


AlanJ ... A Very cryptic... Speed Poems are such fun. I have also been known to write down what ever comes into mind...

I wonder if any one else in AUK does Speed Poems as well... may be fun to read if so...

Please keep it up.... Be it the thought out or speedy kind... Please more Poems PLEASE...



Hot Chocolate - speed poem

AlanJ gave me the tittle - and this is what blurted out... so here it goes

Hot Chocolate

Diving into the dark, she swam

Forgetting to breath she dived

As waves of silky velvet


And poured over her....

She searched the forests of weeds,

Of underwater life

She found the realms of mare folks

And she stayed to learn from them

The secrets of the velvet silkiness they lived in

Pools and waves of molten hot lava

Was the food she ate

As the creaminess and wealth of the essence

Gave her nourishment and pleasure


As the point of speed poetry is not to amend once written or said... will have to settle and be ""happy"" with this... but how I wish I could change or add



I Slept

I slept

I slept sound

I slept three...

Nearly four last night!

It was not the Preds

It was not the Nebs

Nor any of my other meds

But I slept last night

Slept safe, slept sound

I slept gentle and calmed

I slept nearly four... last night

Keeping the “A” word from hurting me

And the ""remembering"" well behind me

I breathed easy

I slept knowing you were there for me

Knowing you too were safe and by my side

I slept almost four hours last night

Wrapped in your smile

I slept safe and sound last night

I dreamt of life without wheezing

For hours I dreamt of life before

""The accident” and the car that...

Nearly took my son from those he loves!

I dreamt ... of us

I dreamt of Infinity and I dreamt of love

I dreamt of working lungs for all of us!

I dreamt of family and friends

I slept more than a hundred and eighty minutes

I slept safe and sound last night

© Susy


Calling all Poets !

""Would like to remind all AUK members and already Poets in this site ... to continue with their contributions so that we may soon have enough Poems for The First ""AUK Poems Book"" and so raise money and awareness about AUK and Asthma as a whole !""

So please do not be shy.... A short, long, happy, sad, angry, fed up, matter of fact and even Crazy Poems and Rhymes! ..... will be much appreciated !

So come on ... go on and .... put a few words down !! Pretty please with bows attached ! -


Hope you are all keeping well or at least me .... on the mend !!



OK Susy, another shortburnt offering in the hope that asthma research will focus upon ‘pragmatic, real world and effectiveness’ drug trials rather than ’efficacy’ trials…

…""Ladies and gentlemen (and children of all ages,) the most amazing, the most spectacular, the most dangerous…”


Freefalling with a parachute whilst a

safety net loops a wide angled clause and

courts a trapeze artist though rarely calls

on the myriad times and falls. Safe choice?

Switchback rides surprises laugh back finale.

Dizzy. Lets start again, lets start again.

Golden cage rolls and rocks with steely bars

Though all hearts clamped with lockable keys

Iron, stone, wood. No difference to what

one lion step, or baby step makes when

confined to all singing ringmaster rules.

Clown face mask suppresses tears and fears, so

Giant steps are what we take when clothed in

Baby clown St Paul steps. Almost there? Nope.

A circle of arms negates all fears. Hope?

For some not all. Freefall parachuting

beckons. The softest breeze of tumbledown

foggy edges calls Circe island wise

Distance traveled is no guarantee gainst

Love, statistics and probability

Free fall without a safety net is fear

With a parachute is within grasp. Hears

music rides a magic colour carousel,

The smells and fears are cloaked in sweat and tears

Whistling down the wind is all around, can

hear the sound within her chest like tadpoles

struggling for air. Sometimes soft, gentling song.

Mostly lion proud in desperation.

“Mr Sandman, bring us a dream”… a long

fuelled parlour ice cream, a stolen life scene

Roll up, roll up, roll up, all risk takers!

Kindness? No kindness. No kindness ever.

© 2008 by Mia All rights reserved.


Thank you for your poem.This is my first time i have used the forum and it was great to find people that understand how hard asthma can be to live with.I have been very unwell for 4 month.So thanks. Denise


Moderator Message

I understand there have been enquiries regarding publishing some of the poems on this thread.

This is a plan that was mooted some months ago from some of the thread originators and contributors. I think the general feeling was that if such a book were to be published, it shall be done with the full permission of all the contributers to the thread and with all proceeds going towards Asthma UK.

There has been a recent resurgence of interest in this project from a newer member and I wonder if we can use this impetus to start taking the project forwards.

Having had a chat with someone ""in the know"" today, it is worth bearing in mind that Asthma UK themselves hold the copyright to these works as they have now been ""published"" effectively in this forum. I think therefore the next step forwards may be to contact AUK themselves if we wish to progress this.

Can we please have a public ""show of hands"" regarding this, and suggestions for the best way of moving forwards with this.

Many Thanks,



Mia.... All am going to say about your amazing poems is .....Well done ... and I am ... Rolling Up and hope that many more Roll Up ... Roll Up too !



Denise... welcome to AUK.... and thank you so much for your comment .... just sorry that you are having such a rotten time of it !

As you may have seen... most of us have a Love / Hate relationship with our Asthma and Meds !!!.... The most important thing is to...

Look after yourself and Keep well

hope to hear more from you soon !




Thank you Cathbear and the ""one in the know"" for clarifying .... and ....

To all those that have written or chatted to me about this thread over the past few days ... I will second Cathbear's point and say ....

If we are going to make this work..... a SHOW of hands and more Poems Please !!!

If any current AUK or would be Poets in this site ... that would like or needs more information on where we are at ... please message me or AlanJ

Keep well, keep writing Poetry, and lets get the AUK Poem Book into print.... It is up to YOU all now !

Susy & AlanJ


I am me

If my life were different

If others didnt treat me different

would I be happy

would I be free

If my life were different

would I be the person I am today

would others not look down at me

if I were the same as them

In my life try so hard to be the same as you

I cannot be i am me and theres nothing i can do

So I stand strong and proud

and say I am me

I wouldnt change the way I am

and dont look down at me

I am the same as everyone

although sometimes its hard to breathe

I am what I am today

and am happy as can be


Thank you Kerry Anne, beautiful as always ! - I have not qualms in saying ... YOU are a poet... NO doubt .... so do not doubt your talent !!!

More, more, more !




Fag dash Lill from Livingstone Hill

Would sit forlorn at the check-out till

Bish bash bosh she’d moan until

She’d clocked off posh for boyfriend Bill

Space consuming boyfriend Bill

Hunky dory with time to kill

With muscles to die for was always ill

Yet he kept his Lill, now there was a skill

Night life dazzled with drinks to spill

But day time frazzled with forms to fill

Job applications -such a chill

But their dream remained to escape the Hill

Living in sin was such a thrill

Until along came tiny pity pot Phil

With breaths and wheezes and sounds so shrill

Life just got harder without the pill!

Young at heart with dreams to fulfill

House husband Bill saw his basin fill

He’d preach hygiene to his fag ash Lill

With a ‘No Smoking’ sign on the mantle sill!

Heart break, arguments and tears until

Mid-night and beyond and beyond until

Intelligent chat was brought to nil

By the cries and love for the child so ill





In the tug-of-love tunnel he went through the mill

Through the allergy funnel his breathing took skill

But inhaler or homework flinched not the young Phil

And to one lucky lady he was Prince of the Hill!





Cashed strapped Lill from Johnson Hill

Sits like a queen at the check-out till

Bish bash bosh she pleases until

She’s clocked off proud for grown-up Phil

And good for Bill, he escaped the Hill

Hitched with gran Gill, but visits still

To see son Phil and marvel with Lill

How bounding like Bombadil,

He's kicked asthma right over the hill!

© Twizzle

All rights reserved



Why when your a child

did I get the blame

it wasnt me it was him

you feel ashamed

you cannot tell

I will get the blame

you say stop

but your whispers go unheard

noone there to guide you

Noone listens when you try and tell

people walk by me

noone knows my shame

I built up the courage

my screams were heard

someone listend to my pain

He has gone now

but never forgotton

he was the one to blame

my life is better

my dreams I can face

no more knightmares

im happy again

I dont know if this may be to sensitive feel free to delete if not appropriate


Twizzle ..........No.... ! Do not edit ... leave as is ..... PLEASE !!!!!

Bravo, hurrah and well done ha ha !



Kerry Anne ......... as in private message .... but this time for all to see ....

""When it comes from an honest heart .... and kind soul, Poetry cannot help but move""

A tittle for that poem would be nice !


Additional : Thank you for the tittle KA


Lifes strange battle

Who new at the start

lives strange battles

a day good a day bad

o2 at the ready

where did it come from

where did it start

lives strange battles

A day in my I never new

that you would come

take over my life as you have done

lives strange battles

with my friend blue

it takes hold of my lungs

hugs them so tight

I scream to let go

sometimes it does

but with life strange battles

sometimes it doesnt

I will keep up this battle

today and tommorow

ad never give up

these life strange battles


Again Kerry Anne ... thank you for more than the words. Thank you for the depth of sentiment, that your poetry evokes !



Hello Denise,

Hope you are getting better…

“whose sadness seems in sympathy with mine”




There has been some really great stuff added to this thread recently. As always, I also encourage you all to keep it coming.

I have been counting up just how much stuff we have put on here (and on its sister thread, Poetry Shared) since Susy started the tmain hread in December and am staggered. I really had not realised that there was so much already. I do agree that we are probably ready now to start putting it all together.

I have already indicated a long time ago, privately and publicly that I am ready to put my hands to the wheel. Susy and I have talked about this for a long time and it does now seem we have to put our money where our mouths are. My hand is now up! (No comments from you, Susy!)

I do disagree about copyright and who owns the material, but that should not be an issue if contributors agree anyway and I, for one, would not like to do this without the specific agreement of every individual contributor. This is, after all, our own publication.




feel free to use any of my poems xxx



It was a long time ago

when we first met I trusted you

I thought you were a friend

you needed me i needed you

you were a friend

a friend i could trust

then you treated me bad

I never thought you would

when I needed you you turned your back

why did you do that

I will never know

I needed a friend

You were gone

my life turned grey

my friend blue

wasnt there

I tried to live without you

but I just could not breathe

I needed you

you was my only friend

all I can say

is my friend blue

dont turn your

back on me


always and forever



Copyright Thoughts

If you think you have the right

To take a poem what I wrote

And publish by moonlight

Somewhere foreign or remote

Think again and let’s be clear

Who owns my mind and heart?

Is it really you my dear?

Or is copying your art?

To copy poems from this thread for some unendorsed venture is like taking sweets from a sweet shop. It’s almost forgivable but not quite. Even if the shop keeper’s landlord says it’s OK, you won’t get far without the blessing of the shop keeper! But a shop keeper may wish to keep a landlord sweet! Bon Bon!

Personally I do feel that AUK may assume a copyright to these poems, but only with proper agreement with each contributor.

It remains for me to say that if my scant few were to add to the possibility of funds for AUK I would be delighted!

© Twizzle

All rights reserved!


I have not composed this, it was composed by my daughter,before she passed away from a collection she wrote during one,of her many occasions in the hospital.

Our Link

There is this place in cyber space

That I came across one day

We all have a common link

A place were we all are the same

But different in some ways,

Each day we struggle to come to terms with our link

Some struggle and life is never the same

Breathing easy is our aim

We get advice and rant a lot

About how this IS IN ours life’s.

People asking about the meds they take, how, where and when,

About Peak flows are they right or wrong. ABOUT BAD TIMES, THEY HAVE HAD.

A place to feel not so alone when things are going wrong

A place to talk laugh and cry

A Place where we all try to get along.

A place Friendships forever formed,

Advice is given and facts obtained,

All people from different walks of life have a common link

This link is, in our lungs, breathing for life is its aim

Asthma is its name

Our lungs just do not work, some mild, unstable and BRITTLE!

Some find it harder, than others, struggling each day,

For razor, sharp air is rushing in, but getting it out is harder.

By day and night it stays the same, and nothing makes it better.

You learn to live with it, and the board makes it easier.

To cope when things go wrong, and you are not alone

Helping each other day by day and not judging when we are not all the same.

When asthma is going right, it has this habit of taken control of life again

Even when you fight it sometimes, it SEEMS JUST FAR TOO strong,

Your control taken away, and your life has to stop

Decisions that you cannot make, are then made for you by another man,

Then mechanical help is required, sometimes,

Therefore, you just fight to keep your breath alive.

They come, prod, and say things but you cannot communicate, not able to have a voice or choice of any kind.

Watching everything go by,

Just like time had stood still.

Time stands still while others are trying to help,

Seeing and hearing things that some how do not seem right, but we all try to fight this link we have its name we all know and hate.

Then when all the fight has gone and we have finally won,

We come to our cyber home

Where we have made some friends

Friends whom have similar thoughts and feelings and some have seen your pain.

Some have been where I have been, understanding my pain.

In addition, it helps to share the pain sometimes. This link we have inside of us.

Feels like it will never end

People called moderators who we do not know too well,

They are here to pick up the pieces that someone leaves behind. They support, encourage, and give advice for us all to learn.

Moreover, to halt the forum form becoming a war zone, sometimes.

They are people whom dedicate time and effort, to help keep us safe

Yet thanks they do not ask for but we sometimes forget to say

That they do all this for us, with their own time and kindness

They are the unsung heroes of or our cyber home.

Without them, we would not feel at home.

Without them our link would not be our own.

Without them nothing would be the same

they make us laugh they make us listen

they are our helpers and help to keep us safe,

help educating newcomers

and keep us a little sane

without them there would be trouble.

Thank you

© H.C. Benn


Thank you so very much .... Coffeenut for sharing your daughters lovely poem with us.......

All my deepest and most sincere thanks



“A” came into my life

“A” came into my life, suddenly, unexpectedly...

“A” broke through all the barriers all the obstacles

“A” surpassed them like melting ice cubes in the sun

“A” became the greater part of me

When “A” entered my life, it overwhelmed and frightened me

With the hold and power that “A” surrounded me with

“A” and the letters that make the name are forever now it seems...

Inside my ribs, under my skin, in the very air that I breathe

""A"" lives inside me, is with me ....grows within....

Flowing through my veins like cascading waterfalls

And I know that “A” will never leave nor lose the grip

Nor the hold “A” has over me, my body and my soul

I have tried... from time to time

To fight the power that “A” has over me

But “A” always wins, “A” lives inside of me

“A” is part of me, and it seems now that...always will be

And now, when I awake, sleep, write or speak...

“A” is always the first thought, the most vivid dream

Every word that I put down or say...

“A” is always there, in the pools of my eyes

Behind every smile and every tear that I shed

""A"" came into my life unexpectedly and

“A” Is... And always and forever will be

Part of me

© Susy



The sun pours down, soaking the sky with droplets of dry rain

While under it, the pond is a sea of calm with waves the height of Vesuvius

Like motionless fidgets, they sail down valleys of mirrors, seeing through all the reflections.

Swimming in solid rock, they fly high into the depths, stepping up as they go down

Falling towards the peak of the valley of the mountains.

In a storm of innocent guilt, their kisses fight and they catch each other with open arms.

They hold each other apart for warmth as the bare leaves shed their trees in a frenzy of peace

They lay their heads on stone-filled pillows and gaze into the ground – the air as clean and clear as dust.

Gliding like stones alone in a crowd of filled holes, they stand still, their tears floating in a sky of fluffy stars.

Deliriously sad in the soothing pain of a turmoil of rest, they scream their silent vows

While insane and crazy in love, the desert snows fall on them like a blanket of hot, sultry ice

Grasping the air as they empty their lungs, they run motionless until they reach the very edge of the middle of the ice-cold flames.

Imprisoned by their own liberty, they search for the very souls they have found

With the soothing pain of violent tenderness, defeated by the triumph of their own love in a barren, fertile land

They scramble in turn, faster than the speed of rocks, to reach the closed pages of the mis-spelt dictionary.

As slow as light, they find the missing brilliant black words in the shadows of white

With tears of happiness, they glue back apart the missing pages. They paint back the front cover in water so clear.

No more tripping up real life. No longer those sad laughs. They shake themselves still. The chaos is now calm.

© A


Well ... AlanJ ... or should I say ... © A ? (hehehe!)

Well done ... as contradictory Poems go ... that one is the tops just hope it was not induced by secondary preds from a very good and close friend !!




Losing the Fight ---------- Warning... may upset !

Hi all... I wrote this poem a couple of days ago when it all was getting a bit too much to cope with after been given even more meds to take and dosages of previous ones increased (to max everything!!!)... Well anyhow... please do not read on if you are feeling low do not want to get ""Moderated"" again!!!(wink wink ...hehehe !)

Losing the fight

I have to say, I must confess

That this Asthma thing

Has beaten me

I sit and watch the world go by

As salt water drops escape my eyes

I take a hurtful breath that pain my ribs

In silent screams I feel me die

No one sees the pain I hide

And this Asthma thing

I think has got the better of me

And won the fight

I am alone and feeling down

This asthma thing has got me beat

Someone calls or writes “Hello”

And I fake a smile and say am fine

I make pretend with a smile as I hide my eyes

That I am strong and tough enough

To fight and even beat this asthma thing of mine

But all along deep down I know

This Asthma thing has got me beat

I wipe the tears from by face

And say ... “Hello again my friend”

As my lungs, my strength and dreams

Fold and fade away, I again pretend that am OK

And that this Asthma thing is not beating me

And that I still have more to give

I long for sleep, peaceful rest

The type that dawn cannot break

I want to rest and not wake up

This asthma thing has won the fight

I must concede and raise the flag that's white

And maybe then this asthma thing

Will let me sleep until infinity is done

This asthma thing has won the fight

This battle it has won

And I watch the world pass on by

Nothing left in me but the dreams I once had

The Asthma thing has won this fight

And all I want to do and to say is

Goodbye my friend... I am done...

I have no strength left in me

I cannot win this fight

Is time to say goodbye

© Susy

ps... feeling a bit better now, genuine smile coming back


The Shopping Trolley Man

The faceless din of chasing cars

Flash past the shopping trolley trim

With worn plastic bags so organised

For the variety of life so dull and dim

The bus shelter’s home in pouring rain

But the buses know his wait is a game

Of staying alive and easing pain

He’s the gnome of the road without a name

He doesn’t do begging or badly sung songs

He doesn’t sit bereft as though at death’s door

He just stands with his trolley and gazes at cars

And stands with his trolley gazing some more

Intrigued I wonder how many have seen him?

And ponder how life could fire such a blank?

And how does he seem to always be there?

Like a tree fixed and firm by the river bank....

One day I must stop and pull alongside him

And ask of his life if there’s a part I can play

In some small way without knocking his pride

Because if I had his trolley I’d not last a day

His poverty hides a talent supreme

The knack of survival; the knowing he can

Outwit Mother Nature with a will so keen

He’s a cool quiet marvel -this shopping trolley man.

© Twizzle


Wow Twizzle ... (Mr N.H! at his best!!!!!!) well done ... well worth the wait P! ... now you know what am going to ask you again ... don't you? ... So...

Keep them coming !!!

""The Shopping Trolley Man"" is truly a wonderful example and praise to rhyme !!!



A Little poem for my little man

My little man,

My pride and joy,

My everything,my little boy.

My little man what would i do,if you lost me and i lost you.

This terrible illness called can it be so cruel.

Why do you try and take my little man away,worry,anxiety every day.

Can you be kind just for once and give him health in abundance.

My little man i love you more everyday.

Hes so loving and so kind im so blessed that he is mine.

Thankyou little man for always fighting and growing stronger,hopefully this terrible illness wont have a hold on us much longer,

me and my little manx

Inspired by susy and twizzle a little.


Dear Lisa .... Beautifully said.... Your poem as all that stem from the heart... touch and bring new emotions to the front, to all our souls and minds !

Well done ... keep it up .... as I said... There is a POET in all of us !



Learning to read

As I learned to read

Running from the kindergarten to the library in my house

And as the pages turned

I climbed the rocky slopes and raised my eyes in wonder

Spread my wings out wide, sore in the crests of the currents

Swimming with seals and dolphins I discovered

That WORDS are, indeed a world filled with wonder

Like shimmering sands and oceans wide

Sunsets, crescent moons and forests green

Words have always carried me to faraway lands

Running like clouds in my head they soothed and fed

My dreams and mind

I have travelled the earth and the skies

In rivers of molten lava I’ve swam

Have walked and died in frozen lands

And sank my feet and toes in dunes of sand

Have seen every race and met all mankind

I first discovered “A” could not rest until I got to “Z”

The blurry lines took shape, with my eyes I ate the page

I swallowed the words I read. My thirst finally quenched

By the words that made the lines turning into paragraphs

Filling the page and book and opening my world and mind

It is so... I learned to read... I learned to write

Each new word found, sending me to

New realms and distant lands

Started revolutions, died a thousand times

Born and lived a million lives and times

Discovered poetry and rhyme

Never having once to leave the sanctuary

Of my family, my home nor my land

I fell in love; I killed, I lived, I died

I raise the flag up high and defeated I bled my veins dry

I was there with Johann Gutenberg when

The words were down in print for the very first time

Became the predator chasing the frighten beast

Lay dying as Scott wrote down his last words goodbye

I was the scientist, the poet, the soldier and the prophet

I was the girl first in hiding and then in a prison camp

I have watched millions die and

I was there at the birth on mankind

And when our galaxy was defined

It was thus I learned the history, the geography

My first passions and desires, my believes and dislikes

I learn to live and grow with each new page I turned

With each new word brought to life

It was then and only then that I discovered

Just how terribly cruel we are and

The glory and the possible amazing beauty

In You and I

© Susy


Voices in my head

Were in my heart did I notice you

you were there but I did not care

I never listened at first

I heard your cries

I felt ashamed

this should not be happening

You talked to me

I could not see you

but felt your presence

You scared me

I needed to tell someone

but who would belive

about these voices i could not see

I kept it quiet for a while

woundering who I could trust

who to turn to

these voices that I hear

I told a friend I needed help

she helped me all the way

I know your there

these voices that I hear

I am getting help

I pop there pills

to make the voices disapear.

If people are offended by this poem please feel free to delete xx


kerry anne

wow hope u feel better now u got thet off ur chest.


Dear Kerry Anne as I've said before ... Thank you, your honesty and truth is POETRY indeed !

and as before... you know where I am



Poem or prayer

Stressed out yet again,why? all the mental pain.

Why wont you take the pressures of me,ive had enough cant you see?

This mental block inside my head,sometimes i think id be better off dead.

I just wish my mind would give me a break,ease my pressusres for heavens sake.

Stress and pain everywhere ,no one knows no one cares.

Is it just me,am i pittying myself.

nothing that couldnt be cured by fortune and health.

Sorry if this seems so drab and dreary,im just feeling so very weary.

I feel like your love is no longer near me.


Lisa Thank you for your Poem... (and Prayer) it is always moving to hear a plea that comes from the soul and heart.

and in a more personal level I have to say... that even when the dark clouds come... they are always... sooner or later broken and dispersed by light!



More than ....

More than... Asthma

This is not all I am, this not all of me

I am more than just the word

So much more than this “Asthma” thing

I hate the pigeon hole;

You keep trying to put me in

I am aware that I wheeze

That I cannot go very far

From my hissing machine

But I have to let you know

That I am so much more than this...

so much more than this Brittle Asthma THING

I am woman, I am wife, and I am a mother

I am your Friend... I am the lover

I am a Painter and a Writer, even dance in my mind

When my body is feeling weak

I am still more than this Brittle Asthma thing

I am ME... I am ...Me, Myself and I...

I am more than this Asthma thing

I am still all of ALL of me !

Yes am an Asthmatic

A brittle one at that

But am still all I ever was

I am still ALL of me... even...

when wheezing or cannot breath...

I am so much more than this Asthma thing

© Susy


hi susy

wow! wot a speech ,go girlx


Nine Eleven - Warning may potentially upset !

Nine eleven...

Nine eleven... 2001

Nine eleven 1973 is my personal...

Eleventh of the ninth

The day the world changed

The day the world turned black

The nine eleven that makes me cry

The date that is edged forever in my mind

Nine eleven, the day I had to grow up

The day innocence died

The day of the ""Coup d'é tat""

Nine eleven 1973

The day childhood was swept away

Under the barrel of the tanks and the guns

The day the soldiers came

The day the hurt began

Nine eleven... The day the world cried

The date when fear again took hold

The day... when we cried and gasped

Nine eleven, sent me back to when...

As a ten year old I cried

When the flickering box again as I sat and watched...

Turned the world upside down

Nine eleven 2001

The two towers fell, and again I cried

Buildings and planes came down

Nine eleven 1973 and 2001

When so many lives were lost at the hand of man

So many lives changed. So many people cried

Nine eleven... September the eleventh

Whichever way it is said...

A date that makes the heart ache.

The dates that “...In the avenues of history... we shall overcome”

The eleventh of September

Forever edged and etched in my and your heart

© Susy


So poignant, Susy.

A reminder to us all that such headlines are real and significant memories to many. A reminder that the whole world needs to learn so many lessons. Why can we not all live in peace and harmony? Why cannot love conquer all?

My date is 7/7 and I know both of these bring some strong emotions with them. Thank you for sharing your date and your feelings with us. At least this little corner of the world can share your day with you; help you; support you; love you.




Thank you Alan and ... My dearest friend from now on when you read... my

""Nine Eleven"" read ""Nine Eleven - July the Seventh"" - (same thing just a differnt date!)

Thank you for all the PMs and Emails... Thank you all !

Love, Hugs and Kisses (x88 times) from the Windy Orkney Isles




My Friend

My Friend

Coughing and in Pain

Gasping for a breath

My friend asking for my help

... Breathe gentle, stay calm

Take your meds, is what I said

Breathe with me, gently breathe

... My friend did what I said

I will watch, keep you safe

I will stay and help you breathe

My friend took a puff of me

Quickly followed by one more intake of me

Holding me in the breath and trying not to cough again

... Just wait another minute more

Gently breathe I said

My friend waited while hurting

... You are doing well I said, I will wait until you are well again

My throat is sore

My back and ribs hurt, I ache all over

I feel so tired and cannot sleep, my friend said to me

... Just wait one minute more

And take another breath of me

My friend waited and then took two more puffs of me

Breathing was not the struggle it had been

Friend smiling back at me

... Now you must go to bed and rest I will be with you my friend

So with me in one hand we walked side by side

And off to bed we went

Up the stairs we climbed

And I watched until peaceful, gentle sleep

Overtook my friend at last

I watched as my friend slept

I snuggled up as close as I could be

Happy now to wait until my friend calls for me again

But as always hoping not to be needed

... This way again

Ventolin (© Susy)



Thank you so much, Susy.

What a very special friend to have.

I am on the stairs now.




your back

I thought I was safe from you

I never thought you would return

I thought you had gone for good

never to return

I close my eyes so tightly

and wish that you would go

but you just torment me

I cant run from you

I think that I am dreaming

I curse you

I scream to the top of my lungs

please just leave me alone

I block my ears and close my eyes

but your still there these voices

I cant hide

I took the tablets you gave me

for a while I felt free

but your back to haunt me

I just want to be free

I see dark shadows and hear voices

sometimes they are so bad

I just cry in bed

noone can free me

from these voices in my head

I will fight on and try to ignore you

that is really hard for me

I cant hide from the hallucinations or the voices

I will probbably get put on more drugs

to help me feel free

but for now YOUR back

I just want to be free

please let your hold release me

and let me be me again

your back in my head

dont you worry though theres still some fight in me

Please feel free to delete if offended by this poem take care all xxxx


Thank you Kerry Anne for allowing us into your life, with the poetry you write ... and as always giving us new insights, I know I speak for all your friends and buddies when I say...

""You WILL win this fight""

Love, hugs from your Buddy in the Orkney Isles



The Storm

The storm rages on

Power loss and darkness falls

Covering the land and the skies

Candles flickering in every room

Do not want to go to hospital

Just because I need to nebulise

Sheets of lightning fill the sky

Like angry lions roars the thunder by

As the storm passes over us

Lungs are getting tired... Starting to gasp by now

I do not want to go to hospital just to nebulise

The charge in my little life's companion is nearly done

Darkness filling the land and my lungs

No electricity to re-charge

Gusts of wind wheeze on pass

Remembering the adaptor I smile

I will not go to hospital, just to nebulise

The wheezing gusts rush by outside

Starts the engine in the car

For the nebuliser go back to the house

Wrapped up in my quilt I sit in the car

I will not have to go to hospital just to nebulise

I am breathing easier as the car dances with every increasing gust

A flash of light hits the ground, the thunder replies in kind

I hold on tightly to the quilt and continue

With each hiss and splat to nebulise

Explosions of light and noise covering the skies

Flickering stars pierce the rolling clouds

My eyes turn to the dark island hills

I face south and smile listening and humming

The lyrics like the thunder making my skin dance

Happy that I do not have to go to hospital

... I have been “Nebulised”, as my breathing eases

I watch and enjoy the battle in the sky

There is not a light to be seen on the land

Every house and farm asleep in the dark

But the explosions in the sky and

The whistling wind and the roaring thunder

Seem to argue and battle with each other

I listen and watch with calmed lungs

The magic and the wonder of the colours and the drama

Of the storm unfold and unwind!

© Susy


you write good poetry susy!

I only write poetry about wierd emotional things i go thro never tried writin bout my asthma b4. U hav inspired me to hav a go! Watch this space!! Thanx 4 the poetry n the inspiration. Hope the snow has calmed down and ur warm and well.

Love n hugs from south yorkshire!

Lv kat Xx


Expressive Writing

Hello all ... most of you would have received by now the November issue of the “Asthma Magazine”.

In page 34 of which the idea of “Expressive Writing” is dealt with ... so being the bossy boots some of you say I am (you know who you are... will not mention any names P ..aka T50) .

I thought this would be the ideal time to “ENCOURAGE” all would be Poets new and old to express themselves in Poetry and maybe then we will have enough Poems to go into print in the new year and raise funds for AUK...

So please don’t be shy... and put down and add to this thread “A” line or eighty eight!

Look forward to being amazed, impressed, overwhelmed and generally swept away by the number of verses and closet poets here in AUK, so go on make my day!

Love, Hugs and wheezy kisses from the Orkney isles



Poems Book

Hello all would be Poets... I have received several emails from new members suggesting an AUK Poems Book!! ...

So with that in mind I would like to ask you / remind all ""New and Old AUK Poets"" to put fingers to keyboard and .... Inspire / help / move and or educate ! by sharing / contributing a Poem or three !!

Lets make 2009 the year that the AUK Poems book goes to PRINT !!!! so help us raise awareness and funds for Asthma UK !!!

Thanks a million ....


ps.. I am away from my house and pc at the hope to be pleasantly surprised next time am online and maybe find some new poems and poets in this thread !!!


My first is in airway but not in mere

My second is in steroid and sometimes in fear(s)

My third is in treatment, should always comply

My fourth is in tight but NOT (?) in goodbye

My fifth is in management - less of a ‘wheeze’

My last is inflammation. So what can I be?

I’m there in your lungs. Take care of me!

© 2008 by Mia All rights reserved.


Thank you Mia for your contribution... it was very nice to return home and find a new ""posting"" ... Keep it up... The more poems posted the quicker we can start thinking about publishing !

Thanks again and well done, we are looking forward to many more!

Love and hugs from the Orkney Isles



That time of year is nearly here

the time the whole family dread

the time we talk about you

as if you are here

I know its only january

but my heart still aches for you

I look at your photo

and kiss you good morning and good nite

I tell you things and hope you hear me

I bring you flowers but wish it was toys

My heart aches as I type this

I did the same last year

I want to talk about you now

as april the 8th is to painful

we remember you on that day

and everyday now and forever

I clasp my hands and pray to god

your happy and smiling up there with him

I look at your photo and try to picture how you would be now

but it hurts so bad I always shed a tear

Dont you worry though my little man

we love you so much

when we do meet up

it will be like you were never taken

so be good my big man

your now nearly 6

and one day we will meet

but till that day

I will always kiss my photo

I know your being looked after

but still doesnt stop the ache in my heart for you

Listen to the words of tracy chapmans song ""THE PROMISE


My dearest Kerry Anne..

Many times its the poems that flow out and through us like waterfalls that are the most memorable ones...

As your most heart felt poem is... Timeless and beautiful... Because it comes from a heart that knows how to love!

Thank you again for sharing your poems with us



Thank you Susy for your kind words love KA xxxx




New Year has began, new hope for all mankind

Making a toast a wish that there are...

No new nothings that will make our breathing bad

And to have the time to be with those we love

A year without “A” attacks

A good year for everyone

2009 has began, time for us to have happy lungs

My New Years wish, my solemn oath is to stick around

And see 2010 and the ones that will follow there on...

To keep well, to keep safe

Not to give in to the ""A""

To have the time to be with you

To see and do all we want to do

My wish for you is that your dreams come true

That you keep well and keep your spirits high

Maybe even to sing and dance

Or better still...

To print a book and raise some funds!!!!

© Susy

wanted to post this earlier... but my lungs were playing up!


Wow Susy you never fail to impress me I think your poem is brilliant we must be getting close to getting this poem thread turned into a book of poems what you think Susy take care massive amounts of luv KA xx


Thank you KA and to all those that wrote direct to my email.

RE: The AUK book of Poems... I had a thought...

Do any of the AUK members know famous (or infamous people) in the public eye (that we could write to)... and that could be willing to write a little ditty/poem/limerick or rhyme if we asked.

My thought being that in this era of ""A"" to the rest of the alphabet (hehehe) celebrity watching... this may add an extra dimension to our book?

Maybe famous asthmatics in all fields from Acting to Xylophone player or Zoo Ownership!! (a bit tenuous I know but could not think of another X or Z)

Well... that was it... Please let me know what you think of the idea or if you have other suggestions please let me know and as always ...

Keep the POEMS coming PLEASE



Warning... This Poem May Potentially Upset - Sensitive subject - (Death)

I lost a friend yesterday

Tired of being unwell

He went away

He went away to rest

He went away to be happy

To be free of medicines and pain

He asked me to read out loud

At the final gathering

And to press play... to hear

The music he wanted to be

His last song and dance

My friend went away

To be at peace and fly across galaxies

And watch over me

I miss the laughter we shared

The memories and dreams

I know he is not alone and walks by my side this moment

But I miss his laughter

I will selfishly... miss him

Until the day or night

When he takes my hand

And together we fly around star dust

A time when will we watch our loved ones

Sleep, play, laugh and love

As we once did when sore bones or brittle lungs

Were not in our minds

And we were young in heart and mind

My friend went away

To trek across the stars

© Susy

I most sincerely hope I have not upset anyone.


Susy your poem was beautiful really brought a tear to my eyes thinking of you tons of lv and hugs KA xxx


my mind

Its hard somtimes

its hard to breath

its hard to live

with this disease

I find myself asking

why pick on me

why not someone else

but who would I wish it on

noone my heart says to me

My mind asks to be let go

dont think of me

dont think of my asthma

stop trying to be free

Your who you are for a reason

a reason noone knows

your put on this planet for a purpose

I scream why tho

I look around and what do I see

lots of things but I dont see me

I am there somewere lost in the crowd

lost in my own mind

no im not proud

Not proud of this obsession

the obsession that is me

the obsession of not knowing

who and why me

I can only keep asking

and the answers never there

but I will keep on searching

and one day it will all be there

the answers to my mind



Kerry Anne... You never fail to move and overwhelm... Your poetry like you is wonderful honest and true.

Always in my thoughts and heart

Your friend always



When Life was Less Complicated

I remember the grass in the garden,

And the washing line with the concrete posts,

And the crazy paving that said “I may be crazy, but I can sure make a straight path”.

I remember the washing blowing in the breeze,

And the gooseberries that no-one saw us eat.

I remember the big bike.

No wonder I fell off -

Its wheels were bigger than my head.

I remember the green outside and the Close over the road,

Games we could lose ourselves in for hours,

But be near the door and not miss any food that was going.

I remember playing with the birds as they swooped,

Diving again for a soaking, again and again, in a summer of heat and fun.

I remember my cat Sandy.

She saved the budgie from down the road when some escaped from their aviary.

She didn’t see his lost partner, though, and the budgie died from a broken heart.

I remember playing real games -

Running, falling, laughing.

Crowds that were friends. No demands. Just friends

I remember my first day at school,

As I screamed and cried,

Not knowing how soon young love would arrive.

No agenda. Just love.

I remember the raindrops on my calendar -

Big long dashes of heavy rain.

The teacher made me do it again. No taste, some people.

I remember the bully, the fights, the lies

He went away, but I can tell you his name

I beat him once – got my own back – he wasn’t a bully after that.

I remember the joys of discovery –

Worms, brown sauce, kissing,

Flicking balls of mud so far from garden canes.

I remember the smashing noise. Ooops

I remember running.

I remember playing.

I remember breathing.

Where did that go?

© Alan


Wow Alan wonderfully written and so profound !

I am so glad you are writing poetry again and I just want to say ..... Please....

MORE ... MORE ... MORE !!!!!

Love, hugs and kisses from the Orkney Isles




Little Red Tablets

My Prednisolone...

Little red tablets, run in my veins

Little red tablets, helping me breathe

Keeping me safe and well

Giving me time to inhale and exhale

The little red angels easing my days

Little red devils... ""Ooh goodness...

...I feel I need and want to nibble again !""

My little red tablets giving me life

Eight little red tablets easing my wheeze

And easing my Lungs

So terribly thankful I have YOU to take

Am not being contrary

Am not losing my mind

But it’s those same little red tablets

That make me thirst and keep me awake,

The same little red tablets that I HATE to take

Waiting impatiently for those eight little red devils

Slowly, ever so slowly to turn to nil, to zero...

To “none”... and to go away

For a week ... or three... one whole month if am lucky

Wouldn't it be lovely

Not to have to take ever again

Ooh how I love and hate those little red tablets

My doctor gives me again and again

But if I am being totally honest

I rather take my eight little tablets

Than have to... inject with preds once again!

So grudgingly and happily I will swallow and take

Whilst my little red tablets

Continue to have an effect...

And I will ... Always and forever...

Continue to Love and to Hate...

My Eight Little Friends !

© Susy


Mother''s day

My lungs are weary

My brain turning to pulp

You both give me flowers and a teddy

And all together say

A very happy day to you...Mum!

I give a big smile and am kissed and hugged

My bones are tired but I sit up

Close the kitchen door and lunch I cook for all of us

Nebs and chops and stirs and preps

My tired shoulders resting on the cold speckled surface

As the heat gets turned down to simmer

Feeling so tired I could sleep awake

You walk into the kitchen and raise my head up high

I knew you were not well you say

So by the hand you lead me back to my bed

We will cook and prep ... after all it is your day!

Mum needs to rest you shout...

Are you ok the rest of the house comes to ask?

So propped up by eight soft fluffy pillows

And Bobby Redford kissing my lungs

I wait for the heavy chest to pass

You will need to up your preds again...

Do we need to call for the flashing lights?

I smile and shake my head

Robert Redford runs in my mind and veins

I would like to sleep a little ... but I know I can’t

So instead I watch him and Paul Newman

Pull out the perfect sting with big white beaming smiles!

My son sits beside me on the bed...

Happy mother’s day he says

As I think how lucky I am to have

Robert Redford in my lungs and on film today

And of course not failing or forgetting to mention...

My family at my side for all of this day

Happy Mother’s Day...

I am hugged and kissed again!

© Susy


The Trickster

You are tired and fed up

The whispered trumpet

Shouted quietly in my head

You are tired of your medicines

And tired of being brave

The familiar spoken voice said again

I know you are tired

I know that you are fed up

In the loud unspoken silences

Said my other trusted gentle friend

I am here until you are ready to cry

And smile again my dear... my dear, dear friend

I am tired and fed up

I really do not want you here

I just want to sleep and curl up

So like a gentle lover, he leans over me

And I began to fall asleep

I drifted off as I slid under the cover and the quilt

Wake up WAKE UP

Came the pinging shout

Wake up and open your eyes

Take your meds... Take them NOW !!

My sleep broken by the silent screams and shouts

Lips fingers and toes tingling....

I am so tired and fed up

I said as he held me in his arms

Wake up ... wake up ... open your eyes

Came the friendly voice again

My arms and hands were heavy

As he held me in his grasp

Slow tired old and spent air getting to my lungs

I open my eyes and with heavy arms

“On” I switched the hissing thing

The life giving machine began to do its thing

Am tired so very tired as I saw your face

Scream in silent ... Don’t go... Wake up

Air trickling in my veins

I smile and say...

Hello my darling friend

Am OK again... he has left me alone

Alone to be with you again

Eyes wide open and smiling once again

To the precipice he led me...

You would not let go of my hand

So... tired but contented I take my meds again

And look into your smiling face

As you say...

Never... ever be happy to get so close to the edge

Never let him trick you

Do not believe the promise of peace and rest

He is not your friend or lover

He does not really care about you... like we do

More medicines... more nebs and preds

Will keep him away from you and me

And make us feel well again

Well again to work, live and play

© Susy


Really moved by this one Suzy


WOW Susy what can I say but that was brilliant and a lot of people could relate to your poem. come one people keep them poems comming xxxxx


Waiting for a Smile (It's OK, Susy)

Far away he wraps his arms.

He kisses the tears away from those sad eyes.

He is always there - holding your hand.

The thought keeps you safe, away from that edge.

He waits for your smile.

© Alan



Thank you

Wonderful Prose Alan... Wow what a beautiful surprise to find those lines waiting on my return. most definitely top marks ( 88 )

Thank you to you and all my AUK friends for being here and for keeping in touch!

Hope you all are keeping better now and ....

To each and every Poet....

More... more ... PLEASE more POEMS please

Love, hugs and not so wheezy kisses from the Orkney Isles



Glad you are feeling better Susy xxx

Another shortburnt offering - literally! ...

Eighty percent of the lungs are made up of water, depend upon the heart and vice versa

“Asthma, a matter of life and breath”


It was a stream

A simple glacial stream flowing

from a small source in the abyss

A single celled place

It flowed and gathered speed

Over the next years

Flowing gently but gathering space

Nothing to hide

The stream flowed and gathered anew

more water, to make a river

A river continuing to grow

Not a Thames but an Amazon

How strong the Amazon grew

Despite all obstacles in its path

Like a Phoenix drenched of flame

renewed on its ashes again

Again and again tearing down trees

Fallen to all needs except the wildest

The widest fresh water

Enriching the soil

Solace came in many forms

From barnacle splice and life too spiced

Diverted to sedimentary flow

Although a comfort so slow…

…the river sea found itself in turmoil

Sourced answers from rain forests

Transported logs along the basin of life

Bridging the gap using a thin bladed knife

So sharp so clean so irrevocably unseen

Underneath the water of life brought

Flower oxygenated petals bright to storm

the surface colour and leaves lies green

Eventually tiring of false life

Asked the question

“Is this how it will always be?”

Answer: to eternity

All strong rivers make the sea

Good seas flow into the ocean

Breathing their destiny

Crossing the border, crossing the border…

© 2009 by Mia All rights reserved.


Wow, Mia.

That certainly woke me up with the pictures it drew. What a wonderful artist you are with your words. Oh, do please keep painting.




Kissing the Moon

See the moon sparkling

Close your eyes

Kiss the moon

Open your eyes

See the moon shimmering

Close your eyes

Catch a kiss

Open your eyes

See the moon smiling

© Alan


Wonderful Poetry

Goodness ... I am away recovering/recuperating for a day yet again ... and I come back to such wonderful, beautifully written Poems.. WOW - a better medicine could not be found

MIA ... words fail to describe the depth, emotion and my praise of your POEM. Wonderful does hardly do it justice... and like Alan, I concur... Please keep them coming

Alan ... Your poems always touch me to the core and again another 88, ta !



Thanks for your kind words Susy and Alan. Both of you and others who have contributed to this thread are inspirational in prompting me to write about how asthma affects our daily lives.

Creative writing is both reflective and therapeutic.

If we can raise awareness and even money in all sorts of ways to further research and education into how asthma can be better understood and treated then this is the creative writing one!

‘The pen is mightier than the sword’ …


me again

I look at my watch and see the time

is it that time again or is it just me again

I watch the second hand and hope and pray

you go away as fast as you came

I do know its just me again

I cannot control you

I look again and again and again

You seem to know me and i know you

I tell myself i can do this

ignore this its just me again

you have this hold on me a hold so tight

but really i could let go

because its just me again

holding on not letting go

making things worse as time goes so slow

I look at my watch tick tock tick tock

but the time goes nowere but in my mind

its just me again

stop holding onto the past

dont worry about yesterday or the yesterday before that

I do try but again and again my mind says

its just me again

just me again who cant let go

cant see why things happened to me

why they got away with it

but why should anyone be bothered

its just me again


And This is ME

This is ME

I am bothered

I care for friends

I'm here for friends

I am here





Not Alone

for you my friend - KA

You are not alone

When the shadow and the doubt

Fills the room, YOU are not alone

I hold your hand and your heart

You are my friend for life

When hurtful words are blurted out

When the loved one walks away nor understands

You are not alone we are by your side

Sharing the tears and the hurt

The laughter and the joys

With every single breath and every tic toc tac

As the ticking hands stand still or mockingly move back

As the screams are muted in the frozen ebbs’ of time

I am there holding YOU in my arms

Reminding, telling you not to forget...

The precious, unique and wondrous

Beautiful human that YOU are

You are not alone, while we draw breath

While we share and chat

We will walk together in dunes of sand and time

And you are much, very much cared for and loved

YOU are not alone

You have all of us ... Look...

A queue forms to hold your hand.

© Susy


wow i see ive made wonderful friends Alan Susy Katina KitKat whezzer1 plummie and the rest of you guys on AUK what would I do without you all alot of you have helped me in my hour of needs so again thankyou all hugs xxxxxxxx


Susy, what lovely poems. Husband was right to say to post.



Hello Kerry Anne ... and ... ""That's what friends are for"".. Take care of YOU

Alan ..I know I have said it before ... but as always... I love your sense of prose and rhyme

Thank you GrannyMo its always nice to have new people here in this Poem's thread...

We are always looking for more contributions of Poems, Rhymes, Odes,so .. I will say it again...

Please do not be shy .. and go ahead and POST a Poem or four !!




I felt alone but did not cry

there were to many tears that i wouldnt stop

if I startet

I reached my hand out to my friends

they grabbed my hand and hugged me

they reached out again to tell me im safe

reached out to tell me there always there

I reached to my friends when I was so low

low enough for them not to let go

They reached out to me hugged me tight

and said my friend im here for you tonite

Im here always for you my friend

That reach is still there for me off my friends

I will never let go because i need my friends

my friends help me in dark times and talk when its light

Im glad you all reached for me and have never let go

thankyou my friends and love you all for your help

Just wanted to thank everyone who helps me Susy Alanj Wheezer1 and Kat and Katina thankyou all from the bottom of my heart xxxxxx


Kerry Anne, THANK YOU for another Beautiful Poem... Keep writing your thoughts down and Keep the poems coming.

Take care of Yourself and Hope to see you posting here in this thread for a very long time... Remember we have a book to publish!!!

Love and warm hugs from the Orkney isles



I just thought I would put the poem Jack Tweed read at Jade Goody's funeral today. I'm not a big fan of either of them, but this poem really moved me.

His poem read: ""If only I could stop the clock and turn back the hands of time,

""To a moment in a crowded room when your eyes looked into mine.

""If only I could walk once more on a sandy beach with you,

""Holding hands with Bob and Fred the way we used to do.

""If only I could lie again in the warmth of your embrace,

""To feel your tender kisses and breath upon my face.

""You were always there beside me through the laughter and the tears,

""You made me feel so special and soothed away my fears.

""I have asked God to give me strength to face the days alone,

""To help me heal my broken heart and mend my shattered soul.

""My life will never be the same without you by my side,

""Grief almost too much to bear, pain difficult to hide.

""But when we look into the sky for the brightest star above,

""Bobby, me and Freddie will send you all our love.


When is a Dream?

Bedtime for me.

Walking into the place where the dream of my reality becomes the reality of my dreams.

I close my eyes and my heart rests.

My brain begins its daily tidy of memories and experience, the fears and the longings, the loves - oh, the loves - and the hates.

Muscles rest and eyes flicker as the train leaves for the journey into the imagined.

Down the tracks to where the past becomes the future now, where the shop that isn’t becomes the house that is.

Where the search for somewhere becomes a never ending race to find the place that is not right.

Finding the one who should not be there, who does not belong, but does.

Finding the one who should be there, who does belong, and is somewhere else.

A place of where it is safe to not be safe.

A place where forbidden is allowed.

A place where feelings are more intense than imagination, yet unbelieved when eyes are open and the sun rises at sunrise.

Bedtime slumbers on

Do I smile in my sleep? Do I laugh? Do I reach out?

I shiver.

Can I possibly feel the excitement of that touch, that skin, those lips, that body?

Can I draw that beauty in my waking hours, and find again the place where my fantasy was my dream?

I know where I am, but will I know when I wake? I know this place, but I cannot find it.

How did I get here?

I run, but I walk. I appear. My dream appears.

I am not alone. How could I be when the dream of my dreams is in my dream?

These people. I know these people and they know me, but will they be here when I wake?

I wake from my dream in my dream. How do I know when I am truly awake?

I want it to carry on, but not in my dream, for I know my dream cannot be real, even though it is.

I stir.

I hold my eyes so tight. I cannot let it go.

I am awake, but my eyes are shut. I am holding that dream, but the fog, my mind, the distance....

I want that feeling. I purr, but I know my dream is only my dream and I must not make the sound of my dream.

I check my world lest I cannot split my dream from my body.

Where am I? What am I doing? Who am I with? Must I stop? Must I start?

Am I guilty? Am I pleased? Am I excited?

I must seize reality and hold the dream.

I wish I could hold my eyes shut forever.

I open my eyes and I look for my dream.

© Alan


Thank you Alan... as always your poems are a delight and you always make the words dance with each new line you write

Keep it up ...


Love and hugs from the Orkney Isles





Hello all

I have not been around for quite sometime... battling my lungs !!! but in the last week made contact with some people with connections in the publishing world and they seemed very interested in the idea of a Asthma Poems Book...

So if any budding Poets have not put font and keypad to ""words""....

This would be the time to do so

Also ... would all those who have kindly contributed to the ""A Poem"" thread... get in touch with me ... most of you already have my email... as there are some ideas to ""tweak""

I hope to be fit to email all the Poets soon but please PM me or email me if you can

Hoping you are keeping well... and lets try to have a big push ... and get this wonderful AUK poem book idea finally out into the world !!!

Love Hugs and kisses from the Sunny Os...




heart ache

what I did today could change

I let them know all this is silly

all this she did he did

its not fair

Its not fair on me

its not fair on them

its not fair on the family

who i may never see again

I told them I was sorry

but they should be to

all this arguing is not good for you

When will things calm

when will we talk

it may be never

it may be tonight

I only said what was in my heart

and my brother didnt like it

his wife has to follow him

all the way throuhj this fight

I never ment to hurt noone

all I do is cry

for I may never see there kids again

i think id rather die

This is a poem from the heart

a heart that feels broken

I only wish I never said what I said

but it had to be said

I would never feel right again

if the truth was never spoken

but I love you bro and always will

lots of love and tears

your heart broken sister


Dear Kerry Anne

As Always KA ... your poetry touches the our hearts and soul.

Take care and be good to yourself

Love and Hugs from the Os



good news we all made up yipeeeeeeee xxx


One of my adult (?) aged children has asthma, smokes, and believes that his non smoking asthmatic mum worries too much...!


Come in unmatched meteoric doses.

Just to confuse us. As for herding them.

It’s like trying to herd wild cats in space

They understand unconditional love?

Parallel universe. Not my making

(Aliens had nothing of this)

Those atomitic minds expand with, well …

stuff I don’t understand. The more I try

the less we don’t agree

Must admit a certain admiration

carefully disguised through the pseudonym


So they confidently explode with all

the aplomb of a life’s atom bomb plus

light c-o-n-f-e-t-t-i- not needing approval

of that black- hole caring parent space.

The confetti hurts far harder. Softly.

Like being whipped with an ostrich feather

in outer space.

Down to Earth the most recalcitrant one

is crowing ‘not me like you’ However

we both subscribe to will full behaviour…

...and a shining beacon belief

In vistas blue curtain velvet trip- up

An asthma cure?

Like the Stoics, it’s all GREEK, although those

symbiotic twins in the sky conspire

‘gainst rules, especially the outstretched one.

I’m captured between a star crossed parent.

The hard rock of experience hurts most.

© 2009 by Mia All rights reserved.


Thank you Mia

I am so sorry I have not been well enough to check this thread and comment on your wonderful contribution..

I hope I am back now with a vengeance !!!!.. and Mia ...please...

Please keep it up ... your poem is wonderful and obviously comes from the heart !

Love and hugs from the Orkney Isles

Susy S



Hope you are OK Susy xxx

Another poem from the heart and thanks Susy for cajoling and encouraging everyone to write ‘from the heart’ and to keep writing and posting on this excellent thread.

This is my anxious - in - advance sort of poem, if that makes sense, of training for an event and hoping to raise some money for asthma research before any sort of displacement activity occurs BEFORE the event!


Air and pollen is drawn in deep breath

Running along, step after step

Smelling the scent that’s known so well

Racing downhill and staying ahead

On we go keep driving along

Flying uphill, making ascent

Gasping in air, pulling in breath

Going along, still feeling strong

Waking the heart, moving ahead

Reaching the top, lungs are charged

Still in the lead going to succeed

Runner is engine and led by deep breath

Mechanically sound and muscular strength

Rolls Royce heart pumping arms and legs

(Borrowed deep breaths, borrowed deep breaths.)

Coasting sea air length after length

Silence is heard, an eagle appears,

Green melts blue light, yellow corn is here

Lost to reverie, past lives disappear,

Hand ripple of rye, ripple of eye

The scene is so green, earth meets the sky,

And still flies the eagle on tidal air,

Proud, independent, the bird wheels high

It swoops and protects a savage lair

The engine is strong and needs no favours

A glance in the sky admiringly high

But head bent down for continuing strength

Not needing air but a wary aware

This is a race, asthma v breath

Racing along feeling so strong

Mechanically sound and muscular strength

The lungs and heart running the length

Who will win, why should it matter?

Corn cobs approach run picking and laughter

Try strawberry field too near to home

Mental note to self the earth is loam

Hurdling stiles downhill a scary outcome?

Brushing ferns to the side notice a thorn underside

The engines all home all home and safe

The chest shields all and the heart embraces…

A Rolls Royce engine and sticky all fours

Life and engine oiled by deep breath

Like the eagle, life lifts, swoops and glides

Punctured by fate but always soars…ALWAYS soars

© 2009 by Mia All rights reserved.


Poems are beautifull.a great way of putting into words how you feel.Well done keep the poems coming x


Wow good poem. Tells us how you feel. Sme people will feel the same.


Thank you Mia

Again... I am overwhelmed by your poetry .. your prose and style

Please please keep it up

- I continue fighting my lungs... seems that chest infections and pneumonia ... like me too much !!

Love hugs and wheezy kissed from the Orkney Isles




A Poem I heard when small and put it up in my nans room in her care home.

We pray thee lord this home to bless,

with every joy and hapiness,

within these walls may thy peace dwell

and every member loves you well.

Give us lord thy grace to shere

thy peace and thy loving care,

when dark days come

and come they may

we pray the lord

will light the way.

might havefew sps


Buy A Poppy?

Will you buy a poppy, sir?

Will you wear it well?

For you will hear a band, sir,

Not a screaming shell.

It’s good to hear you’re well, sir,

And feeling in the pink,

Two minutes isn’t very long

To close your eyes and think.

When I was small, I’d say: “Oh my

I think that man is going to cry”.

Will you buy a poppy, sir?

Will you wear it proud?

For you will hear the children sing,

Not orders barked out loud.

“Fix those bayonets, off you go,

And if you don’t come back

there’s plenty more to follow you,

Bob and Bill and Jack.”

Full-grown men begin to cry,

I often used to wonder why?










Hush, hush, whisper who dares,

little boy stands at the top of the stairs.

Blood on his fingers, fur on the mat,

Christopher Robin's castrated the cat.


A Soldiers Prayer

Look God: I have never spoken to You,

but now I want to say, ""How do You do.""

You see God, they told me You did not exist;

and, like a fool, I believed all of this.

Last night from a shell hole I saw Your sky;

I figured right then they had told me a lie.

Had I taken the time to see the things You made,

I would know they weren't calling a spade a spade.

I wonder, God, if You would shake my hand;

somehow, I feel that You will understand.

Strange, I had to come to this hellish place

before I had time to see Your face.

Well, I guess there isn't much more to say,

but I am sure glad, God, I met You today.

I guess the zero hour will soon be here,

but I am not afraid since I know You are near.

The signal - well, God, I will have to go;

I love you lots, this I want you to know.

Looks like this will be a horrible fight;

who knows, I may come to your house tonight.

Though I wasn't friendly with you before,

I wonder, God, if you would wait at the door.

Look, I am crying, me shedding tears!

I wish I had known you these many years.

Well, I will have to go now, God. Goodbye!

Strange, since I met you, I am not afraid to die.

~ Author Unknown ~


Final Inspection

The Soldier stood and faced God,

which must always come to pass.

He hoped his shoes were shining,

just as bright as his brass.

Step forward you Soldier,

how shall I deal with you?

Have you always turned the other cheek?

To My Church have you been true?

The Solider squared his shoulders and said

No, Lord, I guess I ain't,

because those of us who carry guns

can't always be a saint.

I've had to work on Sundays

and at times my talk was tough,

and sometimes I've been violent,

because the world is awfully rough.

But, I never took a penny

that wasn't mine to keep.

Though I worked a lot of overtime,

when the bills got just too steep.

And I never passed a cry for help,

though at times I shook with fear,

and sometimes, God forgive me,

I've wept unmanly tears.

I know I don't deserve a place

among the people here.

They never wanted me around,

except to calm their fears.

If you've a place for me here, Lord,

it needn't be so grand,

I never expected or had too much,

but if you don't, I'll understand.

There was silence all around the throne

where the saints had often trod,

as the Soldier waited quietly,

for the judgement of his God.

Step forward now, you Soldier,

you've borne your burden well.

Walk peacefully on Heaven's streets,

you've done your time in Hell.

- Author Unknown -


A poem I wrote a while back

Waiting Room

Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

Slow motion picture scene

Heavy eyes and weighed down limbs

Memories flicker...of what has been

Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

Another minute. Another check

Lights fade and sound is no more

No mercy mission can save this wreck

Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

Statue of stone in the coming dawn

Others return to the land of the living

Lights put out and the curtain is drawn



As the hand grasps for twelve

A slice of moonlight

Pierces the calm, cold glass

Through which the stars speak nightly

Discussion group for one

Purple,black, white

Colours blend as it sounds midnight

Orange, yellow, red

The night gone. The group dead.

Await the burning and the falling

Dropping of the day

My friends will reappear

I can think and be


PamPam , Nice poems,told you once you put one on the rest will follow.

We take language for granted,but when we take a step back and read poems,its beautiful how words come alive and full of meaning xxx



Thank you PamPam...both poems are great, Thank you for contributing your poems to the ""A Poem"" thread... Please keep writing ... keep the good work up !

Love and Hugs from The Orkney Isles

To all the AUK Poets..well done and Hurrah!..Please ,please keep it up




The leaves sway

Back and forth. Side to side

Each grappling for a friend. Some comfort

As the water pellets fall

Killing and maiming the mind

In an empty, barren field

The leaves

Do they make a sound?

For there is no ear to listen. Witness

Does the tree exist at all?

Are the leaves imaginary?

Each a separate worry, thought, feeling....

One by one, they fall

Dancing as they find their partners

In a slowly moving zig-zag. Weaving

To the ground.


its almost here

Its almost here that time of year

The time most love best

They time when purses are empited

And dads sit down and rest

Its almost here that time again

That time when most of us laugh

But Spare a thought for those alone sat in a flat

Sat thinking that they did this and that

Its almost here were did the year go

doesnt it go so fast

so raise a glass and give a cheer

for mums slaving over the dinner

Its almost here

when old saint nick checks his list twice

to see whose naughty and nice

I hope you all have a gift under your tree

this asthma family either big and small

we dont really care aslon as were all at home

sorry bit early lol xxxxxxxx


Hi Susy,a lovely poem have missed you and your poems love Glynis xxx


Thank you

Thank you Kerry Anne... your poem as always touch and convey so much, with each line.. each word you brings us closer to your heart and soul

and the same goes for you PamPam...Beautifully said making Pictures dance in my mind. Thank you and please keep it up

Sorry I have not been around much ... I have been having ""words"" with my lungs for a while .. but I think I am winning the argument at long last !

Thank you to all who read and WRITE their poems here in this thread.

I know from experience and by the emails I get just what help they are to those who are touched by the POEMS, The words, the Rhymes and the Odes

Take care of all of you and Please keep your POEMS coming ...

and Glynis ...I will try and be back here waxing lyrical very soon too.

Love Hugs and WHEEZY Kisses from the Orkney Isles



to those who are not here WARNING TALKS OF DEATH

To those who arnt here

To those up in the sky

in heaven above

looking after us all

I have to talk about my spencer

who is now 7 year old angel

I still kiss your photo everyday

To those who have love and lost

My heart is thinking of you

to those who only got to say hello

Before you said goodbye

I know how much your heart aches

Lets give a thought to each other

lets all have a hug

and think of those we love and loved



Thank you KerryAnne for another poem straight like an arrow from your heart ... to mine and others too

Love and hugs from the Orkney Isles




there have been so many beautiful and moving poems here recently that I felt the need to be ... silly, so ...

Missing Chocolate

Is nearly carol and jingle time again

Is nearly time for trimmings, bobbles and the fairy-lights AGAIN

Peace on earth and same old movies on TV to see

And pine trees shedding their bits

Time for sore arms... oh no ... is also flu jab time!

Scarves and gloves... winter boots and runny noses

Reindeers’ flying fast... Santa’s HO Ho ho-ing!

And now on top of everything! ... another jab is prodding...

We have “swine” to look out for

Another year nearly over

Another one creeping up.., getting ever closer

To 2012 deadline and Oh my oh my ...

Keeping everything cross and hoping ...

That the Mayan’s were wrong

So that Zefram Cochrane may boldly warp into 2063...

And that we may prosper and live longer

Showing my true colours now and...

So my friends if you know what I’m saying

If you know what this is all about...

QA TLHO' (pronounced KAHTLOE' ) , and Qapla' batlh je (KAHPLAH BATL JEH)

My oh my … who is the clever one, or is it nerdy one ?

Or if my Best and truest friend is to be believed…

One more SADDO posting silly poems !!!

MajQa' !

Now being totally serious and asking those that know…

And in keeping with the seasons' spirit…and going with the flow

NUQ DAQ YUJ DA'POL ? … hehehe ! …no.. no really

Where is the Chocolate? – if you know.. please let me know !

Blaming this one on too much time in Hospital and O2,(or is it not enough ?!)

Steroids, antibiotics… or could it be an age thing..?…No ..

NO .. it is most definitely … the meds and the O2 thingy

Making my mind melt!-

Please let me know that ...I am not the only one…

With this condition !


Boldly going now... to sleep I hope! - little padded room, bib and medication are now awaiting me !

© Susy

Maybe the fact that I got the latest ""Hotel Chocolate"" catalogue in the post and a day nebulizing watching Trekkie movies.... Can I use that as an excuse ? Yes / No? ... Any way ... LIVE LONG & PROSPER !


A Special World

A special world for you and me

A special bond one cannot see

It wraps us up in its cocoon

And holds us fiercely in its womb.

Its fingers spread like fine spun gold

Gently nestling us to the fold

Like silken thread it holds us fast

Bonds like this are meant to last.

And though at times a thread may break

A new one forms in its wake

To bind us closer and keep us strong

In a special world, where we belong.


Two so very different pieces.

Woody - Your world does seem so very special. What wonderful use of english to paint that picture.

Susy - I thnk we might have to have you locked away, but as I only know one word of Klingon, I will have to respond with that instead. Qabong!




Thank you

Woody-som...Thank you That is a beautiful and profound Poem.They are more than just Special words... They are YOUR words . Please, please keep it up.

Alan ..Yes indeed two more different Poems could hardly be found side to side even if you searched eighty eight places and times!

so ... my dear friend ... Qaparha' right back to you

Love hugs and kisses from the Orkney Isles



Christmas AUK

Christmas AUK

Here is a cheer... a toast and a plea

May all your wheezing end

All the coughing go away

May you all have happy healthy lungs

That you have plenty meds at hand

And that there are no runny noses

No tickles or rumbles in your chests

And many parcels and cards from friends

That your dinner goes smoothly

Not raw or burnt...

Raise a glass to all AUK friends

And wishing all an amazing, healthy twenty ten

Most of all I wish for you

The love and joy of True and Cherished...

Family and Friends

© Susy


thats lovely susy,nice see you about.

Will email you ,love Glynis xxxxxx


'Twas the Day After Christmas

'Twas the day after Christmas and all through the house

Children sat slack-jawed, bored on the couch.

Wrappings and toys littered the floor,

An incredible mess that I did abhor.

With Mom in her robe and I in my jeans,

We waded in to get the place clean.

When suddenly the doorbell: it started to clatter,

I sprang to the Security-View to check out the matter.

The new-fallen snow, now blackened with soot,

Was trampled and icy and treacherous to foot.

But suddenly in view, did I gasp and pant:

An unhappy bill collector and eight tiny accountants.

The door flew open and in they came,

Stern-looking men with bills in my name.

On Discover, on Visa, on American Express,

On Mastercard too, I sadly confess.

Right to my limits, then beyond my net worth,

Over the top I had charged, in a frenzy of mirth.

The black-suited men, so somber, so strict,

I wondered why me that they had first picked.

They stared at me with a look I couldn't miss,

That said, ""Buddy, when are you paying for this?""

I shrugged my shoulders, but then I grew bolder,

Went to the cabinet and pulled out a folder.

""As you can see,"" I said with a smile,

""It's bankruptcy that I'll have to file!""

And with a swoop of my arm, my middle digit extended

I threw the bills in the fire: the matter had ended.

The scent of burnt ash came to my nose,

As up the chimney my credit-worthiness rose.

Without another word they turned and walked out,

Got into their limos, but one gave a shout:

""You may think that's the answer to all of your fears,

But there's nothing you'll charge for at least seven years!


good one woody-som.


... Skinny and Blond !!

I was back in the Costa place when an up and rising

Medical hotshot said... I do believe your problems stem...

From the fact that... You are VERY overweight... “Let’s see if WE can get you right..

By losing some of THE flab...!”

I will get someone who can help... then contently walked away...

Did not appear or want to hear a word I tried to say...

Occupational therapist pops by...

“Let us see if we can make you healthier... and

Improve the QUALITY of YOUR life...”

Probes attached to my chest, digit pinching clip fixed tight...

“Let us see how long you can cycle... ”

Ninety seconds later... “Stop... stop...” She shouts...

O2 levels dropping... Nebulised at once you must...

I have never seen such a sudden drop...

We cannot continue with this show...

Far too dangerous...Don’t YOU know...?

I just smile and nod!

Thirsty minutes later... O2 levels are more “acceptable” now

As I smile and arise... my legs wobble... and Oops...down I go!

In the process I snap the discs in my back...

Another girl in white pricks my finger for a “little” drop of blood...

Needle set on number two... “Oh my god what thin skin you have”

Deep... Deep red pours out... Covering my gown...

Reading taken and then another...“Oh my God...

I think she is going into a diabetic shock!”...

Do you have a sweetie or a chocolate..?”...She asks

I shake my now ooh so tired weary head...

As a “nice” lady offers me a sip of a glucose drink...

But before I can say No, no thanks... a plastic cup is on my lips...

Sickly liquid down my throat

If they had waited just one second I would have said...

The taste of THAT makes me “Auchgh”...

Ooh it’s far too late to say it now, all can see the mess I’ve made!

Now bright orange liquid adorns floor and the red from before,

I am so SO sorry I would pathetically pronounce

But that sudden involuntary action... set my coughing fit off again...

O2 levels dropping faster now and to top it all

Obviously not wanting to be excluded...

The loud wheeze of my “brittle” decides to happily join in!

My weaken ribs now hurting...My back hurts more than just a bit

I have had just about enough of this!!!

Men in green are called for... “She must be RUSHED to her bed!”...

Doctors and nurses gather round me...

Talking about me NOT to me... “She is overweight... Hot shot says

She is Brittle Asthma... another one exclaims...

Now her liver, pancreas and other bits are failing...

Steroid on-set Diabetes... The discs on her back have slipped

And just to add to the picture... Two ribs broke during that last coughing fit....

BUT her cholesterol could NOT be bettered...

Seems she does NOT survive just eating chips or sweets !!

... surprisingly is exclaimed

Her diet cannot be bettered.. the nutritionists loudly says

Baffled heads and notes being read and taken

She was managing at home... then she came here for two days

But that was more than two weeks or so !

... Does someone know...What brought all these troubles on today...?

And just then... Before I can say... as I look at Know it all...

Another nurse leans over to attach more probes to me...

She has just come in from getting her fix of nicotine....

Oh dear.. Here we go again!

.................... Fifty minutes later, I’m conscious and can almost smile again

“I must go home soon... before these caring folk do me in”

I move my arm... making sure the drip does not pull or tag...

My other arm is wrapped and air squeezes it tight...

Pull the mask from my face... and not at all sarcastically I say...

“One of YOU doctors thought... I needed to be more active...

To IMPROVE the Quality of life MY life...!”

I smile at the gathering around my bed... and take one gentle

Deep-ish breath... Smile and politely say...

Please do not fret or worry... and is not that I do not appreciate your concerns

But really... And I say this most honestly and sincerely...

And knowing you all mean well... But...

Could I now be left in alone... with MY “little” quality of life

And please... Please try to remember that...

I am doing the best I can... with my weak tired frail organs, bones and lungs

I always say... If given half a chance...

“Things could be much... so much worse...I could be...

And this is said with no intend of offence...

I honestly believe that I would feel far far far worse if I was...

Skinny and a Blond!!!...” (Now at long last... the title to this prose makes sense)

A roar of involuntary laughter fills the ward...

As I place the Nebuliser mask back on my Moon puffy face...

Some give me a big smile and hurriedly back away...

And the hotshot doctor... shakes the still “all knowingly head”

No lesson learned, in that doctor’s mind...

I am a cause that’s lost... And all this is MY own fault!

Life is too short and precious to spend my days apologising

For being a Mrs Fatty,.. this was not always so...

But I rather be A happy LIVING fatty than a desiccating skinny one

And now I say ...To the AUK community and my buddies...

I you are skinny or / and a blond... please do not get angry or take offence

You could always come back with the retort...

“It could be much so much worse...

I could be just like Susy... more than a bit Brunette

(with a little bit of grey on the side)

and REALLY very quite Rotund ...! “

© Susy

I know it does not rhyme .. but like a good joke...the story had to be told reality really IS stranger than fiction at times !.. I mean.. you could not make it up !!

Disclaimer...Names Times and Places may have been changed to protect the ""Innocent?"" ... (sorry in a silly happy mood now!)


that is an impressive story, although as a skinny blonde (although in my defence i eat constantly and care very little about how i look, my skinny blonde-ness is a result of genetics and a variety of medical conditions that lots of people i know are jealous of until they realise how hard it is) i would love to be able to come up with a good retort :) but i would fail so i will gracefully admit it was a good poem and made me smile :) x

ps are they going to leave you alone?????


Dear (Not) Blond.....

There's a moonbeam over Scotland

Shining softly on the snow

Sending messages to brunettes

Some who we closely know.

The message that it's sending

Is to someone who's alive

We'll take you as you've always been

Be it dark, or blond, or olive!


Your Kensington Pin-up!

(Pushing his luck on last line, but hoping to get away with it)

© AJJ 2010


My poem

I wish I could feel my lungs gently fill with air,

And then slowly breathe out forgetting any despair.

As each breath passes by,

I just wish I knew why?

Why was it me that God chose?

Was it to see how much I would grow?

Or was it to get me to appreciate life?

And think more about others feelings and strife?

I would not wish this on anyone,

Not even for a joke or a bit of fun.

But my aim in life is to keep on going,

Just follow the direction of the wind blowing.

Whatever is thrown at me I will prove I am strong,

I can do anything and prove everyone wrong.

I love my life and appreciate everything I CAN do,

And to be honest I probably could not do it if it were not for you!

You all stick by me when I am in ill,

And fill me in with all the gossip and thrill.

And the special times I do spend with you,

I feel like I can do anything I want to.

i wrote this for all my friends that have stuck by me through the last 2 years of various diognoses that cant be cured, including asthma but i have had that since i was born. hope u like it!!! xxxxxx


Where did normal go?

Enjoy the air

The clear air, the wonderful air, the very, very breathable air.

Enjoy strolling in the dark, gazing at the stars and the moon so full, so clear, so sparkling bright

Enjoy that picture being the thing that takes your breath away

Enjoy the dreams that do the same

Enjoy not thinking about breathing

Enjoy that moment when the flow hits a peak not encountered in months or years

Enjoy feeling normal.....

Wham. Blam

Curse that meeting room

Who stole the air

Why is it so hot

Why are there so many people in there

Who let that elephant sit there

Who stole the air

What is all this gunge

When will this end

Why are those stairs so difficult to climb.

They were easy this morning and they are only two floors high



Where... did normal go?





Thank You ""Backawayslol"" I am so glad that you were not offended !!! and thanks for the PM ! and the reply is I am home and although I still have achy ribs... This could be much much worse... I still could be .... hehehehe sorry could not resist it !!

Chloe Thank you for your beautiful Poem.. and I do hope you are feeling so much better now a days ... Please keep your spirits high, good times will come!

Alan .. My dearest and AUK magazine February 2010 ""Pin Up"" Friend !... thank you for EVERYTHING and I am I love your poem... Keeping everything cross that the preds do their thing. ta always

And to all AUK new and ""Old"" please PLEASE keep them coming ... The happy ones inspire us all .. the ""sad"" or angry ones tell us we are not the only ones and put shape to our feelings and thoughts.

Thank you .. one and all ... and There is always rooms for MORE more more

Love and hugs from the Orkney Isles



Old friend

Okay....I've been on the boards quite a while and feeling brave have decided to add my mite to the poetry. I wrote this aged 14 (a very long time ago!) about my golden labrador......a real old friend.

You can hear the tapping of an old dog's claws as it wanders down the hall,

You can hear him softly murmur as he bumps into the wall

For the eyes that were once lively now are dull and without light

And the limbs that were once springing now are creaking through the night.

Soon he will look no more on a world ever changing

He will go into the haven,

the place of all his dreams.

I wish that I could follow and keep him with me, by my side,

but know that that is selfish and I cannot be his guide.

The bonds of friendship last forever, no matter where we go,

This friend who I have loved and who loved me in return,

stays in my heart forever, a fire that will always burn.


Thank you

Thank you Fee Jay your poem it's beautiful even more so as it was written in your teens... Please do not be shy and do write and post ""A Poem"" again !

Hugs from the Orkney Isles



Another Star

She wondered slowly through the park.

No street lights to spoil the view.

It was a perfect, clear evening.

The moon was so full and reflections on the lake shone so clear.

The ducks were quiet and motionless as they floated on a sheet of glass.

Not a single movement was there other than the gliding moment of a grey, pink and blue cloud as it whisped as a feather across the night sky.

The squirrels slumbered in their nests as the stars began to glow.

She froze as the stars suddenly engulfed her in a beauty so deep.

They were calling.

Sending her a message.

Their sparkle was a chatter – an urgent stellar text.

Look up.

Watch us.

Count us.

We are one more and we are glowing.

We are watching you, just as you did when you were a star.

We were stars.

Then we were there with you.

Now we are stars once more.

Here to watch over you.

Here high in the sky, but close - so very close.

Watching over you.

Sharing your dreams.

Guiding you.

Knowing you.

Always there.



© AJJ 2010



Wow Alan as always your poems paint pictures, as you make the words come alive and dance.

Thank you and please never stop putting your thoughts into words

TA very much

Love and hugs from the Starry Orkney Isles



Hi SUSY,hope you are a little better nice see you about.thanks for emails and pms,take care and lookforward to your next poem from your loving fan and friend Glynis xxx


computer user’s reboot

computer user’s reboot

Don’t you wish when life is bad

and things just don’t compute,

That all we really had to do

was stop and hit reboot?

Things would all turn out ok,

life could be so sweet

If we had those special keys

Ctrl, Alt, and Delete

Your boss is mad, your bills not paid,

your wife, well she’s just mute

Just stop and hit those wonderful keys

that make it all reboot

You’d like to have another job

but you fear living in the street?

You solve it all and start a new,

Ctrl, Alt, and Delete


I've loved this poem since I was little. My mum used to read it to me. The poem is from The Verse Book of a Homely Woman by Fay Inchfawn.

The Naughty Day

I've had a naughty day to-day.

I scrunched a biscuit in my hair,

And dipped my feeder in the milk,

And spread my rusk upon a chair.

When mother put me in my bath,

I tossed the water all about,

And popped the soap upon my head,

And threw the sponge and flannel out.

I wouldn't let her put my hand

Inside the arm-hole of my vest;

I held the sleeve until she said

I really never SHOULD be dressed.

And while she made the beds, I found

Her tidy, and took out the hairs;

And then I got the water-can

And tipped it headlong down the stairs.

I crawled along the kitchen floor,

And got some coal out of the box,

And drew black pictures on the walls,

And wiped my fingers on my socks.

Oh, this HAS been a naughty day!

That's why they've put me off to bed.

""He CAN'T get into mischief there,

Perhaps we'll have some peace,"" they


They put the net across my cot,

Or else downstairs again I'd creep.

But, see, I'll suck the counterpane

To PULP before I go to sleep!


lovely Poem nana and woody-som



Glistening white, covers the land

Jewels twinkle in the skies

One more layer of clothes and mittens on

Loads of gifts and things lost in the post

They say food in the markets running low

But never mind all that

This is my Christmas wish to you

That when you look back in this year past

And are counting back all the joyful laughter days

And the number of nights sad or low

That Joy and smiles outweigh the tears shed

And wheezy days were far and few

I wish you time with friends and family

And to remember to take all your meds

And who knows maybe... this New Year now

Your deepest hopes come true

That you too are loved and cherished

Full of season’s hope and cheer

But always remember that Christmas and New Year

Are just two days... Not a full year

So resolute to have not just those two

But a very full happy safe healthy loving year

Keep warm and toasty

Snuggle up tight

Take a puff of the inhaler and Raise a glass

And make today the first day of a gloriously

Magnificent, healthier, brighter and full New Year


Happy New year to all at AUK, I am a bit late posting this as I have been a little under the weather,memory is going... and I have been a little under the weather.... ooh dear... anyway... Happy New Year !



Happy New Year.

Lovely poem Susy,hope you are feeling a little better and lovely

see you back on AUK XXXX


I thought I would bump this thread as I remembered it from a long time ago. More especially as some of it may be of some help or comfort to those who are struggling right now.

Hugs and healing thoughts to all



That was really lovely susy :)



this means a lot to me right now....

beautifully worded and so meaningful, straight from the heart

x x x


Susys poems are lovely.Shes not been on for a while .Will send her a email xxx


wow Susy it is wonderful your writing, so true she gets me away for classes today :(


Thank you

Thank you ALL for your lovely comments, I have not been here for a while... Trying to get myself better (long story..)

I hope to get round to writing a little more soon but PLEASE any would be and already are ""Poets "".. Please do add your Asthma poems here. Remember a poem does not have to rhyme..

A Poem is the gift our Soul gives to the world... and paints your heart with words

Love and hugs



Take a moment


Take a moment.



Take a moment.


If I had the space and time I’d really try to show.

How very hard this is to do, how much you need to know.

My life is ruled it seems to me,

By rules you do not ken

I do not have the life I want

Or only now and then

This asthma is a tiger, it tries to conquer me

It will not win, I will not rest, determined I will not flee

Before it’s teeth and snarling ways

I stand always defiant

And with your help and listening I will be triumphant.

Please doctor, nurse

Don’t look away

Don’t look to books and numbers

Look at me and understand



Take a moment.



Take a moment.


Very moved by your poem, FeeJay.

If you don't mind, I'd like to copy it and put it in my medical folder so that I can show my doctors. Would that be ok?

Thanks for expressing things so eloquently!



Thanks Wishes.

Please feel free to put it in your folder :)


Light Keeper

Sleep eludes,

I sit and stare out at the silent, shaded street.


Time to think, time to see.

Dark thoughts,

Suffocating, extinguish the light.


Whirling, kaleidoscope collisions.


A light, banishes the dark.

Bearer of the light, guardian

Saviour, Friend.


Soldier Man

The soldier stood, alone,

Head bowed, torn and battered.

A strong man.

But in this place, here,

Bloodied, scarred, broken.


Out of the darkness, slowly

But with gathering speed and strength.

A light.

A candle flame, flickering,

Gaining strength the closer it came.

A multitude of candles, glowing.

Bringing light, strength and warmth.

And friends.

The soldier stood, surrounded,

By the light and strength of friends.

A strong man.


Thanks Feejay for bumping up not sure I'd read this before. Woody-som, love your computer user’s reboot :)


Don’t Quit

When things go wrong, as they sometime will

When the road you’re trudging seems all up hill

When the funds are low, and the debts are high,

And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,

When care is pressing you down a bit,

Rest if you must, but don’t you quit.

Life is queer with its twists and turns,

As everyone of us sometimes learns,

And many a failure turns about,

When he might have won had he stuck it out;

Don’t give up though the pace seems slow,

You may succeed with another blow.

Success is failure turned inside out,

The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,

And you never can tell how close you are,

It may be near when it seems so far;

So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit,

It’s when things seem worse,

That you must not quit.



I’m somewhere new

Mid of the night

My readings going fast

Must call for help

Am on my own

No need to say can’t last

10 minutes go

No blue lights show

We’re on the way they say

10 minutes more

I’m on the floor

Beside my open door

No blue or two

We can’t find you

It says you’re in a field

I told you clear

I know I’m here

I’m sitting in the street

Some minutes more

At last they’re here

No blue. No sound. Just light.

I’m here, I wave

I’m being brave

I’m climbing to my feet

I get indoors

Put one arm out

And slide down on my seat.

© AJJ 2012

What happened next is a story that went on for another week and ended with a far from routine OP appointment at RBH.

I have moved from the noise and dirt of Kensington out to the clean air at the edge of the South Downs National Park, seven miles north of Brighton. This was my first call for urgent help since moving there last summer. With a 23-minute wait, thank heavens it was not my last. I was used to three.



Hello AlanJ, long time no see!

Thanks for the poem thus bumping this thread back up.

Hope you're doing ok now. I await the next instalment of your story.

I'm in the RBH soon.

Here's a poem - not mine - that I have always liked.

W.B. Yeats: He Wishes For The Cloths Of Heaven (1899)

Had I the heavens’ embroidered cloths,

Enwrought with golden and silver light,

The blue and the dim and the dark cloths

Of night and light and the half light,

I would spread the cloths under your feet:

But I, being poor, have only my dreams;

I have spread my dreams under your feet;

Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.



Life has been a bit different. How do we chat offline these days, now that private messaging seems to have gone from here?

Not doing too well right now. Been talking to RBH today and I have promised that I will get myself costa-fied if I continue like this. I think I may well be keeping that promise tomorrow. :( Subject to being on the outside next Wednesday, will be back at RBH on Wednesday afternoon for clinic.

Public thanks to Dr Alina Dimitru at RBH on AMG's team. She has been and continues to be so very, very supportive.





Well as you have seen things have changed with the new forum resulting from IT contracts ending. Private Messaging is the only non working feature of the board with new ones such as thanks, watching topics, moderator ability to move posts to correct places etc. It is currently disabled because PM moderating tools on the old board are not available plus problems with emails. With unmoderated private messaging and safeguarding issues Asthma UK has to comply with the Charities Commission that minors can access.

Anyway enough of the brief summary of changes. Offline chat is not available so email, facebook ... are the way forward. Unfortunately, exchanging such details is rather difficult considering the boards are open for all to read.

Sorry to hear you are not doing so well but good to hear RBH are looking after you so well. As an aside, speaking from experience, thanks can make a health professional's day especially if busy, politics ... I am in the RBH most of the week after next, are you are around then?


Thanks for the explanation, TJ. I am so glad I have given up IT for a living.

I hope it's OK to say send me across a Facebook friend request and we can chat there, but you have to guess my Facebook name. There is a big clue somewhere here. :)

RBH the week after next is unknown at the moment. Right now, I can turn up without an appointment, which is what I am doing this coming Wednesday afternoon. I am feeling somewhat stir crazy right now, not being able to move far from my new home without getting exhausted, so, if I can get out the week after next, the trip up will give me a good escape with a purpose. I am sure I will be OK by then, even if I do get ""self-costafied"" tomorrow. I will be coming up from near Brighton.

Alan J Johns



No problem re the explanation. Yes that's fine - you may want to edit the post unless you're ok with leaving the clue for all to see - but can I find at this moment? Will try again once back on the full site rather than than the app.

Good you can drop in, is that MG clinic - not surprised it ran behind when I was there. Take it more likely than not you'll be costa'ed?

Take care of yourself



AlanJ, no luck searching for you. How are doing this week? Good luck with the RBH clinic tomorrow.

in regards to facebook requests with the absence of the private messaging system, this has been discussed. Details could be posted here on the forum e.g. link to page or username etc to search. Could be duely edited in the event one would rather these do not remain in the public eye.


Thanks TJ

Managed to stay on the outside - just, but I'm still all over the place. :(

If anyone you know (and has your contact details) sees me at the afternoon (AMG) clinic tomorrow (Wednesday) and I have not passed out in a heap on the floor (I will have my bright yellow ""HEAD"" bag, packed for NHS stay), perhaps they could pass on email addresses.

I like the idea of linking in the Facebook usernames. I am happy to include mine in my posts, but will not do so yet as I do not want to set a trend before others agree. The same applies to my LinkedIn profile, which is also very much in use.

Speak soon



Good luck tomorrow, think there are a few there but in the morning clinic. Have you seen the General forum » RBH next week?

There is a similar discussion there. I may add my details for a limited time only. I have discussed with the other moderators and the webeditor is aware. It is ok to use facebook usernames etcI like the idea of linking in the Facebook usernames. I am happy to include mine in my posts, but will not do so yet as I do not want to set a trend before others agree. The same applies to my LinkedIn profile, which is also very much in use.

Are your privacy settings on facebook open for people to search and find you?

The bright yellow bag is a new & good idea for ways of spotting people though - needed in that massive waiting room. If anyone you know (and has your contact details) sees me at the afternoon (AMG) clinic tomorrow (Wednesday) and I have not passed out in a heap on the floor (I will have my bright yellow ""HEAD"" bag, packed for NHS stay), perhaps they could pass on email addresses.



Wednesday was definitely not a good day.

AMG gave me a huge lecture on playing with my own life! After that, he sent me immediately across to my local costa, Princess Royal, Haywards Heath, where they were expecting me. I am back home now, very tired, a bit emotional and looking forward to 3 months recuperation from pneumonia. :(

Try: You should be able to find me with that. My privacy settings should allow. I'll tell you more there. When I have got my head clear again about all that happened, I will tell everyone. I am very lucky and I have learnt some very serious lessons.




Oh no, that does not sound great then. Good he was looking after you even if there was a telling off, sounds like it may have been needed.

That fb has worked too.

Take care of yourself, ostrich/hibernate for a while if it helps to get your head around all the events


AlanJ, not seen you on here for a while, sounds like things have been eventful! As you may have gathered from reading other threads, I was in Lind last week (6th-9th) - shame no overlap, though sounds like you might not have been in a position to talk. I hope you start doing better soon and recovering.

I remember you saying Dr MG was great and really lovely - you were right, regardless of how severe you are - or not - and they don't just tell you to go away, but seem to be aware that you exist even when not sitting in front of them.

I will be there again, so maybe I'll see you another time - hopefully not one when you're about to be captured and given a ticking-off!


Thanks Philomela

Seems like I have missed a number of people just in the last few weeks. One of the things I have lost moving away from Kensington last year is RBH being local and giving me the opportunity to pop by easily to meet up. Oh well, At least (or so I thought) my lungs are much better off down here in the Sussex countryside.

I have total respect, admiration and praise for AMG and the team. My (needed) lecture does not change that. It probabaly strengthens it. It also showed just how passionate he is about people. My asthma was totally turned around with their help. I even have 724 recorded as a best PF (although the Piko meter later turned out to be faulty and my best was really about 640, which is still pretty amazing). Nothing was ignored. Everything was listened to and questioned. I have learnt never to worry about talking to a member of the team I have never met before as they learn it all. They may not have met you, but they know you inside out.

My one stay in Lind was for a acid reflux overnight test and that had never ever been questioned until I got to RBH. It turned out to be significant and is now managed well.

As we do not have messaging here, I am very happy for you to look me up on FB. TJ has just found me with, so I know that will work.

I will look to meeting up when I am slightly more with it and a little less emotional. I am sure I will post a poem here soon related to all this before my emotions leave it all behind (which they need to do).

Love and hugs from the South Downs




I have not been able to find a clear guide to O2 levels. I did not ignore them, but I did not take enough notice of the threat to life, especially when combined with other signals. I am lucky. I offer this as a warning to others not to do as I did. I hope I have now got these right, but will refine/correct them if required.


I am one hundred

I am big

I am fat

I am scarily magnificent

You want to dream of being me

I am it

I am ninety-nine

I am a breath of fresh air

I am lungs full of oxygen

I am life

I am joy

I am the next best thing to perfection

I am ninety-eight

I am ninety-seven

I am friends with ninety-nine

I skip around the earth giving life to everything

I walk through blood

I run through veins

I am ninety-six

I am ninety-five

I am ninety-four

I am OK

I pump

I give life

I am ninety-three

I am all right

I flow

I pump

I want to be bigger

But I am OK

I am ninety-two

I am not so good

I am a warning

Take notice of me

I want to be bigger

I need to be bigger

I am ninety-one

I am ninety

Help me, please

I should be bigger

I need to grow

I need more

Help me. Help me. I am confused

I think I am eighty-nine

I don’t know what I am

I do not have stuff

I need to do something

What is it I do?

I.. Eight-eight..



Need.. urgent..

Call.. help..



© AJJ 2012



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