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Threat to children's asthma service at the Royal Brompton

Are you aware of the threat to the Brompton's asthma service for children, the largest in the country for children with severe asthma? A review has recommended the closure of the hospital's paediatric cardiac service which would pull the rug from their intensive care unit for children, which in turn would cause the loss of the paediatric asthma service. I spoke to the hospital today to find out more and they have a film on Youtube 'Saving Children's Heart Services at Royal Brompton'

Am planning to write about this and want to know what you think. Would you be affected by the loss of this service? How do you feel about the proposal. What could we do to support the Brompton's campaign?

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There is lots of threats to asthma and respiratory services all across the country. I know my own respiratory nurses job has gone. I think we need to act to save all services that help people with respiratory conditions.



We need to act to save the services. My son has been discharged from his consultant at the hospital for his asthma as they just don't have the funds anymore to continue the ped clinic. I have been refused an appointment even though I am on step 4 of the treatment ladder and that isn't improving my asthma either.. Thankfully another consultant my son is under has said she will continue is asthma checks even though she isn't a speicalised resp doctor she is specialised in diabetes and endrocronology but without him being under a ped he can't continue taking his seretide as our GP refuses to give children with his other medical issues seretide even if it has improved his asthma to the point where he is no longer taking salbutamol every day


My son aged 12 has been a patient at the Royal Brompton for three years, he has severe asthma which started very dramatically and he and has been really sick at times. His asthma is unpredictable and difficult to manage, having nearly 30 admissions. Prof Bush and his team have been amazing in the way they have looked after my son, the ethos of the team is to support the patient in the best way possible so if I am concerned i can email the respiratory nurses and they always respond the next day. The doctors have tried different treatments and always treat my son and I with great respect and welcome our comments, he did Xolair for 20 months so the ward became an all too familiar place for us. To have this kind of service when one has a child with a chronic illness is reassuring for the whole family and the thought that it might not be there anymore is a really scary one.

Thank you RBH for all you do I really hope the government see sense and keep you open with the other two London centres.


My son is 10 and has been under Professor Andrew Bush and his team at the Brompton since he was 7. He has severe allergic Asthma which has a very variable nature. Luke is currently on a Xolair trial which has enabled him to live a much more normal childhood in the last year. The Brompton is the tertiary paediatric respiratory centre for 'Difficult' Paediatric Asthma, if the proposal to close the specialist children's cardiac surgery goes through the knock on effect for it's specialist Paediatric respiratory services will be devastating. Ground-breaking research into paediatric lung conditions will be adversely affected.

Royal Brompton has a world- class reputation for the quality and standards of their children's health. To close it would be a huge loss all round.


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