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dismissed ... what next?

ive just been dismissed from my job in the nhs still crying my eyes out and cant believe they wouldnt consider reducing my hours or anything!

Please anyone help with the next step- i have to appeal but it looks likely to go to tribunal which-if im honest im really scared about-all i want to do is be normal! Dam it!

Anyone else been treated appaulingly by the nhs? What happened? What did you do as a career after? Ive got a degree now i cant use and feel utterly worthless!

Thanks in advance peeps! Lv a stressy very upset kat Xx

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I am sorry to here this. I guess you should go and talk to a disability employment advisior at the job centre and they will be able to advise you what route to take.

I am going for an appointment with a work psychologist in march to look at what work might be an option for me maybe you could ask to see one of them?


So sorry about you been dismissed sending a great big hug to you I know its not the same but it was bupa I had to leave and also found it very upsetting I then went on to incapacity and dla found it hard at 1st then got used to it but unlike you I dont have a mortgage to pay and I dont have a degree so to be honest I just want to send you a big hug as I do not know what happens next in your case with you having a mortgage Good luck on your appeal and hope for once somthing goes your way sorry Im not much help but you know were I am if you need to let off steam just txt me or pm me and take care massive amounts of lve and hugs xxx


Im so sorry to hear that Kit Kat thats awful! ;0(

Its discrimination and you should be able to get your HR department to look into this for you, they cannot dismiss you on the grounds of ill health!

Im currently about to go through the rigmoral of asking my employers to let me work from home some days or at least go to a nearer site so i don't have to travel so much, it can be upsetting at the best of times to be ill, let alone deal with employers like this.

Chin up and let us know how you get on.

Thiking of you

Kel xx


thanks everyone-im still feeling really really stressy and upset but hey ho! Plumie - i cant do the same as you unfortunatly as i am bound by appeal and tribunal proceedings so its not as straight forwards as your case as i am battling for my current job not a different one but thanks anyways hon!

Kel - thank you too but it was h.r's decision to dismiss me as they are very corrupt in my nhs trust so not able to persue that route even tho occy health were very supportive hr in my experience were not helping me just fighting the managements case and therefore were hell bent on dismissing me before todays meeting even began- it only took 5-10mins of deliberation before they reached the decision and therefore as i had been replaced last year it was almost a formality!

Thanks for your support everyone-just guess i needed to know how to handle the appeal and tribunal and how to keep as calm as possible as the stress is not helping the already rather unstable asthma!

Thanks everyone! Lv a worn out stressy kat Xxxx


Hope you get this sorted soon, try not to stress too much.


oh mate!

The NHS sucks .... as i said before i have been fhinished from them for over a year now and there less then symphathetic (sp)..

All that i can say is from my experience chick but i try everything i got a solicitor and it was all a waste of time hun !!! they always were one step ahead HR were horrid it was all down to them in the end that i actually got finished i try the disability discrimination bit but it was a waste of time and they new it ,i try'd the reduced hours the redeployment but even after redeployment because my chest has gone on the downward spiral they didnt want to know very very frustrating as i was never off sick and at home i was always in hospital with ITU admissons to ...when i was discharged i would always rush back to work as i was concious that they would be short staffed ect and it the end no one THANK YOU from any off them they SUCK lol (hope ive not offended anyone)

its hard as i still have to be a patient there and see people i work with managers are not sorry they look after number one !!!

despite all this i still ahve many friends from the hospital that have been great with everything .

i hope it hasnt dishartened u tho i suppose everyones case is differant but mate honestly i would not even bother tribunal mine was a complete waste of space .

You concentrate on getting well chick i spent months crying myself to sleep at night and thinking that there was nothing worth going on for but finally after sorting my benefits i have a lovely car fab place of my own and to be honest i couldnt be happier and if i was still working i would of prob never got my own place and carried on living with my mates so i believe everything happens for a reason u keep your chin up mate it will all fall into place your worth more then they are -and dont let them pull you down ,,,

if you want me you got my number mate wipe your tears and think this is a new you now and have a fresh start ..

big hugs babe roxy xx


Hi kitkat

have just logged on and read your message- so sorry to hear your news- I'd been thinking about you recently and wondering how you were and the job situation. Also sending you a big hug....and I know it probably won't help at the moment, but I'm sure things will work out in the long run for the better- are you in a union at all???

Take care



Just want to let you know my thoughts are with you. I nearly ended up in a similar situation last year and the stress is the laast thing you need at the moment.

I know the situation looks very bleak at the moment but things will move on & who knows you may end up better off. Take a little bit of a breather (no pun intended!) and then come up with a plan of action which you are happy with.

Good luck & Take care



Hi Fi

Yes I'm in a union -dont actually know what i would do without her support she is great my union officer!! Its looking likely to go all the way to tribunal - as they say it was a hard decision - I came out of the meeting late afternoon and this am received the letter telling me i had been dismissed - for anybodies standards that is quick typing and sending! They knew had the letter ready to post i think!

Still - got a good tribunal case as they havent tried any adjustments so i just have to be patient - on a positive - if there is one - least i can get better in my own time now tho hey??

Thanks rabbit - your support is very much appreciated and thankyou to everyone else who has contributed!!

Lv a slightly less stressy tho bored unemployed kat Xx


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