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Very worried and scared!!

I was diagnosed with Asthma in 2005,but I suppose I was living in Denial,I am over weight I weigh 18 stone 8Lbs, I am 4ft 1, I have Diabetes live in Denial about that too I am Type 2.

I have had Diabetes for 7 years,I lost 5 stone on my first being diagnosed within 6 months,only to put it all back on a year later..

I have always had the odd cold cough bad chest,nothing serious I use my Easi-Breath on times of a cold I mostly feel ok..

I am not one to dwell on my conditions I just get on with it,recently I have given up the booze I rarely go out anyway,but I choose to have water,or Diet coke on a night out,on rare occations I might have 1 glass wine with lemonade.

3 week's ago I had a bad chest coughing can hardly sleep,coughing very bad drinking lots water,eating cough sweets,nothing helping I use mt inhaler,not working..

Most mornings I vomit I get lots mucus,I can hardly breath,I put it down to hay fever maybe????

After a few days I started to get better,only last wednesday I started coughing bad again can hardly breath I cried this morning as I can hardly do anything am worn out tired.

I then tried Seretide and I felt a lot better I am now putting it down to I have got Asthma,I am admitting defeat as I feel so bad,also I joined a Gym last week,taking things slowly and on a healthy eating plan,I realy am going to lose the weight had enough,could this have triggered my Asthma off going to the Gym?

Also I am new to this Forum,Glad I can get things off my chest !! I am worried and scared I have an appointment with my GP Tues 3rd May to discuss my health I need to reconise I have Asthma and not a cold !!1

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Dont worry just be informed and then act once you see your doctor. You have the ability to help yourself remember. For example diet, exercise and taking medicines, going out etc. If you dont act nothing will happen.



Hi. Denial is a great place - I've been there myself - but maybe better to visit than to live in.

I also have problems with weight and when my asthma is bad all I want to do is eat, which isn't clever when you can't exercise. In between times I work at watching what I eat, go to the gym at least 3 times a week and swim every weekday morning. Getting back into the gym is scary every time because exercise is a trigger, and you need to sneak up on it!

I've found it important to pick the equipment I use carefully, depending on how well I'm breathing. Start with just five minutes at a fairly low level and work up slowly - I usually add a minute and when I'm used to that, increase the level that I'm working at by one, get used to that and then add another minute etc. I often feel that I'm being a bit of a wuss doing just a few minutes on a couple of pieces of equipment, but over the weeks it builds up to a very reasonable level of exercise.

I'm sorry to rabbit on, and I hope that knowing that you're not alone with this problem helps a little bit.

Good luck.


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