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hi I have been diagnosed with asthma last year. My name is Celeste, I am from Argentina and I am 21. I found it really hard when is really cold outside and there is a huge range of humidity, today for example I had to miss classes and when I tried some months ago to explain my teacher about my condition but I was not lucky at all!

the thing I try to do when I am felling blue, being able to do my regular activities is writing stories, reading or watching movies I really like. what do you do when you are not able to go out?

hope everyone is doing well

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Hi Celeste, welcome to the forum. Can remember having really bad hay fever when I was at school long ago and most of the teachers didn't understand. Wish the internet had been around in the 1960s.

When I'm blue I come on here and look up all the games on the Off Topic threads. I catch up on Facebook and move stuff around on Farmville. Spend a lot of time on Facebook. Probably too much time :) as housework gets forgotten.


thanks! I am at home again, went to university yesterday. trying to do everything to keep in good mood thanks for the advice they are helping a lot! I am so glad I found this place. people here are really supportive! thanks!!


Hi Celeste, welcome! :)

I spend lots of time online when I'm not up to going out, I feel connected to the outside world that way! I also watch DVDs, and read or make cards but those depend on how bad I'm feeling.

Are the university supportive when you have to stay at home?

Dawn xx


Hello Celeste.

Welcome to AUK. There are many people on this site to talk to and discuss any issues relating to our illness.

My name is Dave. I'm 54 and have been asthmatic since birth. Like you extreme cold and humidity affect my condition. I do work but only part time as a full time job is too much for me at the moment. My employer is very understanding when I have any problems with my asthma. I also like to read and listen to music when I'm not well.

I hope you find this site useful.

Take care.



thanks to Glitterdust and Dave Cross for the answers. to Glitterdust university is not comprehensive about asthma at all! If I missed a class is like everyone else I just can miss 20 classes in the year. and my teacher is not really asthma - friendly she said it is ""on your mind"" and make me promesse she not to used my inhaler because she thinks it is drogue. outside the uni they are all smooking and inside cleaning so it is kind of hard sometimes. but i keep my chin up and always try to look a ""safe"" place to read something or listening to music till my class start. luckly I have two great friends with me, whose knows I have asthma and help me all the time with this. and Dave yes this web site its amazing I found it great to talk to other people who understan what am I going through because in my country there is so little about asthma than just a 3% of asthmatic have the right treatment


Welcome Celeste

For me i play pc games, watch dvds and errrm eat


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