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Weight lose help

Hiya :)

I hope everyone is feeling OK.

I'm finally getting some proper help after meeting my new Asthma Specialist and his team. Got my CT scan date through as well as allergy testing & lung function tests scheduled too.

Im still really suffering and unable to walk very far, so getting about in a wheelchair and walking stick ... But cos of it Ive not been able to loose the extra weight I gained from the steroids. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could loose the weight?



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Its such a struggle isn't it?

I've managed to loose a stone and half veeeerrrryyyyy slowly by simply reducing my portion size. I still eat the same foods, but about a third less.

May be worth a try.

Best of luck! :-)



Hmm, hard if you can't exercise. If you still get the steroid munchies it might be an idea to stock up on healthy things you can nibble so you're still nibbling on something but if it's celery or carrot sticks won't add calories.

Also, maybe peppermints to suck? I find this stops me snacking - something in your mouth, plus it makes everything else taste horrible as most snacky things don't go with mint!


I am trying to lose steroid weight too. It certainly is not easy because like you I do have mobility problems. My bugbear is Arthritis so exercise is difficult for me. I am reducing portion sizes and trying not to comfort eat!!!!! I bought myself some toning trainers at the weekend and even a short walk seems to be using my muscles more which I hope will be a help. Fingers crossed it does not make things worse!! Good luck with everything.


How about some gentle swimming couple of times a week I do that because I struggle with other forms of exercise due to mobility issues!


I should mention though that due to ibs I cant eat deep fried, fatty foods or drink much alcohol so that does mean what I eat tends to be fairly healthy :-(


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