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Really nervous now about Bronchoscopy :(

Well tomorrow is D-day! I have my bronchoscopy and lung wash procedure tomorrow morning, and the nerves have set in well and truely now!! I've had a bronchoscopy before but I reacted badly to the procedure and suffered internal bleeding from the biopsy sites. So I'm not looking forward to it :(

I know I have to be awake for the first part of it while they check my vocal cords for VCD and the camera has to go up my nose, which again I'm not looking forward to, as I have extremely small nasal cavities and I don't like people getting too close to my face.

The probelm is going to be when they start to put the camera down my throat as I really start to panic! Last time they hadn't waited long enough for the sedation to take full effect and I started to panic and kicked out hurting a nurse. Also I remember there being way to many people around the bed all hovering over me and I started to feel hemmed in which I dont like. Im really worried this will happen again and that I will have the same bad reaction to the procedure and the sedation. I'm just starting to feel better after the severe attack I had 3 weeks ago and am terrified of relapsing :(

I know I have to have the procedure done but it doesn't make me less nervous about it.

Sorry to rant on, but needed to say it out load (so to speak) and I don't want to worry my family anymore than they already are.

I will post again when I'm 'human' again after the procedure! Wish me luck guys xx

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Good luck for tomorrow. I think it is really important that you explain to them beforehand what your concerns and anxieties are and how you felt last time. Ask them to help you to cope better by maybe giving you some space where possible and going a bit slower so that you have time to adjust and feel more in control. You could print out what you have said in your post if it is difficult to remember everything when you are stressed. Will be thinking of you. Val


Good luck and feel free to rant! Sounds like it can't be worse than the last time at least. I remember being rather freaked out by the number of people in there too, but the registrar doing it was very good and very observant so she noticed if I freaked out/was worried etc.

Are the same people as last time doing it? If so, they may be aware that they should be careful with things like your nose being small. If not, is it worth explaining to them that you had some problems last time and seeing if there's anything at all they can do to help and minimise the issues? I know sometimes - and I had this - they have someone in there whose main job is to stick close to you and be calm and reassuring.

Also, did you have your eyes covered last time? They offered that to me, I didn't take it as I'd rather be able to see what's going on. But wondered if the opposite of what you did before could help ie if you had them covered last time try having them uncovered this time so you know what's happening, or if you freaked out last time seeing it then ask to have them covered this time.

Hope this helps, sorry for the ramble. Good luck!


MooMoo, how was it? Hope not too bad and you are now recovering, perhaps with some ice cream ;)


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